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As a console gamer, are you sick and tired of your old gaming chair that only causes excessive fatigue, back pain, numbness, and slouching? Are you ready to upgrade your gaming chair and enhance your gaming experience? Are you looking forward to extending your gaming sessions without having to worry about developing severe health complications?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a professional console gamer or just getting started and are therefore looking for the best console gaming chairs for Xbox and PS4 and Console, we are here to help.

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With countless options in the market, finding the perfect floor rockers that meet your particular gaming needs and budget may be a little bit overwhelming.

Lucky for you, we’ve done all the research for you and come up with the 9 best gaming chairs for console gaming for your gaming setup that will help you maximize your experience while keeping you comfortable during those long, tiring gaming periods.

best overallX Rocker Pro Series H3 Black X Rocker Pro Series H3 Black Item Dimensions 29.13 x 22.05 x 20.87 inches
X Rocker, 5127401, SE 2.1 Black Leather X Rocker, SE 2.1 Black Leather Item Dimensions 22.6 x 30.7 x 37.6 inches
RESPAWN 900 Racing Style RESPAWN 900 Racing Style Item Dimensions 35.04 x 30.71 x 44.88 inches
for tallRESPAWN 110 Racing Style RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Item Dimensions 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches
X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Vibrating X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Vibrating Item Dimensions 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches
Chill Sack Bean Bag Chill Sack Bean Bag Item Dimensions 60 x 60 x 34 inches + other options
best budgetBest Choice Products Multipurpose 360-Degree Swivel Best Choice Products Multipurpose 360-Degree Swivel Item Dimensions 22.5 x 22 x 30 inches
Homall Gaming Recliner Homall Gaming Recliner Item Dimensions 34 x 25.1 x 41.5 inches
GYMAX Massage GYMAX Massage Item Dimensions 25 x 34 x 41 inches

9 Best Gaming Chair for Console Gaming for 2021

1. Best Video Console Gaming Chair Overall – X Rocker Pro H3 Black Leather Vibrating Floor Gaming Chair

Dimensions: 29.13 x 22.05 x 20.87 inches (LxWxH)

Weight Capacity: 275lbs

If you’re looking for the best video gaming chair for Xbox and PS4, the X Rocker H3 Pro Series Vibrating Floor Gaming Chair a perfect choice. This is hands down one of the best gaming chairs for playing video games in the market and you’re about to find out why.

This X Rocker gaming chair is incredibly comfortable and supportive with a heavy-duty padded backrest and headrest so you can focus on winning during those long gaming hours.

The fixed-position gun-stock arms provide the much-needed stability for your arms. However, they are a little bit too low to the disappointment of tall gamers.

The Pro Series does not recline. It does rock back and forth for added comfort.

One of the biggest selling points of the Rocker Pro Series H3 console gaming chair is the built-in sound system which is complete with a total of four forward-facing, built-in speakers and a subwoofer. Coupled with the audio force modulation technology, this chair offers you an immersive gaming experience.

If you’re the kind of gamer who prefers to use headphones, you can hook your headphones on your chair when you don’t want to disturb anyone. You can even connect the controller to the chair.

The X Rocker H3 also comes with vibration motors that vibrate in sync with the sounds from your game or movie to create a powerful full-body sensation that keeps you comfortable and entertained.

The chair looks good with black leather upholstery, is sturdy and durable, easy to put together, and definitely a great value for your money.

And even though it lacks a pedestal like other floor console gaming chairs, it’s still big enough to accommodate tall gamers. It might not be a good option for big people though as it’s limited to 275lbs.


  • Ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort and support
  • Built-in speakers for an immersive gaming experience
  • Comfortable and entertaining vibration
  • Compatible with most gaming consoles
  • Heavy-duty construction with metal frame
  • Ideal for tall gamers
  • The rocking mechanism makes it the perfect rocking chair
  • Easy assembly
  • Connects with multiple X Rocker chairs
  • Attractive pricing


  • Not suitable for heavy gamers
  • Only available in black

X Rocker Pro H3 Black

2. Best Pedestal Gaming Console Chair – X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Gaming Console Chair

Dimensions: 22.6 x 30.7 x 37.6 inches

Weight Capacity: 250lbs

The X Rocker Ace Bayou Gaming Chair is our second top gaming chair for Xbox and PS4 video games. Like most XRocker console chairs, the Ace Bayou is constructed with comfort and support in mind.

