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If you are tall, choosing a standing desk can be difficult. You need standing desks or converters that can rise to 48 – 55″ or probably even more. In this article, we will look at some of the best standing desks for tall people.

Standing desks are now in demand due to all the health benefits they bring. Gone are the days of having a fixed desk and working on an uncomfortable office chair all day. It can cause many back pain issues, but an inactive lifestyle can cause other health complications like diabetes and hypertension.

An adjustable standing desk allows you to work in both sitting and standing positions. You can add standing desk converters to your existing setup to allow adjustability. Having a restricted budget? You can invest in desk converters and make your workplace more active and healthy.

costway standing desk for tall people Costway Item Dimensions:
‎Upper Desk Size: 47.5”(L) x 27”(W) x 34.6”-54”(H) 
Lower Desk Size: 47.5”(L) x 27”(W) x 28.7”-48”(H) 
Weight‎: 75 pounds

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable 60 x 24 inch Memory Stand Up Desk VIVO Item Dimensions:
‎23.6 x 59 x 30 inches
Weight‎: 56 pounds

FEZIBO FEZIBO  Item Dimensions:
24 x 55 x 27.6 inches
Weight: 81.4 pounds
ApexDesk ET60-OAK Elite Series 60"
ApexDesk ET60-OAK Elite Series 
Item Dimensions:
60 x 29.5 x 48 inches
Weight: 40.3 pounds
FAMISKY Dual Motor Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk FAMISKY Dual Motor Item Dimensions:
24 x 48 x 28 inches
Weight: 63.9 pounds
Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3 54" Solid-Top Commercial-Grade Electric Adjustable Standing Desk Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3 Item Dimensions:
‎54 x 30 x 51.4 inches
Weight: ‎120 pounds
Vari Electric Standing Desk 60" x 30" - Dual Motor Sit to Stand Desk Vari Electric – Dual Motor Item Dimensions:
‎30 x 60 x 25.5 inches
Weight: ‎31.4 pounds
VIVO Black VIVO Black Item Dimensions:
‎36” x 22” and 25″ x 10.5″
Weight: ‎41.4 pounds
TechOrbits Standing Desk TechOrbits Item Dimensions:
‎‎25 x 32 x 20 inches
Weight: ‎‎23.9 pounds
TechOrbits Rolling Workstation Cart TechOrbits Rolling Workstation Cart Item Dimensions:
‎37 x 31 x 50 inches
Weight: ‎‎‎35 pounds
Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55 Stand Steady Tranzendesk Item Dimensions:
28 x 60 x 27.5 inches
Weight: ‎‎‎82 pounds
FEZIBO Dual Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk FEZIBO Dual Motor L-Shaped Item Dimensions:
41.3 x 19.7 x 27.6 inches
Weight: ‎‎‎83.6 pounds
AVIX Whole Piece Electric Standing Desk AVIX Whole Piece Electric Item Dimensions:
50 x 29.5 x 28 inches
Weight: ‎‎‎78.5 pounds
MAIDeSITe Electric Standing Desk Adjustable Height MAIDeSITe Item Dimensions:
24 x 48 x 28.3 inches
Weight: ‎‎‎77 pounds
Flexispot Electric Standing Desk with Drawer Flexispot with Drawer  Item Dimensions:
23.7 x 47.3 x 28.3 inches
Weight: ‎‎‎90.8 pounds

Buying Guide – Standing Desks for Tall People

Here is a list of things you should consider while selecting a tall standing desk for tall people.

Types of Standing Desks

Standing desks can also be called adjustable desks as you can adjust their height range and use them in both sitting and standing positions.

  • Manually Adjusted Standing Desks
  • Electric Standing Desk
  • Standing Desk converter

Manually Adjusted Standing Desk

With manually adjusted desks, you can adjust their height, but you have to do it manually.

A disadvantage with these desks is that transition is not easy and smooth. It takes time and some of your physical force as well.

The second thing is even when you adjust the height, these desks are wobbly and may not be as stable as you want them to be.

manual crank for standing table

An advantage of these desks is that they are cheap and available at a low price range.

Electric Standing Desks

These are very convenient as you can change the height with just a press of a button.

They feature one or two electric motors that raise the desk. These are smart desks and offer easy transitions within seconds.

electric standing desk display

These are also expensive desks, but they are carefully designed and more stable and secure.

Standing Desk Converters

A standing desk converter is also called a standing desk riser [1]. it’s an affordable solution for people who already have a desk and need something to work as an adjustable desk.

standing desk converter

Actually, standing desk converters are not a proper desk but convert your existing desk into standing desks.

You can place a standing desk converter on your existing desk and make use of it for both sit and stand positions.

