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ergonomic office chair under 300

Your office chair may not offer the support you need and the material used in its making is not sturdy enough to last many years.

For those who are looking for affordable office chairs, we have compiled a list of the best ergonomic office chair under $300 for your convenience.

We have chosen office chairs to provide maximum comfort and back support for anyone willing to stay productive and active all day, without breaking the bank

Office Chairs Under 300 Dollars Price Range

When choosing an office chair, you need to be careful of many things. It should have a strong structure to stay durable and stable on the ground.

Also, check the chair’s weight capacity and choose an ergonomic office chair that can handle your weight conveniently. The breathable mesh, lumbar support, and adjustable armrests are essential to make any chair ergonomic and comfortable.

Best Overalloffice chair under 300 Flexispot High Back Executive Office Chair Dimensions – 27” x 27” x 44.5”-48” inches
Best StyleErgousit chair Ergousit Dimensions – 27.8 x 25.4 x 46.7 inches
Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair Dimensions – 25.6 x 22 x 45.3 inches

XUER Ergonomic Office Chair with Cozy Lumbar Support and Adjustable 3D Armrest XUER Cozy Lumbar Support and Adjustable 3D Armrest Dimensions – 16.14 x 27.16 x 45.27 inches
Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support and Rollerblade Wheels Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support and Rollerblade Wheels Dimensions – 29.25 x 25.5 x 12.75 inches
Glitzhome Adjustable High-Back Office Chair Glitzhome Adjustable High-Back Office Chair Dimensions – 28.15 x 27.36 x 47.64 inches
FCD Ergonomic Multi Function Mesh Office Chair FCD Ergonomic Multi Function Mesh Office Chair Dimensions – 28.5 x 25 x 13.5 inches
Musso Executive Swivel Musso Executive Swivel Dimensions – 22 x 22 x 48.5 inches
AmazonCommercial chair AmazonCommercial Dimensions – 31 x 28.5 x 44.75 inches
AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair with Wide Seat AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair Dimensions – 25.59 x 23.62 x 59.06 inches
Serta 43670G Hannah Microfiber Serta 43670G Hannah Microfiber Dimensions – 28.75 x 24.75 x 40.25 inches
Best BudgetSPACE Seating Big and Tall AirGrid Back and Padded Mesh Seat SPACE Seating Big and Tall AirGrid Back and Padded Mesh Seat Dimensions – 27.5 x 30.25 x 45 inches

Our Top Picks

Best $300 Office Chair Overall: ErgonomicMesh High Back Executive Office Chair

Flexispot keeps on improving its ergonomic chairs to make them more comfortable.

They control the quality of the entire supply chain from material to production.

Its lumbar support keeps your spine well-aligned.

It is contoured to your back and provides a very comfortable seat. Thick, durable foam relieves pressure from your butts and thighs.

ergonomic office chair under 300

The ergonomic chair has a curved headrest. It gives rest to your head from all sides. Armrests are made of smooth PU material which gives it a soft touch, and its concave design fits your forearm and elbow.

A solid frame is used to make this office chair stronger. The PA nylon material gives it a high weight-bearing capacity and solid structure.

The office chair rolls smoothly on PU caster wheels. Its material does not make any noise while moving and you won’t have any scratches on the floor.

The heavy-duty base has the capacity of handling up to 330 lbs and the armrests are 3D adjustable.

It can tilt back to 130 degrees, and you can rock from back to front as well. Overall, it’s an ergonomic office chair well under $300 due to its sturdiness and solid frame.


  • Adjustable armrest and headrest
  • Thick and soft seat
  • Mesh provides airflow
  • Backrest tilt-back to 90-130 degrees
  • Adjustable backrest
  • PU wheels
  • Weight capacity 330lbs


  • Armrests could be padded more
ergonomic office chair under 300

Flexispot High Back Executive Office Chair

Ergousit: Best Ergo Chair Under 300

Our second option is a fully ergonomic office chair with a mesh screen.

It’s an improved design from ordinary office chairs and is a better user-friendly option due to its adjustability.

Ergousit Ergonomic Office Chair

Chronic back pain is a common complaint among those who have to spend hours in one sitting position.[1] This office chair helps you sit in a correct posture. The chair offers adjustable spine posture. You can adjust the height and tilt of the seat to suit your needs.

Its adjustable seat adapts to various occasions. The flip-up armrest featured in this office chair allows you to adjust the armrest according to your desk’s height. You cannot do anything with a fixed armrest if there is a gap between your chair and desk.