The thick padding on the backrest and headrest supports your back while keeping your spine aligned for reduced fatigue and discomfort. The seat cushion is comfortable, although it could use some more padding to ensure maximum comfort.

Like the Pro Series H3, the Ace Bayou features an in-built sound system that lets you fully immerse yourself into the game with a subwoofer positioned to pound your back with heavy bass sounds from your game, two speakers near the headrest, and wireless audio transmission.

There is a headphone jack on the chair so you can hook your gaming headsets to avoid annoying the other members of your household with loud gaming noises.

The chair features a side control panel that houses the volume control, bass control, band switch, and input/output jacks for your own convenience.

In addition, the X Rocker Ace Bayou also lets you wirelessly connect your devices and enjoy movies, TV shows, music, and mobile games. It works with any RCA output.

The chair also connects with multiple compatible X Rocker console gaming chairs so you can join in multi-game mode with your friends.

The chair is extremely sturdy with long-lasting faux leather upholstery and a sturdy steel base pedestal that swivels and offers extra sturdiness and stability.

Despite its sturdy construction, the chair is not suitable for big gamers. It’s also a little bit smaller than gamers over 6 feet, not to mention that the armrests are too low for tall gamers.

The chair works with Xbox One, PlayStation, and other gaming systems.

It’s also a multi-purpose floor gaming chair that works great for reading, listening to your favorite music, watching movies and TV in the living room. It’s also foldable for easy storage


  • Built for comfort and support
  • Compatible with Xbox One and PS4
  • Pedestal base swivels
  • Rocks but doesn’t recline
  • Sound system for enhanced media experience
  • Connects with multiple X Rocker console gaming chairs
  • Folds for storage
  • Easy assembly
  • Good price for the features and quality


  • A little bit too heavy to move around
  • Armrests are too low
  • Doesn’t have adjustable armrests
  • Squeaks a little bit while rocking
  • Not suitable for big and tall people

X Rocker SE 2.1 Black

3. Best Reclining Gaming Console Chair – RESPAWN 900 Racing Style PC Gaming Recliner, Reclining Gaming Chair

Dimensions: 35.04 x 30.71 x 44.88 inches (LxWxH)

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs

The RESPAWN 900 Racing Style PC Gaming Recliner is an excellent choice if you’re looking for extra comfort and support, something that this model can provide without any issues.

The recliner chair from RESPAWN features segmented memory foam padding on the backrest and seat cushion for all-day comfort while its reclining function allows you to lay back and relax your body after playing for many hours.

The headrest pillow supports your neck and head to prevent fatigue while keeping your back aligned. All these comfort features in addition to an extended footrest that eliminates leg fatigue while allowing you to sit back and relax and even take a nap, the RESPAWN 900 is a true game-changer if you want to maximize your gaming experience.

Both the back recline and footrest operate independently so you can enjoy total control over your gaming experience.

Its construction is sturdy with a strong pedestal that provides excellent stability to hold users weighing up to 275 pounds. It also swivels 360 degrees for added comfort.

The armrests are heavily padded and large enough to support your arms. The built-in cup holder on the left armrest keeps your drinks safe and easily accessible so you won’t have to get up every time you want to refuel. There is also a side pouch for keeping your controllers and headphones at arm’s length.

It comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors and designs for a perfect gaming setup. The chair also features PU leather upholstery that is easy to clean and maintain.

Although it’s a little bit costly, there is everything to love about this chair. It’s an excellent choice for a console gamer looking for a little bit more comfort and support.


