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Standing desks are gaining popularity and not without reason.

Sitting long hours can cause multiple health conditions, including back pain, which increases the risk of weight gain and heart diseases.

Buying a high-quality standing desk can cause a big dent in your paycheck as prices of adjustable desks are soaring high.

Electric standing desks are not cheap, and finding one within budget is not very easy.

A good alternative to an electric option is a standing desk converter.

best standing desk under 200

You can install it on your existing desk and make it adjustable for both sitting and standing positions.

In this article, we have selected some of the best adjustable desks within budget. We have made a comprehensive list that includes different options like a standing desk converter, mobile standing desks, manually adjustable desks, and electric desks.

Note: Due to the current inflation, some prices for standing desks, now might be higher than $200.

best budgetFlexispot FLEXISPOT Item Dimensions LxWxH
‎28.4 x 23.7 x 19.7 inches
SIMBR Standing Desk Converter SIMBR Item Dimensions LxWxH
36 x 16 x 21.6 inches
best overallMAIDeSITe Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk MAIDeSITe Item Dimensions LxWxH
55 x 28 x 28-46.8 inches
Best Price/QualityFlexispot Standing Desk Flexispot Item Dimensions LxWxH
48 x 24 x 28.6 inches
VIVO Standing 32 inch Desk Converter VIVO Item Dimensions LxWxH
‎31.5 x 15.5 x 4.5-20 inches
Rocelco Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Rocelco Item Dimensions LxWxH
32 x 20.5 x 5 inches
LINSY HOME Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk LINSY HOME Item Dimensions LxWxH
23.6 x 47 x 27 inches
ALFABC Electric Standing Desk ALFABC Item Dimensions LxWxH
24 x 48 x 37.85 inches
mobileHadulcet Mobile Standing Desk Hadulcet Item Dimensions LxWxH
31.5 x 23.6 x 26.3 inches
DEVAISE Adjustable Height Standing Desk DEVAISE Item Dimensions LxWxH
55.12 x 23.62 x 44.88 inches
VIVO Height Adjustable 55 x 24 inch Standing Desk VIVO Item Dimensions LxWxH
23.6 x 55.2 x 27.6 inches
allrounderSHW Electric Height Adjustable Mobile Standing Desk SHW  Item Dimensions LxWxH
40 x 24 x 28 inches

Buying Guide for Sit-Stand Desks

Here are a few things you should consider while selecting cheap desks for your office space.

Type of Standing Desk

Knowing all types of adjustable desks is important to choose one that is more convenient for your office space [1].

Manually Adjustable Standing Desk

Manually adjustable standing desks are easier to afford.

Their adjustment is a little more laborious than electric standing desks, but their low price is the biggest advantage.

They use a crank and handle to adjust the desk.

Electric Standing Desk

As compared to a manual height adjustable standing desk, electric ones are quick and easy. These are expensive but offer great stability and ease of use.

You can adjust it by simply pressing a button on the control panel.

standing desk gif

Finding a suitable quality electric standing desk is difficult, but we have included some options in our list.

Electric desks are further divided into single motor or dual-motor desks. Dual motors are expensive, and you may not find one under $200.

However, you can find some designs with single motors within this price range.

Standing Desk Converters

They’re also called adjustable desk riser or adjustable computer stand[2].

Standing desk converters (or adjustable desk top riser) are excellent for those who already have a desk.

standing desk converter

You can convert your existing table into an adjustable riser with a converter.

Mobile Adjustable Desk

These desks are smaller in size and portable. They feature caster wheels, and you can glide them with you wherever you go.

What Are The Features I Should Look At When Buying A Standing Desk?

Now, let’s take a quick look at the features we regarded and you should too, to make sure you pick the right product for your needs.


Stability is the most important requirement in any desk. They can be shaky, especially when raised to their maximum height.

What you need are a secure frame and a stable base.

Strong Foot Design

A strong foundation is essential for a stable desk. You should look for thick steel legs to create a stable foot design.

Gliding Feet

Gliding feet are essential to make a stand securely on an uneven floor. Make sure the gilding is attached to the foot so that it stands secure and stable on any floor.

Best Adjustable Standing Desk Under $200

Let’s review each of our selected office desks in detail.

FLEXISPOT Best Standing Desk Converters

A converter is a great solution for staying within budget. You can convert the existing desk into a standing desk by adding this adjustable desktop computer stand to it.

It’s a 28.4″ wide desktop with a U-shaped cutout.

As it’s a two-tier design, the lower shelf can be used as a keyboard tray and the converter can be raised from 4.7″-19.7″.

flexispot standing desk converter

Flexispot standing desk converters come fully assembled. You can use it right after taking it out of the box.