A headrest is fully adjustable, which means you not only can adjust its angle but its height as well.

The back of the chair has fine quality mesh which is very breathable. It provides plenty of airflow from the back, so you feel refreshed and cool while working.

A stable base made this chair capable of handling heavy loads. It can bear up to 300 lbs which makes it a great option for overweight people.

The office chair features PU-made pulleys.  Its wheels are made of very soft material and don’t leave any scratches on the floor.

Overall, it’s a good option and one of the best office chairs under $300 due to its adjustable features and high weight-bearing capacity.


  • Flip-up armrests
  • Good for your back
  • 3D headrest
  • Smooth PU-made pulleys
  • 300 lbs load-bearing capacity


  • Only available in black color

GabryllyL : Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

This one is a high-back office chair designed for a comfortable working station.

Its design is inspired by the natural curves of the human body. It mimics your back and covers all the pressure points on your waist so you can sit with a natural curve posture.

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

It uses high-quality mesh support from the back. The mesh resists transformation and remains comfortable on your back. It does not make you sweaty, even on summer days.

The use of nylon in its structure makes it a very durable office chair. Its frame has a stylish look that combines style and comfort.

It features a tension release control under the seat that allows you to fix or release the back tension. You can make it fixed in a position or tilt it back to lounge in between work.

The office chair also comes with an adjustable headrest as well. It’s a sturdy option that comes with one year warranty as well.


  • Stylish and durable frame
  • Adjustable flip-up armrest
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Healthy ergonomic design
  • Easy assembly


  • The back rest is not high enough for too long people

XUER: Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain Under $300

If you are looking for special support for your lower back, this one is for you.

Xuer office chairs are designed to relieve pain with their backrest. Its lumbar support is intelligently designed to fit against your waist.

XUER Ergonomic Office Chair

The seat is made of high-density breathable material. The material is elastic, and it slides back and forth to help you find a comfortable experience.

The breathable mesh back keeps your back cool. It keeps you sweat-free and helps you sit in the chair for long hours.

The backrest can tilt back to several positions. It can be adjusted to several positions so you can sit in a comfortable position.

Its headrest is made of PU material. 1.18 inches long headrest is fully adjustable, and you can adjust its height to suit your needs.

The chair’s wheels slide smoothly, and you can move it around for multi-tasking. It rolls quietly without scratching your floor.

The U-shaped design of its seat distributes the body weight when you are sitting and does not allow any heat accumulation. It disperses the pressure of the hips, so you don’t get tired easily.

Overall, it’s a great option in this price range and is designed for those who are looking for adjustable back support.


  • Adjustable headrest and armrests
  • Gone through pneumatic rod testing
  • Mesh seat cushion
  • Ergonomic lumbar support
  • Breathable mesh back


  • You can only adjust the height of the headrest, not its angle

Duramont: Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair for Home Office

Here is another decent option from Duramont. The ergonomic office chair is made to last.

It comes with a solid build that can handle up to 331 lbs conveniently.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

A soft and cushioned seat is essential for any comfortable chair. It gives a firm and padded seat that distributes the bodyweight evenly.

The chair comes with sturdy armrests and a comfortable headrest as well.

Designed for those who have to spend hours sitting in a chair provides the required lumbar support. It supports your back and gives relief from neck pain, and keeps your spine in its optimal position.

The lumbar support of this chair is adjustable so you can fit it against your body. The recline feature enables you to recline back in a lounging position or sit straight.

It’s an easy-to-assemble office chair under $300 that comes with a complete guide of instructions.


  • Durable build
  • Suitable for heavy people
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Padded seat
  • Tilt-back or remains in a fixed position


  • The return policy is not reliable

Glitzhome: Adjustable High-Back Office Chairs

If you are looking for something different than black in office chairs? This one is for you.

It is an executive chair that is designed for maximum comfort and convenience.

Glitzhome Adjustable High-Back Office Chair

The camel-color chair is designed to add a stylish touch to your office. It has a PU-made cover that gives a leather-like shine. The use of foam in its padded seats relieves the pressure from your spine, hips, and thighs.

Although it is an executive chair, it is still fully adjustable. You can change its backrest from 80-180 degrees, depending on your preference. Its cushioned seat is also adjustable, so you can set it at an optimal height.

Even its armrest can be adjusted to your preferred height position. You can swivel all around with its smooth caster wheels.

