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Does it make you curious why Jarvis bamboo desks are priced so high? Once certainly thinks what’s so special about them that distinguishes this desk from all their rivals standing desk companies like Ikea, Uplift, or Evo.

To settle the matter right here, we have decided to write this Jarvis bamboo standing desk review. It is designed as your go-to guide when looking for any information relating to Jarvis standing desk.

Here we have ruthlessly dissected the Fully Jarvis bamboo desk with as much objectivity as possible as the fact remains that everyone after using a few months of these desks seems to be a little bias towards them.

Also, we’re going to show you an awesome-looking alternative if you want to save some money, and still have a stylish desk!

Dimensions Weight capacity Height min-max Suitable for people
48″ x 30″
25.5″ to 51″ 
5’4″ – 7’
60″ x 27″
25.5″ to 51″
5’4″ – 7′
72″ x 30″
25.5″ to 50.7″
4’9″ to 5’11”
Desk Type
Adjustable electric
Min height
Max height
Width option
30″ – 72″
Depth options
27″ – 30″
Weight capacity
Noise level
less than 50db
Frame Material
Stainless Steel
Available Frame Colors
Alloy, Black, Silver, White
Desk top
Adjustment time
1,5″ second
Wire management
Memory settings
Yes (4)
5-15 years
Assembly time
~1 hour

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk Review

So let’s dive right into our topic and try to find out how the Fully Jarvis [1] standing desk is different from others, what makes it so special, how much you can rely on it, and lastly, what variety we have in the market.

A Little Background

Jarvis’ bamboo desk was introduced in 2013. In recent years, Fully has obtained the brand and has made several changes to the design and construction.

They have kept on improving the brand with the changes from a T-base base to a C-base, which is more stable and more of an improvement giving you more space for your knees when sitting.

They also have updated the foot design, and the most significant changes have been made so far in the motor and control panel, making it more intuitive, efficient, and reliable.

Like many other standing desks in the market, Jarvis is made by a Chinese company: JieCang Linear Motion.

woman in front of fully jarvis bamboo desk

They have been manufacturing the Jarvis desks. The same company is manufacturing Uplift and Evo standing desks.

Jarvis Sit-Stand Desk Design

The first impression this Jarvis Standing desk makes on you is its simplicity and precision. There’s no fluff here.

It’s a simple desk, and its beatify lies in its simple and practical look and high performance. As the desk height settings are adjustable, it is built for both sitting and standing.

It’s an extremely sturdy electronic desk that you can trust for any kind of machinery. The high weight-bearing capacity is the hallmark of a fully Jarvis bamboo standing desk, making it reliable and trustworthy.

The desk height can be raised or lowered down smoothly even with up to 315lbs of the load is alone enough to testify its strength. And nothing manual here, all you have to do is press a button, and the desk goes up or down at your convenience within seconds.

One might think whether you need a chair with a standing desk. As this is a sit-stand desk a chair is good for sitting once in a while.

Minimalist Design

Here is what distinguishes the brand from the many other desks. It comes with a simple design. The simple and minimalist design blends with your office furniture easily.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk Review

The desk frame is strong enough to handle up to 315 lbs. And a customized tabletop that, no matter if it’s made out of wood, is laminated, from bamboo, feels, and remains smooth and soft on touch.

An electric panel lies under the desktop that gives you full control. You have seven buttons for preset options, programmable LED lights that make the control panel easy to read even in dark. Fully provides all customization options including desktop material, the color of frame, design, or size.

Since it’s a Jarvis standing desk review, let’s look at each of its features in detail.


Fully offers a strong desk with a lot of strength and durability. It’s the brand that you can trust for years of performance without any doubt.

The frame of the desk is distinguished from other desks due to its high-quality build and weight-bearing capacity.

The giant can handle up to 350 lbs conveniently. you can even sit or stand on this desk without any doubt. That kind of strength can only come from steel-constructed legs.

man sitting on jarvis desk

Aluminum fails to give that strength, and Jarvis uses only solid high gauge steel for manufacturing a stable frame for the desk.

