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If you’ve been using your office chair for a long time, you must have noticed the reduced comfort, particularly in the seat cushion. With time, the seat cushion becomes thinner as the memory foam becomes compressed due to the excessive pressure from your weight. Eventually, the cushion no longer conforms to the shape of your butt and thus puts a lot of strain on your pressure points.

The result is spinal problems, lower back pain, tailbone pain, coccyx pain, posture problems, and many other health problems.

When your chair no longer offers good comfort as before, you don’t necessarily need to replace it.

All you need to do is place a seat cushion on the chair and enjoy the added comfort.

best seat cushion example

In that case, we are going to review the 7 best seat cushions that are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and support in your home office desk chair.

If you want some additional lumbar support, some of these cushions come with combos consisting of lumbar and chair cushions.

best overallComfiLife Gel ComfiLife Gel Item Dimensions 17.6 x 13.7 x 2.75 inches
for tailbone painEverlasting Comfort Everlasting Comfort Item Dimensions 17 x 14 x 2 inches
best budget5 STARS UNITED Store pillow 5 STARS UNITED Store Item Dimensions 18 x 14 x 3 inches
Coccyx Coccyx Item Dimensions 17.6 x 3.11 x 13.19 inches
For HemorrhoidsDonut Pillow Donut Pillow  Item Dimensions 16 x 13 x 2.75 inches
LargeXtreme Comforts Store cushion Xtreme Comforts Store Item Dimensions 17.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches
Purple Double Seat Cushion Purple Double Seat Cushion Item Dimensions 5.05 x 43.79 x 38.71 inches

Make sure you select a cushion that best suits your comfort needs.

7 Best Seat Cushion Reviews (Our Top Picks 2021)

1. Best Seat Cushion Overall – ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion Non-Slip Orthopedic Gel & Memory Foam Cushion

Dimensions: 17.6 x 13.7 x 2.75 inches (LxWxH)

The ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Cushion is currently one of the best-selling chair seat cushions on Amazon.

It’s an ergonomically designed orthopedic gel seat cushion that significantly reduces pressure on your coccyx while promoting a healthy back spinal alignment for optimal comfort and support.

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

The gel seat cushion also provides great relief and promotes quick recovery from lower back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, and other spinal issues. [1]

For maximum comfort, the cushion features an advanced heat-responsive technology that allows the memory foam to easily conform to your body. The seat cushion’s contour design hugs your curves while the cut out at the front helps promote proper leg circulation. It also distributes your body weight evenly for a more comfortable sitting position.

If you’re always experiencing extreme fatigue, lower back pain, soreness, and numbness from sitting for extended periods, you’re going to love this cushion. It’s perfect for a chair, car seat, travel, wheelchair, and even kitchen chair.

It does not retain heat, thanks to the integrated cooling gel insert. You don’t have to worry about getting all sweaty and uncomfortable.

It comes with a removable cover that is easy to clean and can be machine washed. Its lightweight design and built-in handle make it easy to move anywhere- from your office, car, or on a plane. The bottom is non-slip.

The cushion is affordable and is backed by a Lifetime Warranty. The only problem is that it’s not wide enough, making it unsuitable for those on the bigger and heavier side.


  • Adds comfort and support
  • Provides pain relief from the lower back, coccyx, and other spinal related issues
  • Promotes healthy posture
  • Multi-purpose cushion
  • Removable and washable cushion cover
  • Affordable


  • Not wide enough
  • Not suitable for heavier people
ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Gel

2. Best Seat Cushion for Tailbone Pain – Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushions for Office Desk Chair

Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 2 inches (LxWxH)

The Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion is yet another popular option with thousands of positive reviews from happy customers.

Its U-shaped cutout provides great strain relief on your tailbone while significantly reducing fatigue and promoting a healthy posture.

Everlasting Comfort Office Chair Seat Cushion

The cushion is made with high-quality memory foam that ensures durability while the heat-responsive technology conforms to the shape of your backside for optimal support while retaining its shape after each use.

Basically, you’re looking at a cushion that keeps your body well supported while sitting for long periods. In addition to alleviating pressure on the hip bones, lower back, thighs, hips, and legs, the Everlasting Comfort Chair Cushion also relieves pain from your lower back, hips, legs, waist, and thighs.

The U-shape curve design with a cut-out also helps improve circulation by reducing pressure on the legs and thighs. [2]

It also features a non-slip rubber backside which allows it to stay securely in any seat and its lightweight and portable design make it an ideal cushion for home, work, airplane, couch, and more. The removable cover is can be hand washed or washed in the washing machine.

The only complaint I’ve seen is that it’s not wide enough and thus cannot accommodate bigger people. It’s also thin and thus cannot accommodate heavier people.