Glitzhome office chair is solid enough to handle heavyweights as well.

The heavy-duty safety rod used in its frame gives it a durable structure. Combined with a padded back and seat, it provides maximum comfort. Overall, it’s a great choice due to its style, faux leather design, and premium quality.


  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Padded seat and back
  • Fully adjustable office chair
  • Tilt-back to 180 degrees
  • Mid-century style


  • It stays a bit firm under you and is not very plush

FCD: Ergonomic Multi-Function Mesh Office Chair

This one is a heavy-duty functional office chair designed for the plus-sized among us and those who need long-term durability.

The office chair features a sturdy gas lift that can handle up to 330 lbs conveniently.

Ergonomic Multi Function Mesh Office Chair 1

The ergonomic functions of this desk chair made it a very suitable option for long working hours. You can raise or lower the seat. Its depth can also be adjusted with its sliding function.

Whether you want to keep the back fixed in one position or need to tilt it back for occasional lounging, it allows you to turn the tilt adjustment to suit your needs. You can even lock the tilt in one position.

The straight backrest keeps your posture right while working. A simple act like sitting with the correct posture can relieve pain in your back and several other concentration problems. It makes you comfortable and keeps your spine well-aligned as well.

Its high-density padded seat makes this chair very comfortable to sit for long hours, and a solid base gives this chair stability and strength. Its sturdy steel standing foot keeps the chair stable even under heavy weight.

The stretchable mesh material keeps your body cool and sweat-free. Overall, it’s one of the cheapest office chairs under $300. The fact that the chair is easy to assemble and requires only three-step assembling makes it a very user-friendly option in the market.


  • Best office chairs with a good weight-bearing capacity
  •  Tilt adjustments
  • Ergonomic build
  • Solid and durable gas lift
  • Steel standing foot
  • Breathable and stretchable back design


  • Armrests are not adjustable

Musso: Executive Swivel Office Chair

If you are looking for a good quality executive office chair, then consider this option from Musso.

It’s also a great option for gamers who have to spend multiple hours on their computer desk.

Musso Executive Swivel Office Chair, High-Back Racing Gaming Chair

The chair is designed to provide complete support to your body while you are sitting. It is made with a futuristic design and mimics the Lamborghini cushions. The muscular backrest and seat give this chair the support that other gaming and executive chairs lack.

The ergonomic chair is contoured to body shape. It covers your back with lumbar support and releases pressure from the spine and hips by properly supporting them. Full memory foam fillings fit with your posture and remain comfortable and firm.

It provides comfort to your head with its headrest. Adjustable armrests are removable, and a wide cushioned seat offers ample support for body movement.

The chair covering is made of high-quality PU leather material. The thick fabric has great resilience and high permeability. It is also very easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth to keep the chair in its pristine condition.

A sturdy chair base gives it stability. The material is strong enough to handle weight well. Overall, these are the best office chairs suitable for both gaming and office chairs.


  • Ergonomic design supports the body posture
  • High-quality PU leather material
  • Solid inner frame
  • Stable and secure base
  • Exceptional lumbar support
  • Segmented padded design


  • It does not have a mesh back

AmazonCommercial: Ergonomic Leather Office Chair

This one is a BIFMA certified office chair that is available for under $300. It is designed for offices or any of your personal spaces.

It’s a bonded-leather office chair that has an executive design. It features enhanced lumbar support and has a sleek look.

AmazonCommercial Ergonomic High-Back Bonded Leather Executive Chair

With its dynamic adjustability, the chair allows you to discover your ideal working position. It features a cable-actuated seat adjustment system that gives your lower back support. Its segmented padded seat distributes the body’s pressure to your hips.

It is upholstered with quality leather that looks great and provides durability to your chair. A flip-up armrest gives you the flexibility to adjust the chair for different needs.

With its sturdy frame, the chair rests on an equally strong aluminum base.  The rolling caster wheels provide movability so you can move around and perform different tasks at the same time. it can also swivel up to 360 degrees


  • Ergonomic executive office chair
  • Sturdy five-point aluminum base
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Cable actuated seat adjustment
  • Upholstered with quality leather
  • Flip-up armrests of office chair


  • No mesh for the backrest
  • Can be sweaty in summers
AmazonCommercial Ergonomic High-Back Bonded Leather Executive Chair


AKRacing: Core Series EX-Wide – Best Gaming Chair Under $300

If you are looking for a strong gaming chair, this is one of the best gaming chairs under $300. It can also be used for your home office.