The reliable structure enables you to trust the desk for your expensive gears.

Whether you are a gamer, have a home office, or simply into social media.

A lot of hardware goes on your desk, covering the space. Anything less reliable is neither wanted nor can be trusted for such expensive gears.

Even the bamboo top is more strong and than ordinary wood designs [2].


The frame of the Jarvis bamboo standing desk remains the same with different sizes and height ranges. Jarvis uses high-quality steel to build the frame.

The best part of this steel-made frame is its construction. The construction is made with extreme precision. The frame is assembled with hidden exterior hardware that gives a clean and smooth feel to your desk.

The Jarvis Bamboo standing desk comes in four varieties in color for the frame to suit different interiors. It comes in

  • Alloy
  • Steel
  • Silver
  • Black


Talking of its strength and high weight-bearing capacity, the desk’s stability is one of the biggest advantages of the Jarvis standing desk. Stability remains the same whether you have min-height or set to the tallest setting.

It provides front to back stability

Although the desk has two legs, stability is not compromised at all. They have worked hard on it to make it stable. The frame, leg, desktop, everything contributes to that.

Even if something is bumped into the desk from the sides, the desk does not move a bit.

Foot to leg connection is also strong and helps the desk carry weight easily.

dark jarvis standing desk

The heavy steel frame keeps the desk stable even under heavy load. Its design features a wide bottom lifting column that keeps the desk stable on the ground.

The design features gussets that have foot-to-leg connections from both sides and front. The thoughtful design enhances the stability of the desk more than other inferior desks. Besides these, the desk also comes with screw-in leveling feet.

The leveling screws adjust the feet of the desk up and down to keep it from rocking back and forth. These leveling screws become useful when you have the desk on an uneven floor like a carpet.

Dual Motors

Electrical components are very important in any height adjustable standing desk. Electric standing desks work with motors for height adjustment.

What makes this desk special is its power and ability to lift within seconds. That power is only possible with a dual motor that Jarvis feature in its standing desks. Each motor is attached to a lifting column, so when you push that button, it raises the desk smoothly from both sides.

Only a powerful motor can uplift the heavy desk with almost 350 lbs in a snap.

Anti-Collision Technology

The standing desk offers a smart solution that protects your property and pets from possible accidents. Anti-collision is an advanced technology that detects if there is any office furniture under the desk, while adjusting the standing height and prevents damage by immediately stopping the desk.

The desk frame uses sensors to detect a sudden spike in current drawn from the motor. It immediately stops the motor before damaging your property. So even if a kid accidentally runs the button to change the height, the desk can take care of it.

Wire Management in Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

The desk is designed to fit in your workplace. It caters to all needs, including cable management. Almost all Jarvis standing desks come with an efficient wire management system.

woman under desk adjusting cables

The desktop has a drilled opening with built-in wire management grommets. It helps you keep the area around you clutter-free. All wires from your equipment go through these cable management-powered grommets.

Though the desk does not feature any other add-on like a cable management tray, you won’t have to mess around with cluttered cables anymore.

Control Panel

The Jarvis standing desk is a fully electronic and automated standing desk. The control panel is simply intuitive and very easy to use. There is no rocket science here, and simple buttons are marked to help the users choose the right option.

You can change the desk’s height from here with a simple touch of a button, and mind you, including all the hardware. The telescopic legs simply raise the desk effortlessly with the help of its powerful dual motors.

The control panel comes with seven buttons. Two buttons are simple for up and down directions. The remaining fours are simply preset programs, and one left is used to set those preset programs.

jarvis control panel

So what exactly is the preset program, and how does it work?

As it’s a smart desk, the convenience and comfort of users are ensured with the preset programs.

Instead of choosing the exact height each time, the preset program allows you to store your preferred height of the desk. Next time you want to stand up, instead of going through the whole process of checking the exact height, all you have to do is to press the preset program.

The desk will rise to your exact comfortable position suiting your standing height and preference within seconds.