  • Offers great console gaming comfort and support
  • Ideal PC gaming chair for Xbox One and PS4 gaming systems
  • Upholstered with quality PU leather
  • Strong construction
  • Excellent stability
  • Comfortable recline
  • Includes an extendable footrest for added comfort
  • Backed by RESPAWN Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • Not suitable for very big and tall gamers
  • Doesn’t come cheap

RESPAWN 900 Racing Style

4. Best Console Gaming Chair for Tall – RESPAWN 110 Racing Chair Style PC Gaming Chair

Dimensions: 28.5 x 28 x 51.5 inches (LxWxH)

Weight Capacity-275lbs

Gamers who are tall often have a hard time finding a chair that is large enough to accommodate their tall frames. If you’re tall, you don’t have to endure countless hours of discomfort with a standard chair just because you can’t find one that suits your needs.

The RESPAWN 110 Racing Style PC Gaming Chair is an ergonomic chair that is designed to provide luxurious comfort and support to gamers of all sizes during intense video gaming.

Like the RESPAWN 900 chair, the 110 racing chair with racecar style features a memory foam segmented padded design that provides contoured back support for unmatched comfort and support while the headrest and adjustable lumbar support pillow provide additional comfort while promoting a healthy back alignment for reduced risk of lower back pain and discomfort. [1]

The seat cushion is heavily padded and wide for unmatched comfort for big gamers.

The RESPAWN 110 reclines between 90 and 155 degrees with locking positions for maximum relaxation when taking breaks in between gaming sessions. The height-adjustable mechanism allows you to set the preferred sitting position while the padded armrests pivot with the chair for added comfort and support.

Its sturdy construction on the frame and wheelbase gives it exceptional stability and strength to support gamers weighing up to 275 pounds. It may not be a suitable option for heavy gamers but it definitely holds up well with frequent use.

It also has an extendable footrest and features a 360 degrees swivel for free range of motion.

The chair is surprisingly affordable and comes in multiple vibrant colors. It’s without a doubt one of the best console gaming chairs for Xbox One and PS4 in the market right now. Its spacing-saving design also makes it a perfect console gaming chair for playing games in the living room.


  • Racecar style provides luxurious comfort and support
  • Good ergonomics for superior comfort where and when you need it
  • Adjustable lumbar support and headrest for maximum comfort and support
  • High-quality construction
  • Tilt and swivel mechanism
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Suitable for tall gamers
  • Height adjustable
  • Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty from RESPAWN
  • Price-friendly


  • Not ideal for heavy gamers
  • No adjustable armrests

RESPAWN 110 Racing

5. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Vibrating Black Faux Leather Foldable Gaming Chair

Dimensions: 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches (LxWxH)

Weight Capacity: 250lbs

The X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Pedestal Gaming Chair is yet another incredible model from X Rocker that does not disappoint in terms of ergonomics, cool features, and durability.

It boasts of an ergonomic design with lumbar and neck support for pressure relief and maximum support and thick padding everywhere for the much-needed comfort and support.

The gunstock armrests support the weight of your arms, although they do need some extra padding as they are a little bit hard, plus they are too low for gamers over 6ft.

Like the other Rocker video gaming chairs we’ve reviewed, the X Rocker Pro 2.1 also provides an immersive gaming experience with two speakers hidden in the headrest and subwoofers that use Audio Force Modulation Technology.

The result is better sound quality and an out-of-world sound experience where you can actually feel the sound, not just listen. This makes the chair perfect for console gaming, listening to your favorite music, watching action movies, and TV shows in the living room.

The Rocker Pro 2.1 also features a built-in radio wireless receiver and a wireless transmitter that works well with any RCA output.

The X Rocker chair also boasts of heavy-duty construction and will therefore hold up very well with frequent use. The heavy-duty pedestal base provides excellent stability for users weighing up to 250lbs. It elevates you, tilts, and swivels 360-degrees.

It’s compatible with Xbox One, PS4, and other gaming systems and easily connects with multiple compatible Rocker gaming chairs for multi-game mode.


  • Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort and support
  • Excellent sound quality from built-in speakers and subwoofers
  • Lets you feel the sounds thanks to the vibration motors
  • Lets you connect devices wirelessly
  • Compatible with all gaming systems
  • Sturdy construction
  • Perfect space-saving console gaming chair for living room
  • Connects with multiple X Rocker gaming chairs for multi-game mode
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Easy to assemble


  • Armrests are too low for tall folks
  • No adjustable armrests
  • Not designed for big users

X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Vibrating

6. Best Gaming Bean Bag Chair – Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 34 inches (LxWxH)

Bean bags are incredibly comfortable floor chairs, especially when used for console games. The chair conforms to the shape of your body and offers high comfort levels so you can focus on your game.

The Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair is one of the best bean bag gaming chairs in the market. It’s the perfect gaming chair for adults, teens, and children as it’s large enough to accommodate people of different sizes. It’s ideal for big and tall gamers too.

This oversize bean bag chair is filled with soft, shredded memory foam blend and covered with soft microfiber material. It won’t lose shape or start wearing out any time soon. The cover is removable and washable, not to mention that it’s stain-resistant.

The USA-made bean bag chair measures 60” x 60” x 34” and weighs 55 pounds. Despite its large size, it won’t occupy much space in your small room.

Made to last, the Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair features double-stitched seams for extra strength and durability.

A multipurpose floor chair, you can use it for relaxation, reading, watching movies and TV in your living room, and even listening to music.

The pricing is attractive for such a huge bean bag and is available in 38 different types of colors. You’ll be spoilt for a choice. If you prefer bean bags for console gaming, the Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair is just what you need.


  • Comfortable bean bag chair for long sessions
  • Provides supports to your back where you need it
  • Oversize to accommodate big and tall people
  • Durable and comfy filling
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Long-lasting
  • Large but won’t take up much space in your living room
  • 38 beautiful colors to choose from
  • Made in the USA


  • Few complaints about an awful chemical smell
  • Not as big as in the pictures

Chill Sack Bean

7. Best Budget Console Gaming Chair – Best Choice Products Multipurpose 360-Degree Swivel Gaming Floor Chair

Dimensions: 22.5 x 22 x 30 inches (LxWxH)

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

If you don’t have a couple of hundred dollars to purchase a high-end console gaming chair, you’ll definitely want to check out the Best Choice Products Multipurpose Gaming Floor Chair.

The Best Choice Products Gaming Floor Chair has multiple adjustment positions for a comfortable gaming experience.

It lets you sit and relax in an upright position or lean back and relax after a tiring gaming session. It also has a pedestal base that swivels 360 degrees for increased flexibility.

You’ll love its ergonomic design that features thick back support, adjustable lumbar support, and seat cushion for unmatched comfort and support. The armrests are also padded, although some buyers have said that they don’t have enough padding to keep your arms comfortable.

It’s surprisingly tall so tall gamers shouldn’t have a hard time fitting their frames on this floor gaming chair. It’s also suitable for gamers who are on the heavier side as its sturdy steel frame and pedestal base are capable of supporting up to 300lbs.

It’s upholstered with a soft removable polyester cover that is easy to clean and is machine-washable and is available in multiple vibrant colors and designs.

Being a multipurpose floor chair, you can also use it for watching movies, relaxing, listening to music, and even reading. It also folds for hassle-free storage when not in use, making it ideal for small spaces

The chair is currently one of the best-selling floor chairs on Amazon and its reasonable pricing makes it an attractive option for gamers and people of all walks of life.


  • Comfortable to sit on for extended periods
  • Suitable for big and tall gamers
  • Multipurpose floor chair
  • Features 6 adjustable positions for enhanced comfort and support
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Folds for easy storage and won’t take up much space in the living room
  • Multiple colors to choose from


  • Few quality complaints

Best Choice Products Multipurpose 360-Degree

8. Best Recliner Console Gaming Chair – Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style

Dimensions: 34L x 25.1W x 41.5H inches

Weight Capacity: 300lbs

Some console gamers often prefer using recliner chairs due to their extra-large size and the superior comfort and support they offer.