An advantage of a standing desk converter is that it is much more affordable than a complete desk.

A bummer of a standing desk converter is that it may not be as spacious as a wide desk for those who need to accommodate more than two monitor screens on the desk. Still standing desk converters are a lot more useful if you already have a fixed desk.


Whether you are investing in a standing desk converter or an electric standing desk, having the right height is essential for creating a comfortable working environment.

Your computer screen should be 20-28 inches from your face. The desk should be at the elbow’s height. That means your elbow on the keyboard should be at 90 degrees from the floor.

For monitor height, your head should be below the horizontal optical axis. An average desk has a height range up to 44 inches which is fine for a person with  5’11” height.

Stand Steady Tranzendesk | 55 Inch Dual Level best Standing Desk for tall people

For taller people, a standing desk up to 50-60 inches is more than enough. Overall, the adjustable height is essential so everyone can set it as per their convenience.

Weightbearing Capacity

Make sure you check the weight-bearing capacity of the desk to know if it is suitable for all those heavy desktop items.

Even when you use a laptop or a thin bezel design or monitor, choosing a standing desk with a high weight-bearing capacity is recommended.

A standing desk converter is affordable but does not has too much weight-bearing capacity as a sturdy electric desk. Make sure all components are sturdy and solid.

Dual or Single Motor Standing Desk

Both dual and single motor designs are available in the market. Single motor desks are less heavy. They are lightweight and more affordable than dual motor desks.

Dual motor desks have two motors attached on both sides of the legs. They are more efficient and have a high weightbearing capacity. They also offer better stability and suitable if you have a bulkier setup.

Noiseless transition

Some low-quality standing desks use noisy motors. If you are particular about the peace of your workplace, make sure you choose a standing desk with quiet motors.

standing desk gif


The keypad is the section of the electric desk from where you control the menu or height adjustment. It can be a simple keypad with basic buttons up and down buttons to raise the desk.

Modern and smart designs feature a better keypad system that includes preset memory buttons to save up to two to three standing height positions for convenience.

Keyboard tray

Not all standing desks come with a keyboard tray, but you get one with a standing desk converter. With electric standing desks, you can adjust the desk’s height to be in a comfortable typing position for working on the keyboard.

So you don’t need to have a separate keyboard tray.

But if it is a personal requirement, you can certainly look for a desk with a two-tier design and a separate keyboard tray.

Monitor Arm

monitor mount with monitor

Like a keyboard tray, an adjustable monitor arm is not an absolute necessity, but if it has a separate monitor arm, you can have a lot of vertical, horizontal, or angular adjustments.

You can adjust the monitor height to your comfortable viewing angle.

Desktop Surface Finish and Space

Desktop is available in either laminated, solid wood, or MDF board varieties. All are great if you have good quality and well-treated wood used for the base.

A laminated surface gives a smooth and scratch-resistant surface to your workplace, and it’s also very soothing on touch.

Spacious Desktop

The desktop should be spacious and wide enough to accommodate all your technical gears, office supplies, or other essentials at a place.

Price Range

Standing desks are available at different price ranges. People looking for an affordable solution can consider a standing desk converter or manual standing desks (but for convenience I would highly recommend an electric one).

Even in electric standing desks, we see a lot of diversity in price range due to the quality of wood, advanced features, and type of motors.

If you already have a desk then investing in a standing desk converter is a better option.

Reviews of Best Standing Desk For Tall People

Here is our list of top desks for tall people. We have also selected some best standing desk converters for those who are looking for an affordable solution. Let’s review each product in detail. we have included electric standing desks, standing desk converters, and mobile standing desks for home offices.

Costway: 2-Tier Mobile Sit-Stand Desk

The Costway 2-Tier Standing Desk has probably everything you could need as a taller person.

The Two Tiers Allow you to set up your monitor or even Laptop on a higher desktop for better ergonomics, even without a monitor mount.

Another small extra amenity you get are two hanging hooks to free up more space on and off the desk.

You can hang up your headset, bag, jacket, or whatever you like to get out of your way.

costway standing desk for tall people

It’s constructed with premium steel to make it extra sturdy. Even more, it’s mobile! It comes with casters, so you can move around freely in your working space. If you like you can just lock the rolling casters and keep your desk stational.

It comes in two colors, white and black, and advanced anti-collision technology to avoid bumps, scratches, and accidents.

A height of 54″ on the upper desktop and a height of 48″ should be enough to work conveniently even if you’re a tall person.


  • 2-Tier design to give more option and ergonomics
  • powerful lift system that moves 1.2″ per second
  • build-in anti-collision technology
  • Comes with casters and brakes
  • Two extra hanging hooks to free up more space


  • No keyboard tray
  • No cable management

VIVO: Electric Standing Desk

Make your workstation active with thisVivo’s electric height adjustable desk.