Jarvis standing desks are not just giving you one preset programming option. It allows you to store up to four settings so that if more than one person is using the desk, they can set their preferred setting, and every time the user switches all they have to do is to press the right button, and the desk will go up or down depending on your preferred working position.

So the LED control panel is sleek and stylish, and easy to read. It took seconds to change this heavy desk’s position.

How to operate the Jarvis Bamboo Standing desk?

There is a control panel at the desk frame for operating the desk. To operate the powered standing desk you must hold down the M button for three seconds. Like restarting your smartphone, it unlocks the screen, and you can make changes or control different options.

jarvis bamboo standing desk grey

The screen automatically gets locked after a while. It’s a very thoughtful feature as you can rest assured nobody controls the desk height accidentally. To activate the LED screen, you have to hold down the M button for three seconds.

You can use the up and down arrows to scroll through different options in the memory features. You have set max height, set minimum high, and changed inches to the centimeter.

You can also change the screen brightness from here and set it from low to high, depending on your preferences.

Desktop of the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

That is where you would get lots of customization in a fully Jarvis standing desk.

They may offer different varieties of tabletop that you can choose depending on your budget, but the quality remains unquestionable. Even in bamboo desks, they offer normal wood color and dark bamboo tabletops.

Desktop sizes differ but Jarvis’s desk frame remains the same. It may be different in color or dimensions to suit each size, but overall, the quality of the frame, its construction, and its lifting mechanism remain the same. So does the control panel.

The difference comes in choosing the desk top. They can be different, and the price of a Jarvis standing desk goes up or down depending on these tabletops and their dimensions.

Jarvis Bamboo Tabletop

What distinguishes Jarvis Bamboo standing desks from other desks is not just its high functionality and practicality but its aesthetic appeal as well.

jarvis desk top bamboo dark

The desktop is made of highly sustainable bamboo. The choice of wood not only gives it hardness and strength but it renders it a rich natural texture. The combination is great for the desk’s durability, but it stays in great shape for many years to come.  

These are, in fact, the most popular range of Jarvis standing desks. Though they come in other variants like laminated and solid wooden desktop options, these dark bamboo desktops have their charm.

These are sustainable bamboo grown with care for these desks. The tabletop is made of solid bamboo slabs that are strong and have a high weight-bearing capacity.

The bamboo used in the making of these standing desks comes from sustainable forests. They are perfect for environmentalists as no valuable trees are cut down to make these desks.


Bamboo is known for growing fastback within two years after you cut it with the same roots.

Not only are these environmentally friendly but perfectly safe for your use as well as these bamboos are grown without any pesticides and fertilizers to ensure you get the best from nature as well.

Bamboo is a living material, and in the process of its treatment, the sugar inside it melts and creates different patterns. These patterns appear naturally, and thus each bamboo tabletop looks different, yet they are all the same.

The upper layer of the tabletop is super cured and has a tough water-based Polyurethane coating that is smooth on touch and made scratch resistant.

Even when you move heavy machinery on the table, it resists scratches. That makes the desktop easy to clean as well.

Curved Contoured Ends

Another noticeable feature of the tabletop is it has a slightly contoured edge detail in the front. It’s a curved cutout from the front surface of the desk.

The little detail adds to the beauty of the desk, making it look different than regular desks, but it has a practical purpose. You have better access to the other end through this curve, and you can reach further back.

Shortly, it gives better control over your equipment on the desk.


You can find the Jarvis Bamboo standing desk on the rectangle desktop as well.

The curved and contoured edges look smart and cool, but the rectangle desktop has its charm. It’s simple, minimalist, and provides a lot of space for everything you need on the desk.

L-shaped Desktop

The customization options include an L-shaped desktop as well. Besides contoured and rectangle designs, the Jarvis bamboo desktop is also available in L-shaped designs, which are great to be put in a corner.

They save space and are easy to accommodate as well. Also, you better get control of everything on the desk as everything is easily accessible.

Three-stage VS Two-Stage

Jarvis Bamboo standing desk comes in two varieties that you should carefully consider before ordering one. These are

  • Three-stage desk
  • Two-stage desk

So it’s easy to guess the difference between the two desks. Still, let’s see in detail.

