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If you are looking for a height-adjustable desk, the Flexispot brand should be your next spot to consider some of the best bets in the market at a reasonable price.

Flexispot desks are one of the best of their kind in the industry. Whether your concern is ergonomics, aesthetics, adjustability, durability, or performance, Flexispot standing desks are a class apart. These desks keep you in an upright position saving you from back pain and other health issues.

One gets amazed by the variety of options on their website. It includes some stunner designs in electric standing desks and standing desks converters. You can customize each desk to suit your needs and even can control the budget. The industrial-grade steel frame has double steel tubing. These frames are sturdy and build to last.

A large variety of tabletops awaits you from the Rubberwood, veneer, bamboo, or cherry wood.

We have selected some desks in this article and review them in detail for you. Before we start the recommendation, let’s check out some common key features of the Flexispot desks in detail.

AlcoveRiser AlcoveRiser Item Dimensions LxWxH
Top: 36″x19.7″
Tray: 34.6″x12.1″
Height: 4.7″-19.9″
ClassicRiser ClassicRiser
Item Dimensions LxWxH
Top: 41.3″x23.1″
Tray: 34.4″x12.8″
Height: 5.9″-19.7″
kana-bamboo Kana Bamboo
Item Dimensions LxWxH
48-78″ x 24-30″ x 24.4″-50″ 
Seiffen Seiffen
Item Dimensions LxWxH
42-63″ x 24-31″ x 28″-47.5″ 
eg-1 EG1
Item Dimensions LxWxH
48-55″ x 24-28″ x 28.6″-47.2″ 
Comhar Comhar
Item Dimensions LxWxH
48″ x 24″ x 28.6″-47.2″
Willow Willow Solid
Item Dimensions LxWxH
48-55″ x 24-28″ x 28″ – 47.6″

Flexispot Height Adjustable Standing Desk Features

What distinguishes Flexispot from other brands?

Cost of Desk

Height adjustable desks can cost you a fortune if you don't choose the right platform to select the desk. Flexispot offers a great variety to choose from. They have some of the best standing desks for everyone.

From the reasonable price of under $200 to the more expensive rock-solid options above $500, Flexispot has something for everyone.

A great advantage is that you can customize a desk with your needs while staying within budget.


Flexispot offers an adjustable frame to suit your needs. You can choose everything for your height adjustable standing desk, from the dimensions to height.


Flexispot offers great variety in tabletops. The desk surface is the focal point of your desk space. You should choose a tabletop keeping in mind not only the material but also your desktop size as well.

Flexispot offers:

  • Bamboo: very hard and rock-solid in construction; these are twice as hard as normal wood. The bamboo work surface is further reinforced with a water-resistant 2H Lacquer.
  • Solid Wood: Affordable choice and also available in four beautiful designs. Flexispot chooses environmentally friendly woods that are free of chemicals.
  • Laminated: Easier to afford; these are laminated [1] and protected from scratches, water, and insects. Flexispot offers 12 distinct color choices.


You can choose the frame of your choice on Flexispot. Legs are sturdy and steady, designed to bear high weight. They offer two types of leg sections:

Two-section Legs

Two-section legs can lift a significant amount of weight. They have impressive lifting speed, but they can rise to only 1190mms.

Three-section legs

Three-section legs can rise even higher. It can be raised to 1280mm. Three-section legs also have better weight capacity and suit those who use heavy gadgets.

Safety Features

Besides other mechanisms, the desks at Flexispot offer superior safety features as well. Here are some of the safety features:

Anti-collision Feature

These desks are smart enough to know when to stop when something is under them. It stops immediately when its sensors get within one inch of obstruction.

Child Lock

If you have children around and don't want them to mess with your workstation, consider investing in a locking system that ensures safety by a locking mechanism.


flexispot electric standing desk remote

Here are the types of keypads you can consider on Flexispot:

Basic keypad

It's an affordable option for those who are looking for a basic operation. There are two buttons for height presets, raising or lowering the adjustable desk.