The adjustable desktop riser features a smart X structure and a gas spring system to change lift it. It remains stable and prevents rapid falls.

There is an integrated grommet to manage cables. You can mount the monitor on its shelf with plenty of space left for accessories.

The base of this converter is installed with rubber for safety. The rubber not only prevents any scratches on your desk but gives the base a better grip.

Overall, it’s an affordable solution for those who can’t spend on expensive standing desks.


  • Adjustable computer stand
  • X shaped secure design
  • Rubber installed in the base keeps it from slipping
  • The two-tier design fits the keyboard as well


  • Limited space on this standing desk converter
  • Adjustments are not easy

SIMBR Standing Desk Converter

Here is another desk converter within the price range. It raises and lowers vertically and saves space on the desk as well.

It can rise from a minimum of 21.6″ to 4.7″.  

The good thing about a converter is that you can set it up anywhere, on a shelf in the living room, or on your existing desk.

It’s a portable option and you can carry it anywhere in the house you go.

SIMBR Standing Desk Converter

The converter comes with a small storage space on the front surface that provides plenty of space for your little things.

The 36″ ×16″ desktop provides ample space for your monitor or laptop. It is wide enough to accommodate up to two monitors at a time.

The converter features an X-shaped frame that is stable and sturdy. The frame is made of steel and can handle up to 33 pounds easily.

It’s a two-tier design that allows you to place other things or a keyboard and mouse. Adjustment can be performed with a single-handle resilient spring. The gas springs are easy to handle. The monitor remains at your eye level while you can type easily with a separate keyboard tray.

The converter provides a good cable management system. All cables are managed so that the office space seems tidy and organized.

The bottom of this standing desk converter has a sponge pad underneath it that prevents scratches on your desk. It also keeps it from moving away.


  • Gas spring handle to adjust
  • Extra space for storage
  • Sponge padding under it to prevent scratches
  • Keyboard tray
  • Cable management system
  • Extra space on the front for storage


  • Limited weight-bearing capacity
SIMBR Standing Desk Converter

SIMBR (Update: Product is not available anymore)

MAIDeSITe Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk

Maidesite Adjustable standing desk is also available for under $200.

It’s an electric standing desk, and you can change the height instantly without any fuss.

You adjust this electric desk from a minimum of 28″ to 46.8″.

That means you can conveniently use the desk in both sitting and standing positions.

MAIDeSITe Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk

It provides a spacious work surface to fit everything, including your PC, monitors, keyboard, speakers, or anything you want to accommodate on your desktop.

There is an LED control panel to change the height of the standing desk. It’s an intuitive control panel that allows you to preset the programs and save your settings for future adjustments. You can store up to four preset programs for easy transitions.

Anti-collision technology is added to this smart desk to prevent damage to children, pets, or technology.

It can support up to 176 lbs and remains very stable even under load.

It is thoughtfully designed with all the safety features. Its rounded edges are helpful, especially if you have children at home.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Allows you to store four preset programs
  • Features anti-collision technology
  • Spacious work area


  • Not a very durable option

Flexispot Standing Desk Height Adjustable Desk

This one is another option from Flexispot, but it is a standing desk. It’s an ergonomically designed standing desk with adjustable length.

Flexispot provides a spacious 48″ ×24″ for a variety of PC gears and multiple monitors.

The desk features two smart buttons for changing smart adjustments.

You can change the height from sitting to standing position with a touch of a button.

seiffen standing desk

It works silently and performs transitions under 50 dB.

The desk comes with a cable management system for all your gears. It features dual cable management holes that keep your office clean and clutter-free.

The desk has limited load-bearing capacity. It can accommodate only 132 lbs which is less than other options on our list.

Overall, it’s an easy to assemble desk with limited weight-bearing capacity. It performs smoothly and provides a solid base with its steel frame.


  • Electric adjustable
  • 132 lbs load-bearing capacity
  • Noiseless adjustment
  • Two buttons for changing desk’s position
  • Easy assembly


  • Limited weight-bearing capacity
  • cost just slightly over $200 (but worth it)

VIVO Standing 32 inch Desk Converter

Those who are looking for an affordable standing desk converter should consider this option from Vivo.

It’s the best standing desk alternative within an affordable range.

Vivo’s X-framed design can be adjusted from side to side and back and forth.

With the help of its robust lift system, it allows you to move it up and down several times a day comfortably.

VIVO Standing 32 inch Desk Converter

Changing position enhances your productivity and has multiple health benefits as well.

The pneumatic lift system allows you to adjust it conveniently.