They tend to have thick padding in almost every part, fully recline, and have a footrest that allows gamers to rest their feet after long gaming sessions.

If you’re the kind of gamer who prefers recliner chairs for gaming instead of the standard gaming chairs, the Homall Gaming Recliner Chair is just what you need.

The Homall Gaming Recliner Chair is currently one of the best gaming recliners. Designed for maximum comfort, this recliner chair is packed with a premium high-density sponge which is super resilient and offers you great comfort no matter how long you remain seated.

The multipurpose recliner supports a proper posture when playing Xbox and PS4 games, watching movies or TV, reading, or even taking a short nap while in a recline position. It reclines at different angles and also comes with a headrest for complete back and neck support.

The adjustable leg rest has three recliner modes which range from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. At 180 degrees, the chair fully reclines so you can take a short nap after many hours of gaming.

As for the quality of construction, the Homall is quite sturdy. In fact, a lot of buyers have praised its sturdiness and durability, so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Combined with great stability, this gaming recliner is able to support gamers weighing up to 300 pounds, which is great.

It’s upholstered in stylish water-resistant PU leather that is also easy to clean and skin-friendly.

Overall, the Homall recliner is a high-quality gaming chair that mimics the style and design of most professional gaming chairs. It’s quite big, comfortable, and is surprisingly budget-friendly.


  • Big and comfortable
  • Multifunctional recliner chair
  • Excellent lumbar support for maximum comfort
  • Built-in headrest for added comfort and support
  • Footrest for legs relaxation
  • Sturdy construction
  • Supports users weighing up to 300 pounds
  • High back makes it suitable for tall gamers
  • Supported by sturdy feet and non-marking pads for floor protection
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy assembly
  • Multiple color choices


  • Not suitable for heavy gamers

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Racing Style

9. Best Massage Gaming Chair – GYMAX Massage Gaming Recliner Chair, Adjustable Racing Style

Dimensions: 25″ x 34″ x 41″ (L x W x H)

Weight Capacity: 330 lbs

Having a comfortable gaming chair is good. But having a massage gaming chair is even better. The GYMAX Massage Gaming Recliner Chair is one of the few massage gaming chairs in the market that eases all the tension on your waist and back while promoting optimal relaxation.

The massage chair comes with an electric massage lumbar pillow that helps relieve pressure on your waist for maximum relaxation.

The lumbar support pillow features 8 massage nodes and 2 vibrating motors with a remote control for easy and convenient selection.

In addition to the massage pillow, the GYMAX chair also features a soft headrest, thickly padded backrest, seat, and armrests, and a footrest for optimal comfort, support, and relaxation.

The high backrest reclines and can be tilted in various angles- from 90 degrees to 160 degrees for gaming, watching movies/TV, and for taking naps in between gaming. It’s also an excellent choice for console gaming with systems like Xbox One and PS4.

It’s a good-looking gaming chair that features soft PU leather that is skin-friendly, easy to clean, and long-lasting.

Its sturdy construction allows it to accommodate users weighing up to 330 pounds. It’s not exactly suitable for very heavy gamers but with such a high weight capacity, we can say that it’s a good option for big and tall individuals.

The chair also features two storage bags on each side so you can place essential gaming accessories close to you. There is also a back pocket for storing the massage remote.

Installation is easy-will only take you a few minutes to assemble the whole structure. No tools are needed for the installation.

Overall, the GYMAX massage chair is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a little more comfort and relaxation. It’s more expensive compared to standard recliner chairs due to the massage functionality but it’s totally worth purchasing.


  • Massage functionality offers superb relaxation
  • Adjustable backrest and footrest
  • Headrest for head and neck support
  • Filled with a thick sponge for a comfortable seating experience
  • High-quality PU leather that is easy to clean and skin-friendly
  • Reclines for added comfort and relaxation
  • Convenient side pockets and a back pocket
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multifunctional
  • Budget-friendly
  • Multiple color choices


  • Not suitable for big and tall console players

GYMAX Massage Gaming Recliner Chair

Frequently Asked Questions About Gaming Chairs for Xbox and PS4 (FAQs)

What is the Best Gaming Chair for Console Gaming?