Lite Standard Keypad

Lite standard keypad is more intuitive. It allows you to save four preset memory. It's an energy-efficient keypad that automatically enters sleep mode after a specific time to save energy.

Standard Keypad

You get three preset buttons in a standard keypad for height memory. You can also get alerts for sit-stand positions.

Advanced Keypad

It's more expensive but provides ultimate convenience. You get three memory settings, sit-stand alerts, and easy up-down movements to adjust the height. The LED display is also energy efficient.

Premium keypad

It's for ultra-techy people who need an advanced level of the keypad. It has a programmable timer, displays the current height position, and offers safety features like anti-collision technology and a child lock system.


Flexispot offers robust motors and other electronics. The motor lift mechanism makes height adjustments easy. It provides both single motor and dual motor systems. Single motors are for lighter use, and dual motors are best for bulkier setup.


A warranty backs all desks on Flexispot. They offer five years of warranty on frames and motors. For smaller electronics, keypads and other smaller parts are covered with two years of warranty.

Let's review some of our top picks in detail.

AlcoveRiser: Standing Desk Converters M7L- 42"

Flexispot offers some of the best standing desk converters as well.

AlcoveRiser standing desk converters can be used to be placed on your existing desk. It's a high-quality build converter with a U-shaped keyboard tray.

Its keyboard tray can be used as an extra space, so feel free to spread your extra-large desktop and monitors.

You can adjust the height to suit your needs. This way, you can use the converter for both. As a sitting desk and for standing positions and stay healthy and active while working.

alocove riser

The standing desk's height adjustment range is between 4.7" to 19.7". Flexispot's sit-stand converter is a total space-saving option.

It is a vertically saving space that folds and rises like a breeze.

Its keyboard tray is also removable making it more convenient for you to mold it to your needs.

It's a portable option that fits in any corner: a perfect choice for cubicles, countertops, and even shallow spaces.

With its solid construction, it is built to last many years.

It can support up to 44 lbs which is good for converters of this kind.

It can support one monitor with up to 42" of the screen.


  • Very solid
  • Spacious work surface
  • Double tier design
  • Rise and folds back seamlessly
  • Can support up to 44 lbs weight limit
  • Portable design for shallow spaces
  • Removable keyboard tray


  • Available in only one color
alocove riser


Learn how Flexispot stacks up against VariDesk.

ClassicRiser: Sit Stand Desk Converters M3B/M3W - 47"

Here we have picked one from Flexispot's ClassicRiser series. It's an expensive desk converter if we compare the price with the AlcoveRiser series. But the solid fabrication and durability make up for the high price.

With ordinary desk risers, it takes too much effort to change position, but with this ClassicRiser converter, you can lift it even with 35 lb of weight on it.

It takes a slight squeeze of the handle to lift the riser. To lift, you need only 15 lb of force. Lowering, on the other hand, requires only 3 lbs of force.


It's a sit-stand desk converter that allows easy transitions throughout the day to make your work station comfortable for you.

It's the best solution for extra large people. With a 28" desk, it can accommodate users up to 6'1" tall. However, with a slightly higher desk, even people of 6'5" height can use it comfortably.

The two-tier design provides ample space for your all essentials. Its keyboard tray accommodates a full-sized keyboard along with a mouse and mouse pad. There is enough space left for wrist position as well.

Saving valuable space at your workplace adds up to the make it looks organized. Its vertical adjustments allow you to keep it at your required height. It provides 12 height adjustments so you can keep it at an optimal height.

Flexispot desk converter is a spacious work surface. You can easily work on two monitors at a time with its wide work surface. It can hold up to 44 lbs conveniently.


  • height adjustable standing desk has a one-step assembly
  • The wide surface can accommodate two monitors
  • Separate detachable keyboard tray
  • Allows 12 level adjustments
  • Stands stable on desk or cubicles
  • Seamless transition from sitting to a standing position


  • Too big for those who need to set up only one desktop system


Learn more about Flexispot Desk Risers.

Kana Bamboo: Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk

Our next standing desk review is Kana Bamboo desk. Flexispot offers a standing desk with a bamboo tabletop for independent and remote workers.