This Vivo adjustable standing desk converter features a two-tier design. The monitor mount shelf has plenty of space. Both keyboard tray and monitor mount shelves are ergonomically designed.

The monitor should be right in front of your eyes to not bend your neck or raise it to look at it.

However, the keyboard should be a comfortable length to type with your elbows at 90 degrees angle. So the separate keyboard tray enables you to work more comfortably.

The desktop is wide to support two monitors or a monitor with a laptop easily.

As it’s a portable design, you can set up your office space in the living room, kitchen, or in any other part of a home office. The padded feet remain firm on any surface and prevent the converter from moving.

The desk converter has a capacity of 33 lb, and it can raise to 20″ that makes it a perfect option for long people.

Overall, it’s a sturdy desk converter available at a reasonable price. It comes with three years of warranty that reassures us of its high quality and durability.


  • Portable work station
  • Padded feet remain stable on any surface
  • It can be raised to 20 inches
  • The keyboard tray makes typing easy
  • Minimum assembling is required
  • Capable of handling 33 lb


  • Available in only black color

Rocelco Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Here is another solid design for those looking for a standing desk converter. The best standing desk converter comes with a wide work surface.

It is 32″ wide by 20.5″ deep. The desktop can accommodate two 24″ monitors easily.

It’s a two-tier design and comes with a separate keyboard tray for mouse, keyboard, or other office supplies.

Rocelco Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

The upper shelf can be used as a monitor mount.

Spacing between the keyboard and monitor gives less fatigue to the neck and allows you to type it is ergonomically designed easily.

The frame of this stand-up desk converter is made of metal. The design has side handles that give an easy grip and keep the frame well balanced.

As it’s an adjustable converter, you can raise it to 18″ from a minimum of 5″ of length. Its anti-squid feet remain firmly on the desk and prevent any fall or movement even if you accidentally bump into the converter.

The smooth MDF board used to make shelves is moisture resistant and easy to clean.

The carefully designed converter features grommet holes for managing cables. The best part of having this desk converter is that you can use it right out of the box as it does not require any assembling at all.


  • The two-tier design has a separate keyboard tray
  • Wide to fit two monitors
  • Grommet holes are installed for managing cable
  • Retractable design
  • Easy to adjust
  • No assembly required


  • None

LINSY HOME Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Linsy Home offers another best budget-friendly electric desk that you can consider.

It’s a fully adjustable option that you can use while sitting or standing. It can rise from its minimum height of 2.3 ft to 3.94ft allowing you to adjust it to suit your needs.

It’s an easy-to-adjust desk with a user-friendly control panel.

Two buttons make the process simple and easy. These buttons are highly sensitive and noticeable with a blue light.

LINSY HOME Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

The desktop is wide to accommodate all your office and technology gear. Its surface is made of particleboard that is smooth on touch and moisture-resistant.

It stands on an industrial quality heavy frame that keeps it stable even under heavy load. It has the capacity of bearing up to 176 lbs.

A cable management system is also provided to keep your office space clutter-free.

A nice addition is a hook under the table to hang headphones, bags, or other small things.

Overall, it’s a great option within budget. The sit-stand desk needs some assembling, but it comes with all the necessary hardware and a detailed instructional manual.


  • Strong and practical design
  • Solid steel made frame
  • Height adjustable standing desk
  • Two buttons make adjustments easy
  • Best cable management system


  • Lack of durability

ALFABC Electric Stand-up Desk

Here is another cheap option under $200. It offers a spacious desktop, and you can easily accommodate even two monitors and multiple other gears on the desk.

The desk features a humanized design with T-style legs.

The base provides stability to the desk and keeps all your gears secure.

Alfabc features a folding tabletop that is different from other tables. It is easy to assemble due to its foldable design.

ALFABC Electric Standing Desk

The tabletop is available in two designs. You can choose from walnut or maple table designs to suit any interior.

The desk features one electronic motor to adjust its length. The powerful motor can lift it to 47.3″ at a speed of 0.98 seconds per inch. The desk comes with enhanced stability and can support up to 154 lb.

Adjustment of height is hassle-free with its two buttons. These buttons help you to change the position of the work surface.

Overall, these are the best standing desks with an easy-to-use electric desk at a very reasonable price. Its wooden desktop has long-lasting durability.


  • Single motor for adjustments
  • It can be raised to 47.5.”
  • Adjustment is easy with two buttons
  • Wide desktop allows multiple monitors
  • The T-shaped frame provides a stable base


  • The wooden desktop is not laminated and is not water-resistant

Hadulcet Mobile Standing Desk for Home Office

This one is for those who are looking for the best standing desks for laptops.

It’s a small desk designed for one monitor and, in particular, laptops.

