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Did you know that too much sitting in your home office will ultimately hurt your back? And it will also hurt your productivity?

A standing desk converter will fix this problem. The Flexispot standing desk converter will allow you to keep your existing desk but instantly convert it into a standing desk space. This way, you can alternate between sitting and standing positions—significantly reducing the chances of a bad back while keeping your blood flowing for maximum productivity.

In this article, we’re going to review this Flexispot stand-up desk converter in detail to help you easily decide if it is the right choice for you.

alcoveriser-m7b-1118-1_1 AlcoveRiser Item Dimensions LxWxH
28.5 x 16.3 x 4.7-19.7 inches

Overview of Flexispot standing desk converters

Flexispot is a California-based company that has been in the frontline in designing products that promote a healthy home working environment for you. One such product is the sit-stand desk converter.

The company has a handful of some of the best standing desk converters on the market today to help you convert your home office desk into a standing desk to ensure you don’t stay in a seated position for long hours and put your health at risk with time.

These Flexispot sit-stand converters are also a good alternative to standing desks if you don’t want to lose your existing desk.

Flexispot’s stand-up desk converters compete with the best standing desk converters from reputable companies like VariDesk, VIVO, Workfit-T, ZipLift+, to name but a few.

In this review, we’ll focus on one of their most popular M-series standing desk converters—the Flexispot M7B standing desk converter.

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters
AlcoveRiser m7


The frame material is heavy-duty alloy steel while the desktop and keyboard tray are made of engineered wood. This materials combo gives the riser a premium look and feel.

The steel frame, in particular, adds heft to the unit and gives it some good balance. It greatly contributes to the sturdiness and stability of this work desk adapter and keeps it wobble-free when packed to its maximum capacity.

With a 5-year warranty on the frame plus a 3-year warranty on the gas spring mechanism as well as other unit mechanics, you can rest assured that Flexispot standing desk convert (M7B) is indeed a quality product.


flexispot alcoveriser

Manufacturers usually struggle to make sit/stand desk converters aesthetically pleasing since they’re mostly mechanical devices.

Nonetheless, Flexispot did a good job on this model by giving its mechanical parts a fair minimalist treat and good looking, especially in the lowered position.

You’ll get this stand-up desk converter in mahogany [1] wood finish or satin black finish. This allows you to pick a model that matches your desk or work area décor.

Don’t forget that the surface is pretty easy to clean. You simply wipe it down with furniture cleaner, eg lemon pledge, and a soft cleaning cloth and it looks as good as new.


mahagoni desk riser

One of the reasons many previous users of this standing desk converter give it high ratings is that it comes 99% pre-assembled out of the box and has pretty little assembly required to make it ready for use.

You just need to attach the keyboard tray by sliding it into the brackets and then clip it into the locked position.

In other words, the keyboard tray installs with snap-in action and doesn’t require the use of any tools. This should take you 2-5 minutes when you take the converter out of the box!

Setup and installation

Once you have your converter assembled, installing it on your desk and setting it up for use is pretty easy.

A few reasons why some people might have problems installing this converter on their work desk include are listed below:

  • Make sure your existing desk is stable: having a wobbly will “infect” your converter with the same no matter how stable it is designed to be.
  • Install it on the right side of the desk: make sure to install this converter on a desk measuring 28-inch deep or more to keep the keyboard tray from hanging off the edges and looking out of place.
  • Check the length of your cables: you’ll also need to ensure that your cables are at the right height and won’t get affected when you raise your converter to full height.
  • Manage your keyboard cable: we advise you to route your keyboard cable through the back to protect it from possible damage by the riser mechanicals.


female standing beofre flexispot desk converter

A standing desk converter should offer you a comfortable working position like the dedicated standing desks to help improve your posture and keep you from straining.

So, how do the ergonomics of this Flexispot M7B standing desk converter look like?

To start with, the desk comes with a dropping-style keyboard tray. This simply means the tray rests lowers than the work surface that accommodates the monitor (they christen this the 2-tier design).

The chief benefit of this type of keyboard tray is that it grants you the perfect vertical distance between your monitor and keyboard—ensuring you can type and view your screen at the same time without craning your neck down.

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters

AlcoveRiser m7

Adjustablility and Downsides

You’ll also appreciate that the standing desk converter is height adjustable, so you can easily bring up the desk space to a height that you’re comfortable working with. The height adjustment range (4.7” to 19.7”) is quite generous and will suit your preferred height, whether you’re a short or tall user.

However, one area where this model loses some ergonomics points—and so does all the standing desk converters in Flexispot M-series—is that the tray comes in a fixed horizontal angle.

If they could make the tray tiltable, this riser would prove more ergonomic [2] to users who spend most of the time typing. That is, it will let you type in a more neutral and non-straining position.

A horizontal fixed tray and the tendency to press your palms against the tray while typing can put stress on your wrist and potentially lead to health issues like the carpal tunnel.

Another area where Flexispot should improve is making the foot adjustable so that you can easily level this unit when using it on uneven desk surfaces.


flexispot alcove desk riser

As we noted earlier, it allows you to adjust the height from 4.7 to 19.7 inches. This translates to a total of 15 height presets which will cater to the height needs of different users and allow you to set a more ergonomic and comfortable standing working height.

A single lever on the side of this unit allows you to transition between various height settings. You lift the lever up or down to increase or decrease the height respectively.

The height adjustment piston with pneumatic assist operates smoothly and quietly, making it easy to control ensuring easy and quick adjustments.


Needless to mention, your existing work desk height and your body height will have a big impact on how you adjust the height.

Once you achieve your desired height, a friction stop will ensure your desired height is locked in and you won’t have to worry about the riser resetting in the middle of use.