The chair has a metal frame inside that makes it very durable.

AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair

The enhanced metal belts and their powder-coated finish make the frame sturdy and long-lasting. Its frame has gone through at least ten quality-control tests and stayed good for more than ten years.

It features a 100% cold padded foam that is soft and supportive. The polyester upholstery is smooth on the touch and breathable. Its fabric comes in 4 distinctive colors.

A pillow is fixed on the chair, to fit against your back and spine so that it remains in an optimal position.

Patented 3D armrests are designed with a special foam mix that gives rest to your elbows and arms. These are adjustable to 3 positions that you can change to suit your personal preference.

With all these qualities, the chair sits on sturdy five-star caster wheels that remain stable even under heavy load. It can handle up to 330 lbs conveniently.

Overall, it’s the best office chair designed for lots of body movement. The gaming chair comes in four vibrant colors, and you may choose one that suits your gaming gears.


  • Sturdy and durable metal frame
  • Soft and breathable upholstery
  • Standard rocking design
  • Adjustable 3D armrests
  • A pillow for lumbar support


  • These are not mesh chairs

Serta: Best Leather Chair

If you want to give a comfortable, homey touch to your office, the Serta chairs are considered the best office chairs on the market.

The brown color leather chair is available in different colors and looks stylish and decent.

Serta 43670G Hannah Microfiber Office Chair

It’s a swivel chair that can rotate up to 360 degrees. With a soft and firm feel, it keeps you comfortable for long working hours.

The chair has a bonded leather covering, making it not look stylish. Its plush filing is soft, and a pillowed headrest cradles your head and relieves pressure from the neck. A little disadvantage is that its headrest is not adjustable.

However, its seat height is adjustable, and you can lift it so that your feet stay on the ground in an optimal position.

Overall, it’s an affordable office leather chair under $300 that is available in different color options. It does not offer an adjustable headrest; it’s a padded chair and provides full support from the back, hips, and lower back.


  • Affordable price
  • Plush filling
  • Pillowed headrest
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Pneumatic adjustable height
  • Available in different colors
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Stylish design


  • The headrest and armrests are not adjustable
  • Not a mesh office chair

SPACE Seating: Ergonomic Managers Task Chair

This office chair for under 300 dollars is from Space Seating. It’s a simple yet very functional ergonomic office chair that offers different useful features for your comfort.

The chair offers one-touch pneumatic seat adjustment. It features a sturdy gas lift for handling weight giving this chair a good weight-bearing capacity.

SPACE Seating Big and Tall

A two-way adjustable armrest is designed to give your forearms and elbows some rest. The PU-made armrest has an extra padded surface so that they stay firm yet soft on touch.

Its structure is very strong and the base has a Gunmetal finish. With its dual-wheel base, it rolls smoothly on any surface, including carpeted or hard flooring.

The Space Seating chair is built to accommodate a heavy load. It suits overweight people perfectly well due to its spacious seat and its capacity for heavy people.

The breathable mesh has a double grid back for a healthy flow of air. It keeps you sweat-free for hours and helps you focus more on your work.

An adjustable lumbar support is also provided to help you sit in the right posture; you can adjust the seat depth to fit it against your lower back and spine. It helps you relieve pressure from your back, hips, and thighs, making you stay active and healthy for a long time.

Overall, it’s a sturdy option that covers you from the back, head, and arms. Its solid build, adjustable lumbar support, and double grid back make it the best office chair for you.


  • Mesh on the back allows plenty of airflows
  • Adjustable lumbar support and headrest
  • Two-way adjustable armrests
  • Height adjustment
  • One-touch pneumatic height adjustment


  • The weight capacity makes it heavy itself but it is more suitable for overweight people
SPACE Seating Big and Tall

SPACE Seating

Final Words

A healthy work environment is incomplete without an ergonomic chair that keeps you comfortable and allows you to sit with the right posture. The backrest should be contoured to fit against your spine to relieve pressure. A good office chair makes you sit properly without making any conscious effort.

All options in our list of the best ergonomic office chairs for under 300 dollars are carefully chosen to provide you with the comfort you need. Make sure you choose the type of chair that suits your needs and fits the budget.

Want to get the best ergonomic furniture, regardless of the price? Check out our top picks of ergonomic office chairs overall.

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