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While setting up your home office, you should not ignore office paint color. Do you know that colors in your office affect your mind? They can change your mood, make you feel more energetic, and above all, helps you improve your productivity by keeping you focused and efficient. So are the best desk colors to choose from?

Studies reveal how color psychology can be effectively used to enhance your productivity in an office space.

What is Color Psychology

Color psychology [1] is just not about the paint on your walls; the color scheme of a room includes everything from a desk to chairs, wall paint to your drapes.  The office paint colors can help you stay focused and deal with all the decision-making in the long run.

How Does the Color of Office Desk Matter?

best desk color schemes

Your desk is the focal point of your home office. Whether you are choosing a standing or a sitting desk, it should blend with your room’s overall décor.

You can choose to make a color contrast or use the same color combination that goes with your office’s overall color scheme. Knowing little more about color psychology can affect your overall productivity.[2]

Color psychology is nothing new. According to studies, paint color around you can impact your mind and behavior. They can help you think clearly and can be used to calm your nerves or to convey authority and confidence.

What is the best color for productivity?

colorful office

Sure, you don’t have time to dig deep into the topic and read all those books on color psychology. Here we have encapsulated all the required information without much fuss that you need to know about different colors and how they can affect your productivity, mood, and behavior.

Colors like blue, green, teal, or black set the tone of your office and help you create a more productive environment in your workspace. Pick one of those to have the best color for studying, but there are so many colors you can also choose form.

You can get the maximum benefit of colors by mixing them in a smart way where they are soothing to the mind, stimulating your creativity, and above all keeps the environment calm and productive. To enrich your color palette and make it more conducive with clever use of color.

We will discuss some best popular desk colors for home offices and see how they affect your workplace.

White Paint Colors

White is always associated with a calm and peaceful feeling. It’s easy on the eyes and gives a clean effect.

The color is not a great choice for office spaces as it puts you in a relaxing mode. It can also become a nuisance to keep clean as the color can highlight even the slight specs on its surface very prominently.

Overall, it gives a feeling of neatness and reduces stress levels. You can use it with other colors to create a more deep impact.  A well-organized mind helps you with your focus, and you can sort out the issues pretty well.

So if you need a pure, clean, and controlled home office, white is for you. The color is not a great choice if you have many employees at your office.

Flash Furniture White Desk with Three Drawer

Best Desk in White: Flash Furniture

If you have a white color shade in mind, you can go with this white desk from Flash Furniture. It’s a professional-looking desk that comes with plenty of storage space for everything you need to store.

It features three drawers and open space as well for accommodating everything from files to stationary. The desk has a floating desktop that you can adjust to suit your needs.

A sliding tray for the keyboard keeps the desk clutter-free. It’s a great option if you want to have a polished and well-organized look to your home office.

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Blue for Home Office Space

Blue is considered by far one of the best office colors for many people. Are you looking for an ultimately productive environment? Blue is your color.

The blue color gives a calm and serene environment to your office. It enhances your creativity and boosts your creative thoughts.

The color can help you a lot in your decision making as it helps you gather your thoughts and the serene effects it creates allow you to weigh all aspects with a clear mind. You can play with blue in different shades. It becomes somber and authoritative with dark blue.

You can also add some vibrancy to your home office with a light blue color.  Teal color brings a lot of freshness to your workspace and gives it a modern look. Having a blue color scheme in your office can inspire you to think clearly and intelligently.

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go No Tools Student Desk Blue 1

Best Desk in Blue: Convenience Concepts

This one from Convenience Concept is a simple desk that we have chosen in blue. The desk is available in many other colors, so if you are looking for other shades but like the design, feel free to choose your color.

With multiple storage spaces and a simple structure, it looks all practical for office spaces and it’s thoughtfully designed to enhance your efficiency at work.

Black for Home Offices

Black is another one of the best colors when you want your workspace to exuberate authority and power. It can bring a lot of purposefulness to your workplace.

The color exuberates authority and gives you strength in decision making. An environment with a black desk boosts your intelligence.

DlandHome L-Shaped Computer Desk

Best Office Desk in Black: DlandHome

This one is a black option from DlandHome. The desk has a large workspace, and its L-shaped look gives you ample space for accommodating your PC and Laptop at the same time. You can use the space for working on files and notepad along with your PC or laptop.

The functional desk is spliced into three boards where you can store multiple things at a time. Its X-metal frame keeps the desk sturdy and stable.

Office Color With Red

One of the most interesting colors we have on our color palette is red. Vibrant hues like red bring a lot of energy and excitement to a room. It’s a great option if your work includes some physical action.

The color also suits media industries with lots of glamour. Red boosts your energy levels and stimulates you to perform your job with eagerness.

The color represents energy and excitement. If you want to increase your productivity, then red keeps you energetic for sure.

Greesum Gaming Desk

Best Office Desk in Red: Greesum

The desk we have chosen is not completely red.

That would probably be “too much red”, so we have chosen this beautiful desk from Greesum, which has red streaks; the splash of color is enough to excite you to work and does not make you hyper-energetic.