Bamboo is a sustainable plant that is harder than ordinary wood and is very environmentally friendly.

Above all, nothing beats the elegance of a bamboo tabletop.

Flexispot employs special technology to press the bamboo to gain its spectacular grain design.

kana bamboo

While manufacturing, the heat melts the sugar grain in bamboo, giving a unique grainy design to the tabletop.

Sustainability is another great advantage of choosing this bamboo desk. Mature bamboo has better strength and durability than steel.

Tabletop is made more strong and durable with a carbonized 2H lacquer coating that makes it resist scratches, water instead. The desk's durability is reinforced with its powder-coating tubing and it stays in good shape for long periods.

Seemless height adjustability is a great advantage of this Flexispot height adjustable desk, which you can lift or lower with just a touch of a button.

An advanced dual-motor attached to both sides of the legs makes height adjustment hassle-free. With a minimum of 27.2" for sitting position to a maximum of 46.5", you can use the desk in both sitting and standing positions.

The smart desk features an energy-efficient control box. Three memory settings, remember your preferred height setting and next time, you need a tap of your finger to change it to your personalized setting.

There is even a programmable reminder system to alert you when it's time to change position.

Fexispot backed the standing desk fully and provided five years of warranty for the desk frame and motor. However, the controller, switch, and other electronics have two years of warranty.


  • Elegant bamboo desktop
  • Height adjustable standing desk
  • Electronically height adjustable standing desk
  • Advance LED display
  • Provides three memory settings
  • Powder-coated solid frame
  • The dual-motor mechanism for lifting and lowering
  • Five years of warranty on frame and motor
  • Available in both curved and square design
  • High load-bearing capacity


  • Bit expensive
kana bamboo

Kana Bamboo

Seiffen: Laminated Standing Desk Review

If a bamboo tabletop is a bit too expensive for your limited budget, consider this Seiffen Laminated standing desk from Flexispot. It offers simple and sturdy construction that is designed to meet your needs.

Seiffen standing desk is available in three designs. The basic one is the cheapest. It is a single motor standing desk with less load-bearing capacity and simple to use keypad.

The smart Keypad frames are a bit expensive, but they provide a seamless transition with a finger tap.


Memory buttons keep your required height settings saved for easy transition next time.

A strong and steady frame keeps the sit-stand desk stable on the ground even under heavy load. As Flexispot desks are fully customizable, you can buy both two-stage or three-stage frames, depending on your needs.

A thick chipboard tabletop provides a smooth surface for you to work. There is a good variety of colors and wood grain to choose from. Its black frame complements all colors. Underwriter laboratories also pass the desk for product safety testing and certification.

Overall, it's a sturdy option for home offices, video conferences, or even gaming. But if you want to learn more about that, there are specific gaming desks from Flexispot.

The seamless transition, high weight-bearing capacity, and smooth chipboard tabletop characterized the standing desk as one of the best options for low budgets.


  • Affordable price
  • Fully customizable
  • Available in many colors and wood grains
  • Smooth and wide tabletop
  • Available in chipboard and MDF material
  • Basic standard and advanced keypad options


  • Less weight-bearing capacity
  • Standard and advanced option has better features but is more expensive

EG1: Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review EG1

Here is another noteworthy option that you should consider if looking for an electric Flexispot height adjustable desk for both sitting and standing.

A combination of chipboard tabletop standing on a thick, sturdy steel frame, the standing desk is built to last many years with great performance.

Its spacious tabletop is made of thick chipboard that is both sturdy and tough, holding great under pressure. It provides a stable base for your desktop, office accessories, and all other essentials.

eg 1

There is plenty of space on its wide surface to accommodate everything from your tech gears to files and paperwork.

The laminated top resists scratches, staying as good as new for longer.

From a sitting position of 28.6", the desk's height range is up to 47.2". Perfect for both short to high heights. Changing positions is as easy as tapping a finger with its one-touch keypad.

