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If you have a home office chair and desk and think you are done, you should rethink… There are plenty of office chair accessories like a floor mat, chair cushion, armrest, or footrest that can make your office setup more comfortable and better productive.

best office chair accessories women in front of pc with footrest

And you don’t need a very high budget for adding these little office accessories to your workplace.

They don’t cost much but may add great value to your workplace.

These little things are easy to slip from your mind while you are setting up your home office. But we have you covered completely, so this article is all about that.

What we have here is a list of the best office chair accessories that you may add to your home office place to make it more productive, healthy, or comfortable for you. All things are chosen after going through all customer reviews to ensure their quality. Let’s look at these chair accessories and see how they can make a difference for you.

Monitor Stand

Do you know that a simple accessory like a monitor stand can completely change your workplace? Especially how it looks and works for you.

A monitor stand may seem such an extravagance but add ons like that can bring a lot of conveniences to your workplace.

Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer

What it actually does is elevate the monitor from your office desk. That can benefit users in two ways. First, it leaves plenty of space on your home office desk and allows you to manage things in a better way. Second, and most importantly, it can help you reduce neck and eye strain.

Having your monitor at some height or somewhat elevated from your seating position can save your eyes, neck, shoulder, and even the back. [1]

You don’t have to lower your gaze to look at the monitor screen. It increases the comfort level as well as enhancing productivity as well. Assembly is very easy and you don’t have to do much to attach this monitor stand to your existing desk.

monitor stand with accessories

The monitor stand we have chosen for you comes with a lot of conveniences. Mind Reader stands not only allows you to keep your monitor at some elevated position, but it comes with a proper storage section as well.

Not only can you keep the computer in an optimal position, but it also allows you to store multiple office supplies nearby. It’s a great storage option, especially if your office desk does not feature many drawers.

The monitor stand has an adjustable height. You can set its height according to your own height and keep the monitor at an optimal position. We recommend here keeping the monitor well aligned with your eyes so you don’t have to bend your neck to see the screen.

Another great advantage of this monitor stand is its three storage drawers. The drawers are further divided into smaller compartments, and you can store all your little office supplies right there with you. The things are well organized due to smaller compartments, and everything also remains easily accessible.

It’s a great option for storage and also for keeping your computer screen at an optimal position. It keeps your office desk clutter-free. it remains on the back of the desk and does not cover the whole desk leaving it clutter-free.

Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer

Mind Reader PC, Laptop, IMAC Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer

Lumbar support

Back support for your chair is an important office chair accessory. Whether you are a gamer, developer, or any content creator, the chances are that you stay in your chair for long days and even nights.

It is important to sit with a correct posture that is not possible without good lumbar support.

Lumbar Support Pillow

Even when you invest a good amount of money in ergonomic chairs, sometimes you cannot adjust it to your body type. Having separate lumbar support goes a long way into making you comfortable and productive.

Having lumber support is important to keep you healthy, but it adds to your comfort, distributes your body weight on a chair evenly, and helps you stay in an active position for long without any side effects.

The users who have proper sitting arrangements can stay active and productive for long hours in their chairs and prevent back pain.

sedentary back pain man touching back

This one from LoveHome is a memory foam lumbar support designed for home office chairs to keep your postures correct.

The lumbar support is ergonomically designed to streamline your spine and curves. It is contoured to help you align your tailbone, hips, and spine supporting your lower back and helps you sit up confidently with the right posture.

The fact that it is extensively tested and recommended by orthopedic specialists makes it a must-have item on your list.

With a mesh cover, it also keeps your waist ventilated. It prevents any heat accumulation that may leave you sweaty. There are extension straps to fix this seat on the chair. You can use it on any chair or even car seat as well.

Lumbar Support Pillow

LOVEHOME Memory Foam Lumbar Support Back Cushion

Tailbone Support

Some people have coccyx and back pain due because of sitting for long periods on your chair.

It’s a medical term for tailbone pain that you may feel if you work long hours on your office chair without any tailbone support.

Coccyx Seat Cushion

Tailbone pain can be easily prevented if you sit with the right posture and prevent pressure on your tailbone.

You cannot rely on the tailbone support of your chair, or it may not give you any at all. The best way to make your seating options comfortable is by taking care of tailbone support.

This tailbone support cushion is specifically designed to relieve coccyx and back pain. It is designed for posture support and relieves pressure from your tailbone, and hip area.

The cushioned seat is made of grid fiber cotton and memory foam material that remains soft and comfortable and yet very firm. Its alternative design has a hollow space for ventilation.

A seat may easily drift away if it is not fixed at a place. This tailbone support has an antiskid particle design that prevents it from skidding behind you.

The cushion is wrapped in a breathable and removable cover. Now that seems like a little unimportant but having a removable and machine washable cover is very important.

A very convenient little touch is its side pockets. You can store some small items nearby in these storage places as well. Overall, it’s a great investment in your health and well-being.

The proper tailbone support keeps your back, hip, tailbone in the right posture and well-aligned. That not only keeps you fit and pain-free, but you feel less fatigue and certainly can sit for longer hours.