It’s an excellent option for tall people as you can increase the height up to 60″ depending on your size.

Electric Standing Desk

A problem with height adjustment is that transition is too difficult to ignore. But not with this electric desk. It features an electric motor for making the transition smooth.

The telescopic height adjustment allows you to change position from sit to stand within seconds. There is a preset memory button as well that remembers your ideal height adjustment.

It features a smooth and spacious workstation. The surface is wide enough to accommodate all your essentials along with your PC. You can set up more than one monitor, laptop, speakers, or other gaming gears on your laptop as well. It’s a single-piece tabletop that is free of any seam.

Vivo Electric desk comes with a sturdy and stable steel frame. The desk is not shaky and stands secure and stable. It is perfectly safe for your expensive gears.

The best part of having a Vivo desk is its warranty. It comes with three years of warranty that reassure its high quality.


  • Available in three sizes
  • It comes in both black and white colors
  • Solid and smooth desktop
  • Plenty of space for your all gears
  • Sturdy steel made frame
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Easy and smooth transitions
  • 3-years of warranty


  • No keyboard tray
  • No cable management

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Here is a beautifully designed standing desk for tall people.

It creates a better and healthy environment for people who work in both sitting and standing positions.

FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Fezibo’s standing desk has a very solid solution. It is designed to last longer and has a secure and solid base for all your essentials. The lifting mechanism is very smooth and hassle-free. The desk has advanced anti-collision sensors that work with industry-leading sensitivity.

It prevents scratches or bumps on the desk due to collisions. Its sensors detect the solid object when moving up or down and automatically stop.

It’s a mobile desk that means you can move it around conveniently. Four caster wheels swivel all around, which means you can glide it smoothly in any direction.

With a sturdy lift system, its transition is secure and keeps the desk stable. The lift system has a sturdy steel frame that can support up to 176 lbs. the desk has a high load-bearing capacity and a spacious and wide tabletop.

The workspace is divided into two shelves. You can place the monitor screens on shelves and have the tabletop free for your other essentials.

An interesting feature of this electronic desk is its desk hooks. It has two desk hooks for hanging your headset, handbag, keys, or other essentials on these hooks.

The computer desk has a cable management tray that keeps your workplace neat. The tray has plenty of space for all your power strips and cables.


  • Three height settings
  • Two shelves provide plenty of space for two monitor screens
  • can handle up to 176 lbs
  • allows better typing position
  • It comes with a cable management tray
  • 2 hooks for hanging things
  • Better anti-collision technology
  • Lockable caster wheels


  • Single motor designse
  • very expensive especially if you compare the price range with desk converter

ApexDesk Elite Series: Home Office Computer Desks

Here is a simple and very functional design for tall people in a modern office setup.

It’s a premium quality standing desk that you can use in both sitting and standing positions.

ApexDesk ET60-OAK Elite Series

The standing desk features a beautifully designed tabletop with ApexDesk’s Elite Series signature design.

The MDF made a tabletop. Its scratch-resistant surface is easy to maintain.

With a heavy-duty steel build frame, the desk is built like a rock. It is stable and has a high weight-bearing capacity. It can handle up to 225″ lbs conveniently. The one-piece design of the desk has two integrated motors for height adjustments.

You can program the height adjustment setting with its four preset programs. The transition from sit to standing position just requires a press of a button.

The product comes in multiple size options. For tall people, it offers up o 60″ of height. Six wooden designs provide a great variety for any interior.

Overall, it’s a sturdy option designed for simplicity. You can accommodate everything from multiple monitors to printers and scanners on it. It shares great customer reviews as well.


  • Lots of color choices
  • Tallest standing desk with ample workspace
  • Dual motor lifting system
  • Enhanced stability with one-piece fixed steel beam
  • Scratch-resistant MDF tabletop
  • 4 preset height adjustability


  • Very heavy desk
  • Does not feature a keyboard tray
ApexDesk ET60-OAK Elite Series

ApexDesk Elite Series

FAMISKY : Best Office Desk with Splice Clamp for Monitor

This adjustable standing desk in our list is suitable for tall people.

It is engineered for reliability.

FAMISKY Standing Desk

As it’s an electric standing desk, height adjustment is easy. It features dual motors for height adjustment. All you have to do is to press the button, and its dual motors will raise the desk to your required height.

The desk features an anti-collision system for better sensitivity. The motors work noiselessly.

Multiple useful features are added to the desk to enhance its functionality. It has desk hooks under the tabletop to hang headphones, bags, keys, or mobile.