You can easily glide the stand-up desk anywhere you go at home or office with its caster wheels.

The mobile standing desk comes with adjustable height as well. It can go up to 45.3″, suiting your preferred position.

Hadulcet Mobile Standing Desk

The desk provides sufficient storage space for all your office supplies. Its front deck can be adjusted to any angle to help you read or write.

The adjustable desk is made of a high-quality MDF board that is smooth and scratch-resistant. The frame made of steel that gives it stability and strength.

Overall, it’s a great option for those who are looking for a mobile standing desk. You don’t need a spare corner to set this up as you can move it out of the way on any corner when not in use. It’s a great option for those who have a space-restricted setup.


  • Mobile and portable
  • Smooth and easy adjustment
  • Separate keyboard tray
  • Stable steel frame
  • MDF made shelves
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Glides smoothly on caster wheels


  • Not a great option for big PCs

DEVAISE Adjustable Height Standing Desk for Home Office

We have seen some electric height adjustable standing desks in our list, but this one is for those who are looking for the best standing desks with manual control.

This one is a manually adjustable desk from Devaise.

Feel free to set up your laptop, a keyboard, mouse, office supplies, along with a PC set up on its spacious tabletop.

The desk has a weight-bearing capacity of 100 lb.

DEVAISE Adjustable Height Standing Desk

As it is an adjustable desk, you can use it for sitting or standing as well. You can use the crank to change the height as you prefer. It can be raised from a minimum of 29.5″ to 45.5″.

The frame of the desk is made of sturdy steel. It has a stable construction and does not feel wobbly at all when you change the height. Its adjustable feet also enhance its stability and give it a better grip on the floor.

Overall, it’s a little old-fashioned option with a crank to adjust the height manually, but it fits into the budget.


  • Solid construction
  • Stable base
  • Spacious desktop for PC setup
  • Available in two colors
  • It can be raised to 55″
  • Easy assembly


  • manual adjustment is not easy

VIVO Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desks

These are manually adjustable desks from Vivo. It comes with a spacious workspace.

Its 55″ wide work surface can accommodate various monitors, gaming gears, or another PC setup.

The desk features a crank system for changing the height of a desk.

You can raise it from a minimum of 27.6″ to 46.2″.

VIVO Height Adjustable 55 x 24 inch Standing Desk

The frame features telescopic legs that help you in height adjustment. Its handle is removable and you can detach it when not in use.

It has a sturdy steel frame that can handle up to 88 lb of weight. The manufacturers are offering 3-years of warranty that reassures us of its great quality.


  • Manual adjustment
  • Wide surfaces provide plenty of space
  • Crank system for changing height
  • The handle for changing height is removable
  • 88 lb weight-bearing capacity
  • 3 years of warranty


  • Less weight-bearing capacity
  • Manual height adjustment is difficult

SHW Electric Height Adjustable Mobile Standing Desk

This one is another mobile workstation from SHW. It’s not only a mobile desk but an electric option as well that uses a motor to lift the desktop to your desired height.

You can raise it to 46″ easily.

It ensures a clean and organized work surface with its built-in cable management system.

There is a wire basket under the table for holding the cables.

SHW Electric Height Adjustable Mobile Standing Desk

It features telescopic legs that keep the desk stable. The solid steel legs support height adjustment. It features caster wheels that are also lockable to make movement easy, so the desk does not move unless you want it to.

The desk comes with a control panel for height adjustments. An LCD display allows you to not only change the height but store the preferred height to its four preset buttons.

It features a stylish drawer for accommodating your office supplies. The extra storage space keeps the surface free. The drawer is divided into nine compartments to store pencils, pens, staplers, or other such things.

There is a hook on one side for hanging headphones, a backpack, or keys. Overall, it can be a great setup for anyone who wants a mobile workstation. From a price point also fits in the budget and offers smooth and easy height adjustments.


  • Mobile standing workstation
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Solid steel made telescopic legs
  • Hook for hanging headphone
  • A drawer for storing essentials
  • Wire management system


  • Less weight-bearing capacity

Final Words – Best Standing Desks Under 200

Standing desks are great for health and investing in them is a great idea. Even on a low budget, you can find a good adjustable desk.

Some more money to spend? Check out our list of the best standing desks overall.

A standing desk converter or a mobile desk are good options within the budget, portable, and easy to use. Make sure you invest in a durable and stable option, so all your gears or essentials on the desk remain safe.

Manually adjustable desks are easy to afford, but they are difficult to adjust. They can also be shaky once you raise them to their maximum height.

All options in our list are carefully chosen for your convenience. Make sure you invest in a desk that suits your needs and fits your budget easily.

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