Cracking and crunching in ordinary desks can be a lot of nuisance for many of us but not with Flexispot desks. This one offers whisper-quiet adjustments ensuring a peaceful atmosphere at your home or office.

Its well-thought design keeps your workplace neat. Two cable management holes keep all cables of your electronics out of the way.

Like all other Flexispot desks, this one comes with a five-year warranty of frame and motor and a two-year warranty of controller, switch, and electrics.


  • Affordable price
  • Thick chipboard made tabletop
  • The laminated surface is smooth on touch and scratch-resistant
  • Sturdy steel tubing frame
  • Stable and secure height adjustable desk
  • Hassle-free adjustments
  • Quiet operation
  • 132 lbs of lifting capacity
  • Available in two distinct colors


  • Less weight capacity
  • heavy when fully assembled

Comhar: Height Adjustable Desk with Smart Control Panel

Here is a fairly new desk from Flexispot. It's another high-quality standing desk that is fully featured and looks classic. The versatile standing desk combines aesthetics, functionality, and practicality.

Comhar All-in-one standing desk comes with a compact structure. It's not just a desk but a full workstation that takes minimum space, and you can easily accommodate it in a corner. Its frame is made of high-quality powder-coated steel tubing.

The structure keeps it well-balanced on the ground and holds the weight of your desktop setup well.


Leveling glides along the bottom of the legs help you assemble the legs even and straight to reinforce their stability.

Measuring 48" ×24", its spacious tabletop can handle up to two monitors along with a laptop, speakers, mousepad, and any other gears.

The sit-stand desk is featured with anti-collision technology that is quite handy, especially if you have a home office setup. It ensures that the desk does not damage anything under it accidentally.

This Flexispot standing desk comes with a robust motor and pneumatic assist system making transitions easy. You can adjust the height from 28.3" to 47.6" and save the setting of your preferred height for a shared environment. Four preset memory buttons remember the setting precisely.

The smart keypad features three USB cables for wide electronic device compatibility.

A unique feature of this standing desk is its embedded drawer. It provides storage space for your office supplies. A discreetly installed drawer is a part of its modern structure and keeps everything nearby without making it look too bulky like ordinary desks.

Assembling this standing desk is hassle-free. It comes with all detailed assembly instructions, or you can watch the videos on Flexispot to get the idea. The three-step assembly process may break your sweat the first time, but it becomes easy to handle once you have watched the videos.


  • Spacious embedded drawer
  • Very solid
  • Smart keypad with four memory set buttons
  • Three USB ports
  • Smooth one-touch height adjustment
  • Levelling glides on the bottom
  • Stable and secure standing desk


  • Corners are not curved

Willow Solid: Wooden Standing Desks

Here is a Flexispot standing desk with a Willow wood tabletop.

It's an environmentally friendly wood with a sleek and stylish look. It gives a classic feel to furniture.

Like many other Flexispot desks, you can customize the frame to suit your needs and budget. You can buy the same desk with three types of frames; Eco, Pro(2stage ) Pro(3 stages).

The frames are priced differently depending on their load-bearing capacity, heavy motor, and fast lifting.

Willow solid

Each frame is built with steel tubing and holds the weight perfectly well.

It has 154 lbs of lifting capacity that means you can raise it or lower it with your all setup conveniently.

The tabletop is also available in three different varieties of Rubberwood, Solid veneer, red oak and cherry.


  • Easy to adjust
  • Customizable desk
  • Good weight lifting mechanism
  • Smart control panel
  • Available in three types of a wooden tabletop
  • Easy assembly


  • Corners are not curved
  • Heavy desk with solid wooden desktop
Willow solid

Willow Solid

Final Words - Flexispot Standing Desk Review

Flexispot is a reliable brand that offers great value. You can find a great variety of desks and converters here. The desks here are available on all budgets. The quality is not compromised at all.

Also, read our articles about the Flexispot desk bike.

No matter which standing desk you choose, they all are backed with five years of warranty. It's like a one-time investment in your health and success.

We hope these in-depth reviews help you choose the desk that accommodates your desktop or laptop setups and relieves back pain [2] as well.

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