3-Stage Jarvis Standing Desk

Three-stage Jarvis can rise to three stages. It is suitable for long people who need a desk at more height. The desks are designed for people 5’4″ to 7″. That means even long people can use the desk with the same ease and comfort. These desks are adjustable from the minimum height of 25.5″ to a max height of 51″.

Other features of the 3-stage desk are that it takes up to 1.5″ per second to raise or lower the desk. The stability and strength of the desk remain the same as other Jarvis Standing desks. It can handle up to 350 lbs easily.

2-Stage Jarvis Desk

Even a two-stage Jarvis desk can be used by long people as well. It is suitable for people within 5’10” to 6’9″ in height. The desk can rise from 30″ to a full height of 49.3″.

The slight change here is the height adjustment time. 2-stage desks take about 1.3″ per second to change their height. Here to frame stability, strength, and weight-bearing capacity remains the same.


Assembling the Jarvis Standing desk is the only problem we have so far detected with this standing desk. But to deliver the desk in one piece is impossible, so that’s the handicap with any standing desk that you order online.

With all its customization options, assembly remains easy and doable.

The fully Jarvis standing desk comes in three boxes and a detailed instruction manual that explains the assembling step by step. You can go to the Fully Jarvis Standing desk website and look for video instructions as well.

The assembling may take some time. Forty minutes to an hour of assembling is only for those who have little knowledge of assembling furniture or other DIY projects. For some of us with little to no knowledge of assembling furniture, it may take some time.

man assembling furniture

Assembling Fully Jarvis Bamboo standing desk requires a wrench, an L-shaped Wrench, and a screwdriver. These tools do not come with the desk though all other necessary hardware required for assembling is part of the package.

Assembling requires putting together the frame of the desk at first. Once you have the base ready, connect the other parts like desktop, motors, control panel, and wire-management grommets.

After you set up the desk, it’s just a matter of threading all the wires through a cable management kit and plugging everything in. You don’t need even a power drill as it comes with predrilled holes and screws.

So yes the assembly process is not as easy as it sounds, we must say, but you can do a better job if you have help with you.

Speaking from experience, I can tell you it takes a little while, but it’s totally doable. So don’t let that prevent you from getting one.

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk Reviews

Here we would mention some specific models that you can buy. The basic functionality of the Fully Jarvis desk remains the same, and the only difference is the desktop design and its dimensions.

The weight depends on the size of the tabletop since the frame is made of steel and weighs the same in all models. Also, every single desk has the same quiet motor that produces less than 50db.

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk 48″ x 30″

This one is a Fully Jarvis Standing Desk in a “smaller size”. But the size isn’t small at all; it’s still enough to cater to the needs of one person with the basic stuff like speakers, laptop, microphone, PC, etc…

The desk can be customized to suit your needs. Like you can change the color of the frame.

Or the desktop is available in both rectangle and contoured design.

fully standing desk bamboo

Both types of desktops have their unique charm. The OLED control panel, preset programs, and other functionality of the desk remain the same.

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk 60″ x 27″ 

This one is a medium size desk from Jarvis with a bamboo desktop. The quality, durability, and design remain the same, like the signature Fully Jarvis desk. This one is available on a black tabletop.

The eco-friendly solid bamboo, durable steel frame, and smoothing motioning gives this desk its unique charm despite its minimalist design.

jarvis standing desk dark

The frame can be customized and available in different colors of Alloy, black, silver, and white.

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk 72″ x 30″

This one is a giant desk from Fully Jarvis with a width of 72″ ×30″. There is a lot of space on the desk for everything you need on the desk. The spacious desktop can be used by two people comfortably due to its wide top.

The desk takes about 1.5″ per second to change position.

jarvis bamboo standing desk grey

Like other Jarvis standing desks, you can keep programming the required height options, and all it needs is a touch-on button to move the desk up or down with all your machinery smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions relating to Jarvis Bamboo Desks.