The best chair for console gaming is the X Rocker H3 Pro Series Vibrating Floor Video Gaming Chair with Headrest. In addition to being one of the most comfortable and supportive floor gaming chairs in the market, the Pro Series H3 also offers gamers like you a complete media experience.

It includes speakers, subwoofers, and an audio force modulation technology for an immersive gaming experience. The powerful media features also make watching movies or listening to music on this chair such a relaxing experience.

gaming chair with armrest

What is the Best Gaming Chair for Xbox One and PS4?

The best gaming chair for Xbox One and PS4 is the X Rocker H3 Pro Series Vibrating Floor Video Gaming Chair. It’s an excellent choice mainly because it’s a floor chair and therefore keeps you in a position best suited for console gaming.

The chair is equipped with headrest speakers so you can immerse yourself fully into the game. It’s fully compatible with Xbox One Playstation, Nintendo, DVDs, MP3s, and many other gaming systems. The console gaming chair also connects with multiple compatible X Rocker chairs so other X Rocker chair users can join in multi-game mode.

It’s very comfortable for those long gaming sessions, although it’s not suitable for heavy console gamers as its weight limit is only 275 lbs.

What is Special About Gaming Chair?

Unlike standard chairs, chairs that are specifically designed for gaming tend to be much more comfortable thanks to their ergonomic design. Gaming chairs are designed with a high back that is padded with a thick sponge for comfort and support. They also feature a built-in or removable adjustable lumbar support to ensure your back is fully supported while preventing lower back pain and related body health issues.

Gaming chairs also feature a backrest that fits the shape of your back for a better sitting posture while gaming. This helps avoid lower back pain and body discomfort that is associated with long gaming sessions.

These chairs also have a reclining functionality that allows you to lean back and relax or fully recline and take a nap in between gaming. A gaming chair is also height-adjustable, so users of different heights can adjust it to their preferred height.

Additionally, gaming chairs look very cool.
So if you’re an avid gamer, an average office chair won’t cut it for you. You need a high-quality ergonomic gaming chair to ensure maximum comfort when gaming for extended periods.

Can You Sleep in a Gaming Chair?

Yes, you can sleep in a gaming chair, but only if the chair has reclining functionality. Sadly, most floor console gaming chairs do not fully recline- they only rock back and forth. However, most full-size gaming chairs recline so you can take short naps in between gaming sessions.

Best Gaming Chairs for Xbox and PS4 and Console featured image

Are Cheap Gaming Chairs Good?

No, cheap gaming console chairs are not good. There is a huge difference between cheap and expensive gaming chairs. First, cheap gaming chairs do not have the best ergonomics and thus won’t provide the much-needed comfort and support.

Also, these chairs offer less adjustable features, so you’re basically stuck with a chair that you cannot customize to suit your comfort needs. Cheap chairs also don’t last very long.

Expensive chairs tend to be more ergonomically designed, offer more adjustability, not to mention they are more durable and long-lasting. Thus, you’re better off with a more expensive chair. By expensive, it doesn’t mean chairs going for 500 dollars and above. Most high-quality gaming chairs range between 100 and 300 dollars in price.

Are Gaming Chairs Good for Back Pain?

Yes, gaming console chairs are good for back pain. They are ergonomically designed to support your back while ensuring a good posture, thus lessening the risk of low back pain.

You can sit on these chairs for hours without feeling any pain or discomfort. They are totally worth purchasing.

Console Gaming Chairs Review – Bottom Line

Finding the best console gaming chair for Xbox and PS4 can be hard especially if you have no idea what to look for.

Our list contains 9 of the best gaming chairs for console gaming that are designed to offer you the much-needed comfort and support during long gaming sessions.

These floor rockers are sturdily constructed, aesthetically appealing, and reasonably priced. Go ahead and take your pick!

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