It’s a gaming computer desk that can be used as your home office as well. Especially if you are into content creation or digital media, the combination of black and white makes your workplace productive. It’s a simple desk with plenty of space for your PC.

Unfortunately, no drawers or other storage sections are provided, so you must rely on the table surface. However, there is a hook on the side for hanging headphones and a separate drink holder.

Office Paint Colors with Brown

Brown is another very common color that is considered the best office color where you need some authority and confidence. Brown exuberates strength.

It gives a very professional look to your home office. The color evokes the feeling of confidence and security. It does not reduce the stress level but keeps you focused and concentrated on your job.

Besides these, it also gives a very mature and traditional look to your home office. You can use the color shade with black or any other color to make it more effective.

FITUEYES L-Shaped Office Desk with Storage

Best Office Desk in Brown: FITUEYES L Shaped Desk

This one is an L-shaped desk with retro brown color.

Design and color blend easily in any interior. The color of the desk exuberate authority, especially a good choice if you have some employees.

Also it’s associated with reliability to set the tone of your surrounding with authority and reliability.

The desk is spacious, and you can put it in a corner due to its L-shape that saves a lot of space in your office space. You can use both sides. It comes with plenty of storage sections as well.

There are no drawers, and the storage shelves are open. These are reversible shelves, so you can adjust them on both sides depending on your work area and use both sides of the desk.

Grey for Home Office Desks

Classic gray gives some soothing vibes like white. It creates feelings of neatness like white.

The color does not help much with productivity, but that does not mean you can’t use it in your home office. Like white, the same grey can be combined with black and represents some strength.

A shade like blue-grays can enhance your productivity while giving a calm environment in your workspace. So although the color has the same qualities as white, you can use it with different shades of other vibrant colors.

Calico Designs Adapta Height Adjustable Office Desk

Best Home office Desk in Grey: Calico Designs 

This one is a simple desk that can be used as a computer table or an office chair.

The best part of having this desk is its adjustability. It can be adjusted to suit your height; you can use it for sitting or standing.

The table is simple but very impactful. It’s a combination of grey and black that renders it more powerful.

Merely grey color may not be as conducive to productivity as white so the blend of black gives it some power and strength.

This way, you can have a grey color without undermining the spirit of work at your workplace. Overall, it’s a great option for your office if you need a grey color at your workplace.

The adjustable height and the stable frame makes it a simple yet very functional desk for your workplace.

Turquoise for Office Desks

The blue, green color gives a calming effect to your place. It helps you open up and can be a great option for offices with lots of communication going on. It makes your workplace friendly and enjoyable. Hues like turquoise or teal give you a sense of calmness, relaxing your mind at work.

Turquoise color sets the tone of calmness and stability in your office. The great combination of green and blue gives you the qualities of both colors, and you can create a friendly yet very productive atmosphere at your workplace.

Posh Pollen Parsons Vanity Desk, Walnut

Best Desk in Turquoises: Posh Pollen

The desk we have chosen in turquoise is a simple yet very functional design. It’s a premium option and cost more due to its high-quality wooden structure.

The desk features two drawers that help sort out all your essentials and keep your space clutter-free.

Even more, it comes with a flip-up top that has a mirror inside it.  It’s a great option if your job is related to make up videos or live streaming. Its contemporary look makes it suitable for industries like fashion and media.

It adds glamour to your room. The desk also features USB and power outlet ports that help you keep your laptop or smartphone well charged.

Pink for Home Offices

It’s a lively color and reduces stress levels. Pink is strongly associated with feminism and girlishness. It’s a great option if your work is related to art and craft.

The color boasts of creativity. It relaxes your mind and enables you to enhance the creative side of your work. It can be very stimulating and relaxing for the overall work environment. Its vibrant finish gives energy and makes your room eye-catching.

FURINNO Simplistic Study Table, Pink

Best Desk in Pink: FURINNO Simplistic

For pink, we have chosen this simple desk from Furinno. The desk comes at a very affordable price and has a very practical look. Unfortunately, there are no drawers or any other storage space type, but it’s a great option for crafting or study.

The desk is made of E1 grade of the composite. It’s a practical, affordable, and very lively option for any workplace. You can also install it in the creative corner of your office to adds some vibrancy and color.

Final Words

Paint colors play an important role in your mood, how you feel, or the way you think. A calm and cozy environment at your workplace can help you concentrate on your work. It also depends on what industry you work for.

colorful sideboard

Some colors are great for decision making. Some exuberates confidence and authority.

Make your color palette rich; choose color combinations that blend smartly and creates an atmosphere of harmony.

You should also consider the wall paint color of your home office.

Even with these basic colors, there is a lot of margin with different tones of the same color, like dark blue is more empathetic than a light blue.

A complete red would be startling but not if it is used in strips with black.

Green is great but not a common color for desks, you can add a chair in the décor with green color.

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So make sure you create an overall atmosphere of harmony and balance while playing with colors. Choosing a similar or contrasting color of chairs can enhance the overall ambiance of your room.

The best colors to go with are blues, black, brown, and red. In the end, it boils down to personal preference, choose what soothes your mind and gives you confidence.

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