Is the Fully Jarvis bamboo standing desk really worth it?

Jarvis offers some expensive standing desks, but they offer great quality and durability that other standing desks fail to provide.

Everything about Jarvis’s bamboo desk exuberates superior quality and convenience. It slides up and down smoothly even with all your gears on the desk. No matter which size of Jarvis bamboo desk you choose for your office, it should be capable of high weight-bearing quality. All sizes can handle up to 350 lbs like a piece of cake.

So if you ask if Jarvis bamboo desk is worth it, then certainly yes, it is worth all your money, and you get the value of every penny you spend on this desk.

Is bamboo good for a desk?

Bamboo hails from the grass family, but you will be surprised to know that it is 40% harder than wood like oak.

That means the bamboo top is way more strong and stable than the ordinary desktops made from real wood or plywood. Besides being a good material for desks, it is also very environmentally friendly. However, Fully offers other desktop options like a laminated or hard-pressed wooden desktop as well

What makes bamboo special for these desks is not just its strength, durability, and stability, but it is also environmentally friendly as well. Bamboo is the fastest-growing grass that matures within five years.

That makes it very sustainable. Also, it releases 35% more oxygen than other trees, making it one of the precious assets for the earth.

Is Jarvis the best standing desk?

Jarvis bamboo desks can certainly be called one of the best standing desks in the market. Some other brands like Uplift also offer a good variety of standing desks but Jarvis provides the same functionality and performance as any other standing desks of its competitors.

How heavy is the Jarvis bamboo desk?

The weight of the Jarvis Bamboo desk depends on the size you are buying. It can range between 26-63 lbs depending on how wide a size you have ordered.

How long does it take to assemble the Jarvis bamboo desk?

The assembly of the Jarvis bamboo desk is straightforward. It comes with a detailed instruction manual and all the necessary hardware. Ideally, it should take between 30-50 minutes, depending on if you know something about desk assembling or have experience with such DIY projects.

How to unlock the Jarvis desk OLED screen?

Jarvis’s control panel comes locked and gets automatically locked after some time of being unused.
You can unlock the screen to customize settings by holding the M button for three seconds. The locking function keeps the desk safe from children. Nobody can accidentally change the height settings of the desk.

How to program the Jarvis standing desk?

Programming your required height into Jarvis’s standing desk is easy.
– Hold down the M button for a few seconds to unlock the screen
– Height display starts to blink
– Adjust the desk to the desired height.
– The height of the desk will be displayed on the screen in inches or centimeters
– Stop the height to your desired height
– Press M and letter S will display on the screen
– Within five seconds, store the setting on 1, 2, 3, or 4 buttons

Cheaper Jarvis Standing Desk Alternatives

While the Jarvis Desks are absolutely high quality and totally worth its price, you may don’t have that kind of budget. The cheapest one starts at $769 and goes up to $959 if you want a bigger tabletop.

Let me give you an awesome option that I choose myself as well. Get an adjustable standing desk frame and pick your favorite table top made out of bamboo, to have the same stylish look, for half the price of the cheapest Jarvis option.

Check out this amazing Costway Frame, which is available in:

  • 3 different colors
  • 2-Stage
  • 3-Stage
  • Dual Motor
  • Adjustable width
  • Memory function
standing desk frame

Costway Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk Frame

signe 1923369 640

All you need to do is add your favorite tabletop from IKEA.

You can choose between.

By choosing this stylish combination you’ll get the Jarvis bamboo look for around $350-370 instead of $769-959, saving you more than half the price!

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Final Words

The Jarvis Bamboo standing desk has a class apart and is surely a great investment for any home or office. Its stable desktop and strong frame can handle up to 350 lbs.

The standing desk is available in different widths depending on how many gears you need on the desk. The height adjustment is smooth and noiseless with its dual motors.

The preset menus allow you to store your preferred setting in its four preset programs.

Overall, it’s a bit expensive standing desk, but its smooth transitions, long-term durability provides the full value to your money. You can add other ergonomic accessories like a standing mat or office chair to complete the office look at home.

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