Coccyx Seat Cushion

Coccyx Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair

Also read: Our List of the best seat cushions for lower back pain.


For long-hour seating, having a footrest helps you to stay comfortable. It is different from floor mats and elevates your feet from the ground.

Just like back cushions and lumbar support, having a footrest is very important if you spend long hours on your office desk.

Mind Reader Rest

Foor rest improves your circulation and reduces the strain from your legs and back when you are sitting for long periods. Having an ergonomic footrest keeps your body in an upright position. If you have a shorter height, your feet may not have steady contact with the floor, or you may not sit comfortably enough.

Studies suggest that sitting in crossed leg position for long hours may cause shoulder inclination, poor posture, lower back pain, and pelvic tilt. Not only can it cause some damaging effect on your health, but it makes you more uncomfortable and yet less productive.

office chair footrest

This mind reader comfy rest makes your workstation functional and comfortable. Not only it keeps your posture correct, but it relieves tailbone pressure and distributes your weight on the seat evenly.

 It’s an adjustable footrest that you can bend to any angle. You can adjust its height as well to suit your comfort. A rigged surface gives your feet an easy grip. It prevents your feet from slipping and holds them in a good position.

The price of the footrest is very reasonable, especially when we compare the price with its value. It’s a good investment that not only enhances your productivity.

Storing this footrest is also very easy when you are not using it. Its foldable design covers less space.

Mind Reader Rest

Mind Reader Comfy Rest, Ergonomic Foot

Office Chair Cushions

Sometimes having a backrest is not enough. It is designed to stay in its position and keeps your posture right.

Having a chair cushion helps in more than one way.

Seat Cushion for Office Chair

Especially if you have a somewhat hard, less padded office chair, you can add a seating cushion cover on the seat and make it more comfortable to be placed under your butts.

A comfortable and soft seat makes your sitting arrangement more comfortable and relaxing. It also helps you to sit for long hours without making your hips feel painful.

This memory foam seat is designed to be placed on your seat. It keeps your bottom comfortable and relieves pressure from the hip, legs, and lower back.

The cushion is ergonomically designed to fit beneath your body and provide much-needed comfort and ease.

With its high-density memory foam filling, it remains very comfortable and firm. Instead of bending with the pressure, it simply springs backs to its original position.

Its contoured molded structure distributes the weight evenly. Even distribution of weight also promotes the circulation of blood to your lower parts of the body.

The cushion cover is removable and machine washable. A breathable cover is important to keep the memory foam inside germ-free. it also material keeps you sweat-free all day.

Overall, it’s a very comfortable chair cushion that has an anti-slip rubber bottom that prevents it from sliding down or away. Its size is designed for standard seat width. The relief it provides to your hip bones gives relief from Sciatica, Low Back, Lumbar, Tailbone, Spine, or Leg Pain.

Seat Cushion for Office Chair

Seat Cushion for Office Chair, Mkicesky Memory Foam Coccyx

Office Chair Mats or Floor Mats

Floor mats are little details that can give your workplace a completely new look while keeping you comfortable.

They come at a very reasonable price and keep you comfortable while protecting your flooring.


An office chair mat is important for too many reasons. It allows you to move around on a chair easily. The floor beneath you is protected from the caster wheels. it also works like a heating pad that keeps your feet warm and comfortable.

The rolling chair can cause damage to the floor. It may cause scratches on the floor due to the constant rolling of casters. It also makes 80% less effort to move your chairs freely on a mat than on a carpet.

office chair on wooden floor

Another advantage of having a floor mat under your chair is preventing static energy from reaching your computer or other electronics on the desk.

This floor mat is a premium office accessory to be used under your chair on hard flooring. Mat is made of 100% polyester fiber and feels smooth under your feet. The nonskid backing does not cause it to curl, creases, or slip.

It’s a super absorbent material that does not skid and has a soft feel like a carpet. Not only it protects the flooring underneath but feels very soft and calming to your feet.

The material does not leave any residues on the floor. An easy-to-roll mat can be stored anywhere when not in use.

Overall, these are sturdy and useful chair mats for the home office. A strong sticking material under the mat works like a screen protector and does not move from its place. Though when you roll out the mat, it does not leave any residue behind.

The mat is available at a reasonable price and also keeps your feet warm in cold. It’s a perfect chair-size mat that looks beautiful in your room as well.

If you want to get a bit fancier, you can also get a chair mat made out of glass.



Office Chair Armrest

Besides having a cushioned seat and lumbar support, products like armrests add a lot of comfort to your chair.

An armrest is especially needed if you work long hours on the computer. Not all office chairs come with an armrest, and if you don’t have one, you can certainly invest in a good armrest for your office chair.

baibu Ergonomic Memory Foam Office Chair Arm Pads

Even when your chair has an armrest, it may not have a cushioned pad on it. A cushioned pad keeps your elbow in a comfortable position.