  • Ergonomic design for support and comfort
  • Premium memory foam construction
  • Stays incredibly cool
  • Great relief from back pain and other issues
  • Improves circulation on legs and thighs
  • Non-slip rubber bottom
  • Machine washable cover


  • Not suitable for big and heavy people
  • Doesn’t come in varying sizes
Everlasting Comfort Office Chair Seat Cushion

Everlasting Comfort

3. Best Budget Seat Cushion – 5 STARS UNITED STORE Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair

Dimensions: 17.7″x 13.8″x 2.8″(LxWxH) Capacity-150-250lbs

The 5 STARS UNITED STORE Seat Cushion is an Orthopedic Doctor recommended seat cushion that hugs the curves of your bottom while ensuring proper spinal alignment for maximum comfort and support when sitting for extended periods.

Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair

It reduces pressure from your spine by evenly distributing the weight of your body. The result is great pain relief from the lower back, coccyx and pressure point, leg tightness, muscle fatigue, and other common issues associated with sitting in a non-ergonomic chair for a long time. The U-shaped contour design relieves pressure on the coccyx. You’ll also benefit from reduced neck and shoulder pain.

The cushion promotes a healthy upright position so you’ll never be forced to slouch while working again.

Use it on your work chair, dining room chair, airplane seat, car, sporting events, wheelchair, and even during pregnancy for maximum comfort and relief.

According to its manufacturer, this cushion is a suitable alternative to donut and hemorrhoid pillows.

The firm and supportive cushion is breathable for cool comfort and its non-slip back surface keeps it in place on all kinds of seat surfaces.

Its full dimensions are 17.7″x 13.8″x 2.8″ and can support individuals weighing up to 150lbs to 250 lbs.


  • Budget-friendly seat cushion
  • Universal-fits all types of chairs
  • Promotes spinal alignment and healthy posture
  • Relieves tailbone pressure
  • Great pain relief from lower back, legs, and fatigue
  • Highly breathable
  • Multifunctional- use it anywhere
  • Machine washable cover
  • Lightweight and portable (includes a convenient carry handle)


  • Not suitable for big and heavy people
  • Few complaints about it being too firm
Seat Cushion Pillow for Office Chair


4. Best Seat Cushion for Lower Back Pain – Xtreme Comforts Store Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Dimensions: 17.6 x 3.11 x 13.19 inches (LxWxH)

The Xtreme Comforts Store cushion is constructed with the company’s innovative Exclusive Deluxe Body Active Memory Foam that retains its original shape after each use.

It will never go flat or become bumpy.

Xtreme Comforts Desk Chair Cushions

The premium memory foam conforms to your butt to provide you with the much-needed support and comfort. It aligns your spine to ensure a healthy posture and pain-free prolonged sitting.

The U-shaped style with a cutout allows your coccyx to float instead of being compressed against the seat surface. This in addition to the cushion’s ability to distribute your weight evenly helps alleviate the pressure point on your lower back and coccyx.

You can use it anywhere for reduced pain and improved posture. It has a non-slip bottom that allows it to stay in place even on smooth surfaces.


  • Provides great pressure relief
  • It’s a doctor-recommended orthopedic chair cushion
  • Anti-slip rubber bottom
  • Breathable to prevent sweating
  • Conforming memory foam
  • Built with quality memory foam that won’t flatten over time
  • The cover is removable, easy to clean, and machine-washable
  • Backed by a 2-Year warranty for your peace of mind


  • It’s large enough for average people but small for bigger people
  • Doesn’t come in different sizes
  • Few complaints about it being too hard
Xtreme Comforts Desk Chair Cushions

Xtreme Comforts Store

5. Best Donut Cushion for Hemorrhoids – 5 STARS UNITED Store Donut Hemorrhoid Cushion

Dimensions: 16″x 13″x 2.75″(LxWxH) , Weight Capacity-150lbs-250lbs

As the name suggests, this seat cushion has the design of a donut. It’s round in shape with a hole in the middle.

One of the major benefits of a donut cushion is preventing the progression of hemorrhoids and related conditions like anal fissures.

Donut Pillow Hemorrhoid Tailbone Cushion

It also helps speed up recovery post-surgery and provides pain relief. It does this by increasing blood flow into these areas thanks to its ergonomic design.

The hole at the center increases air circulation in the anorectal area while the removable mesh cover prevents the cushion from becoming too hot and sweaty from prolonged sitting.

Measuring 16″x 13″x 2.75″ with a ring-shaped contoured style, the cushion is designed to fit all kinds of chairs.

It’s also the perfect donut cushion for lower back pain, and good posture. It’s also a great pain and aches reliever during and after pregnancy.

Overall, the 5 STARS UNITED Store Donut Cushion is an excellent choice if you’re dealing with a severe case of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and even prostate problems. It also helps provide pain relief after surgery while promoting a healthy posture pre and post-pregnancy. It’s suitable for people weighing up to 150-250lbs.