Probably the sweet spot of this smooth height adjustability is that you don’t have to offload your desktop of the monitors and other items from your new desk converter when making the adjustments!

Lift mechanism

standing desk riser with plant

This M7B Flexispot sit-stand desk converter features a vertical (straight up-and-down) lifting mechanism. This lifting system is favored by many folks because it is space-saving compared to other mechanisms like the forward lifting standing desk converters like VariDesk.

For starters, the forward lifting mechanism makes the top tilt forward when you adjust it. This forces you to step back from your work desk, taking up more of your office space. This is a big issue if you have a small work area and getting the Flexispot converter will be a wiser decision for you.

Another reason this vertical lifting mechanism is great is that it is more stable. Yes, it delivers a sturdier setup than the forward-arcing system and will remain in an upright position for as long as you want it to.

The forward-arcing system tends to create a teeter-totter effect, where pressing down one end of your device, e.g. keyboard, will cause the other end to lift up off your desk. This can greatly affect stability, especially in the upper height settings.

With the Flexispot vertical lift mechanism, plus the pneumatic assist, lifting this converter will be a breeze for you. And you won’t have to hunch over like some forward-arced standing desk converters will force you to do, helping save your back.

Quick Tip: Physically challenged office workers who may have problems operating this type of lift might consider looking into other standing desk converter models like the electric standing desk converter which operates effortlessly.


You want a standing desk converter that guarantees safe and secure support for all your precious work equipment without getting easily overwhelmed by their weight, just like your regular desk.

Gladly, this affordably priced Flexispot stand-up desk will not disappoint you. It is designed with a double X-lift system. The x-frame steel evenly distributes weight even if you set it to the highest setting to give you a highly stable and wobble-free work surface.

This gives the sit stand converter excellent vertical stability and all previous users’ reviews agree to this. Even when loaded to a maximum weight capacity, the desktop will remain stable and secure in place.

Amount of workspace

acoveriser measurements

The 28-inch workspace will offer you a vast amount of real estate for all your work equipment. To be precise, the main surface will comfortably accommodate a 27-inch computer monitor (or smaller monitors) or a laptop.

If you use both the monitor and laptop in your office, you’ll also like that this workspace can easily accommodate both—with the former on the main worktop and the latter on the keyboard tray.

And if you use a monitor arm to hold your monitor, this workspace is also compatible with it. Just make sure you use a monitor arm designed to safely hold the weight of your monitor.

Even with the monitor in place, this sit-stand converter will still leave you with some extra space for holding your small work desk accessories such picture frame, pencil cup, and even a coffee mug!

Because it has a smaller footprint and it never extends behind within its footprint when making height adjustments, this model will still let you use your existing desk space to hold other items that won’t fit on it.

In terms of weight capacity, this desktop can hold items up to 33 pounds, making it even more versatile for safely holding a variety of items. Just make sure you don’t load your new sit-stand desk converter past its weight limit.

If you need a way higher weight limit, consider looking into the electric standing desk converter units that are more robust and support items up to 100lbs.

However, it is worth noting that this workspace will not accommodate two monitors, especially if you do landscape dual monitors setup. But you can try placing one of the monitors in landscape and the other in portrait position, to see if they’ll fit.

Keyboard tray

standing desk riser on desk

A keyboard comes onboard this standing desk converter from Flexispot!

Unfortunately, this tray doesn’t offer you a lot of space. If you use a full-size keyboard and mouse on the keyboard tray, they’ll take up pretty much all the space available and leave you with no room to move your mouse.

The keyboard will be sitting perfectly at about 5 cm from the front edge, but you might be forced to edge it out a bit to create enough space for your mouse pad. You also won’t get room to rest your wrists as you type on the keyboard.

A smaller keyboard may fit easily but if you prefer the full keyboard size, you’d be better off looking at the larger Flexispot standing desktop converters.

Size options

If you don’t think the 28-inch Flexispot converter is good enough for you, then luck is on your side because this model is also available in a 35-inch size option.

The bigger 35-inch unit offers you increased desktop space and will comfortably hold dual monitors (around 23-inches each) or a monitor and a laptop. This is a major upgrade from the 28-inch version, no doubt!

As with the other version, this big brother also lets you use it with monitor arms if you want to free up the desk space. Remember the right monitor arm should be able to safely hold the weight of your monitors.

However, you’ll have to dig deeper into your pockets for the 35-inch unit.


  • reasonably priced
  • removable keyboard tray
  • super-fast, tool-free assembly
  • scratch-free rubber-tipped legs
  • sturdy and durable construction
  • smooth and noiseless height adjustment


  • the keyboard tray is small
  • no level adjustment for uneven work desk surfaces
  • lacks extras like cable management, cup holder, etc.
AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters

AlcoveRiser m7

Value for money

The Flexispot m7b standing desk converter wins in terms of value for money. It boasts solid build quality and performs pretty well in all the key areas compared to its main competitors.

The price point is fantastic for this Flexispot considering that it offers great quality and performance comparable to units like VariDesk that cost you several hundred bucks.

The thousands of good reviews this unit has gathered from happy users confirm that it is indeed sensibly priced and will offer you value for money.

Our Verdict – Standing Desk Converter MB7 Alcoveriser

That’s it for our in-depth review of the Flexispot standing desk converter. In quick summary, this model comes in a basic design, with no bells and whistles. It delivers in all the major areas including ergonomics, sufficient work surface, rock-solid stability, and excellent adjustability. The quality is good, too, and the price is reasonable for this unit compared to other standing desk converters that are considered higher-end.

Overall, if you’re looking for a standing desk convert that’s easy on your wallet and offers you all the basics you need to convert your existing working space into a standing work desk, this Flexispot M7B standing desk converter is a good choice for you.

Wanna learn more about this company? Then also check out our Flexispot gaming desk review.

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