Armrest alleviates pressure from your upper arms, shoulders, and wrist. It keeps your arms at rest while allowing you to keep working at the same time. You can increase your productivity by giving some rest to your arms and shoulders.

man sitting in office chair with laptop

These armrest pads are designed to cover your existing armrest on a chair. The pads can fit on 6-11 inches chair arms.

Their nonslip material keeps them in their place, and they do not move at all.

With two memory foam layers, these armrest pads are made very comfortable for your arms.

They have high-density foam that does not bend or shrink but remains firm even under pressure.

A firm and comfortable layer under your arm relieves pressure from arms and elbows.

It can add some quick comfort to your existing chair.

You don’t have to buy or change the office chair; simply add these pads to your existing chair to make them more comfortable.

The armrest pads have an elastic opening, so you can remove them easily when not in use. Portable pads can be used with different chairs to suit your needs.

When we look at its price it’s very nominal, it won’t cost much but can make a huge difference in making your workplace more comfortable and productive.

baibu Ergonomic Memory Foam Office Chair Arm Pads

baibu Ergonomic Memory Foam Office Chair Arm Cushions

Arm Support Or Mouse Pad Holder

Besides armrest pads, you may need a new set of armrests as well. Some chairs do not come with a proper armrest.

These are very important especially if you are moving the mouse or working on your computer all day. Like armrest pads, they make your chair more comfortable and smooth for your elbow and arms.

Arm Rest Support for Computer Desk

However, this one is a set of armrests that can be attached to your existing chair, supporting your arms and shoulders. It’s the best solution for relieving pressure from your neck, shoulders, wrists, and arms.

The computer armrests are made of premium quality ABS material. Its silicon layer offers extra comfort to your arm. You can use the armrest as a mouse pad for conveniently using the computer. It can rotate to 180 degrees allowing you to set it in an optimum position that suits your sitting style.

A nonslip surface under the silicon pad prevents it from skidding away. It can be fixed with screws and clamps so that it remains fixed in a position. Installing this armrest on your chair is very easy. All it takes is to tighten the clamp and screws, and it is ready to be used.

Overall, it’s a very useful option for those who have to sit on the computer for long hours. It keeps your mouse hand in a comfortable position and relieves pressure from the arm, hands, wrist, and elbow.

Arm Rest Support for Computer Desk

Arm Rest Support Computer Armrest Silicone Rotating Mouse Pad Holder for Home

Cup Holder

Staying hydrated while you are at work is very important.

A Cupholder seems like a very small thing to add to your workstation, but it provides much convenience when you use it in your everyday routine.

Dirza Upgraded Clip On Cup Holder

We all need our drinks, coffee, tea, or simply a bottle of water nearby. Having these things on your desk is nothing but an invitation to a disaster. Even a slight tug of hand or accident bump can sip your drink on the desk. Needless to say, how damaging it can be for your electronics, computer, gaming gear, or simply official papers on the desk.

Buying something cheap as a drink holder is in everyone’s budget. But it can skip your mind easily. So make sure to choose a desk with a drink holder, or you can simply buy a separate drink holder and have it installed on your office desk or chair.

spilled coffee

Here, we have chosen one for your convenience. Thie cup holder is designed for office chairs or desks.

The Dirza cup holder comes with a secure grip. You don’t have to install the holder to your office desk or coffee, but it simply holds the desk securely. The cup holder can be attached to any table with 1.5” thickness.

Its thoughtful design can fit almost all cups or bottles of your drinks. A slight inconvenience is that you can only place the glass or cup without a handle or goblet.

There is a hole under the cup holder that makes it a very decent option for charging your phone as well. You can keep your desk clutter-free and place your cell phone here, while the hole in the bottom allows you to charge the phone as well.

Overall, it’s a very affordable cup holder that fits everyone’s budget. It can be very helpful in your everyday routine at a very cheap price.

Dirza Upgraded Clip On Cup Holder

Dirza Clip On Cup Holder for Office Chair Table Desk Side

Office Chair Pouch

A storage pouch is another chair that you can invest in if your desk does not come with lots of drawers.

Having a chair pouch allows you to put all your essentials near so your desk remains clutter-free.

Versa-Pouch Hanging Chair Storage

Versa storage pouch is made of excellent nylon fabric. The organizer can simply be attached with your chair, desk, vehicles, rollators, or anything your fancy for carrying your important stuff along safely.

Not only can you use it in your office, but it can easily be detached so you can pack everything in it and take your important files along with you easily. The price of this particular storage pouch is a bit high but it has several compartments and its portability allows you to make use of it as your ready to go pouch.

Versa-Pouch Hanging Chair Storage

Versa-Pouch Hanging Chair Storage (Gray)

Final words

You can have many office chair accessories in your workplace that can enhance your comfort. You don’t have to pay a very high price for these accessories. They are affordable little things that bring great value making your workplace more comfortable, organized, and productive for you.

These are small things that you may not have thought of before but gives you everlasting comfort at work. some of the best accessories are a backrest, armrest pads, a footrest, and a storage bag.

We hope our list of all the necessary office chair accessories can help you pick out some useful items for your home office.

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