  • Best cushion for hemorrhoids
  • Ideal for proper spinal alignment and healthy sitting posture
  • Recommended by leading physical therapists
  • Versatile use
  • Quality construction
  • Affordable


  • Few complaints about it being too hard
  • Small, thus not suitable for large people
Donut Pillow Hemorrhoid Tailbone Cushion

5 STARS UNITED Store Donut

6. Best Large Seat Cushion – Xtreme Comforts Store Large Seat Cushion

Dimensions: 17.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches (LxWxH)

Measuring 19” L x 17.5” W x 3.5” H, the Extreme Comforts cushion is without a doubt an extra-large seat cushion best suited for big people.

Xtreme Comforts Office Chair Cushion

It provides plenty of sitting space with its flat square design that most people prefer while maintaining the highest level of comfort and support. The extra space also makes it suitable for almost any size chair.

It’s made of a 2-layer foam system that remains flat even with regular use and even conforms to the natural shape of your bottom to relieve the points of pressure at your lumbar area and coccyx while increasing blood flow for ultimate comfort.

If you suffer from lower back pain, tight muscles, pinch nerves, numb buttocks, and other discomforts associated with prolonged sitting, the Xtreme Comforts Extra Large Cushion is just what you need.

If you want additional lumbar support, make sure you get the combo pack which includes a back cushion and a seat cushion.

The cushion features a non-skid bottom, a removable and machine washable seat cover, a nylon mesh for excellent breathability, and a carry handle for portability.


  • Extra-large- ideal for big people
  • Offers pressure-relieving benefits
  • Reduces risk of back problems and improves sitting posture
  • Versatile- use it anywhere
  • Includes back cushion
  • Non-skin bottom
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Price-friendly


  • Not suitable for heavy individuals
Xtreme Comforts Office Chair Cushion

Xtreme Comforts Store

7. Best Comfortable Seat Cushion – Purple Double Seat Cushion

Dimensions:18″ x 16″ x 2″

Unlike most seat cushions which are made from memory foam, the Purple Double Seat Cushion provides the much-needed comfort and support with its Hyper-Elastic Polymer construction.

Purple Double Seat Cushion

The double cushioning pad is thick and soft and just like memory foam, it conforms to your backside for maximum pressure relief, comfort, and support. Since it’s double-sided, you can flip it whenever you need to use it on soft or hard surfaces.

Hate it when your bottom gets all sweaty after sitting for long? Well, with the Purple Seat Cushion, this is something you won’t have to worry about. It has these built-in airflow channels that help balance the temperature of the cushion no matter how long you sit on it.

It also features a non-slip bottom so you’ll never have to worry about it slipping off the chair, couch, or recliner. The cushion pad is covered with a stretchy fabric that is durable and easy to clean (can be machine washed).

The only downside with the Purple Double Seat Cushion is that it’s quite costly, However, even with a high price tag, a lot of people have praised the unmatched comfort and support it provides. It’s definitely a good value for your money.


  • Provides exceptional comfort and support
  • Durable construction
  • Retains its shape even after prolonged use
  • Doesn’t get too hot- prevents sweating
  • Ideal for heavy individuals
  • Versatile
  • Compatible with any seat
  • The cover is durable and machine-washable


  • Doesn’t come cheap
Purple Double Seat Cushion

Purple Store

Frequently Asked Questions About Seat Cushions (FAQs)

Are Seat Cushions Good for You?

Seat cushions are designed to offer additional padding to your chair for added comfort and support. Orthopedic seat cushions are specially tailored towards providing pain relief from the lower back, tailbone, and sciatica nerves while supporting a healthy posture.

If you suffer from back pain, you may have it even worse with an old, uncomfortable seat cushion.

If you’re using a low-quality non-ergonomic office chair, you’re ultimately going to suffer the same predicament.
To ensure maximum comfort and support especially when working long hours, experts always recommend purchasing an ergonomic office chair. But what if you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford one right now? (ergonomic office chairs can be expensive). Well, in that case, the best thing you can do is purchase the best seat cushion.

What is the Most Comfortable Seat Cushion?

The most comfortable seat cushion in this list is the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion. It’s an orthopedic cushion that provides pain relief from the lower back, tailbone, herniated discs, and other spinal issues while promoting a healthy posture.

Which is Better, Gel or Memory Foam Seat Cushion?

Both gel and memory foam seat cushions are good. They are both designed to provide optimal comfort, pressure point relief, lumbar support, and overall improved health.

The only difference between these two cushions is that gel-infused memory foam cushions provide more cooling comfort and may not flatten out with time as it is with low-density memory foam cushions.

Check out more handy accessories for your office.

Best Seat Cushions Review – Bottom Line

These are 7 of the best seat cushions that are not only suitable for office chairs, but also a wide range of seats. Their unique, ergonomic designs allow them to provide long-lasting comfort, making them ideal for the office or at home.

These cushions offer an affordable option for enhancing your comfort at work while reducing your risk of health problems such as back issues, coccyx pain, and a load of other spinal issues. Plus they come in a variety of sizes and weight capacity, so make sure you pick one that best suits your needs.

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