A cable tray under it is for people who have a lot of gears on it. The cable management makes your workstation very organized.

Overall, it’s a good quality standing desk at a reasonable price range. The desk has a thick iron frame that is durable and has a high weight-bearing capacity. It can handle up to 220 lb.


  • Dual motors for lifting the desk
  • Adjustable height
  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • Desk hooks for hanging bag or headphones
  • Cable tray manages cables
  • The spacious tabletop can fit two monitors
  • Noiseless transition


  • The Control panel has limited functionality
FAMISKY Standing Desk

FAMISKY Dual Motor

Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3: Tall Standing Desk for One Monitor

Here is another innovative product that you can consider for tall people.

Seville Classics airlift is an electric standing desk that allows you to use it in both sit and stand positions.

Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro

It’s the ultimate smart option for a tall person. A touch-sensitive control panel is installed that operates with dual motors. You can store up to 4 settings on the controller to adjust the height to your required height.  You can adjust the height from 25.6-51.4 inches tall.

It has a safety lock that prevents the desk’s collision and keeps it secure and stable at your preferred height.

The one-piece desktop has a thin bezel design that looks stylish and modern. The tabletop is made of solid wood. Despite its thin-bezel design, it is sturdy enough to bear a heavy load. It can handle up to 264 lbs conveniently.

Seville Classics Airlift an easy to assemble desk that comes with detailed instruction and all the necessary hardware. Legs are preassembled and folded for your convenience.

It’s a quality desk that is rigorously tested and approved by authorities like ANSI/BIFMA and perfect to be used in schools, colleges, or medical institutions.

Overall it’s a simple yet stylish product. Seamless transition, high weight-bearing capacity, and wide tabletop make it one of the best standing desks in the market.

Because of its 3-tier design, it’s also the tallest standing desk on our list.


  • Dual motor for easy transitions
  • Solid one-piece tabletop
  • LED display and control panel
  • Best standing desk with 7-years of warranty
  • 4 preset height settings
  • Rigorously tested and certified by ANSI/BIFMA


  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • Time-consuming assembly
Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro

Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3

Vari Electric: Best Standing Desk For Tall People

Here is another premium product from Vari. It’s an expensive yet very durable and useful desk.

The home office desk features dual electric motors for adjusting the height of the desk. Its works noiselessly and have a smooth motion.

Vari Electric Standing Desk

The standing desk features a one-piece tabletop with plenty of place for all items. It is laminated and resists scratches or stains.

It has three-stage legs that provide better stability. The design makes them easy to adjust. It is easy with its single-touch programmable setting. You can choose a height between 25.5-50.5 inches tall.

The base of a standing desk is made in a T-shaped design and provides better stability. A heavy-duty steel frame gives it a better weight-bearing quality. It can handle up to 200 lbs so you can accommodate more than one monitor easily.

The quality of the desk is backed by 5-years of warranty as well.


  • Best standing desk with dual motor design
  • One-piece solid top
  • Programmable height settings
  • Weight capacity is up to 200 lbs
  • T-style legs make it very stable
  • good customer reviews


  • Very expensive
  • Does not feature a keyboard tray
Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric

VIVO Black : Best Standing Desk Converter With Keyboard Tray

If you are looking for office furniture Vivo Black is a trusted brand.

This standing desk converter is another great option for enhancing the height of your desk.

VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36 inch Stand up Desk Converter

Standing desk converters are great for those who already have a work table at home or office and don’t want to discard that as well.

These standing desk converters are not desks but they are to be placed on your existing desk to increase their height or use in both sit and stand positions.

This standing desk converter is a dual-tier design that allows you to adjust your keyboard easily. It has plenty of space for all your essentials and helps you be more productive. The keyboard tray is removable so that you can attach or detach it at your convenience.

As it’s an adjustable height standing desk converter, you can raise it to any height up to 17″ from its base, depending on your comfort level. It features a dual pneumatic spring force to change it from a sitting to a standing position. A locking mechanism keeps it at your required height locked and secure.

The standing desk converter requires very minimum assembling when it comes. All you have to do is attach its feet and keyboard tray, and it is ready to be used.

Overall, a standing desk converter is an affordable option for those who can’t afford the high price range of electronically adjustable desks. It saves space and helps you make maximum use of your existing desk. The standing desk converter comes with a three-year warranty that ensures its high-quality build and long-term durability.


  • Standing desk converter is an affordable solution
  • Separate keyboard tray
  • Easy height adjustment
  • The keyboard tray is adjustable and removable
  • Good cable management system
  • Easy assembly of this standing desk converter


  • Not a very spacious desktop of this standing desk converter and good for one monitor
  • The standing desk converter has Less weight-bearing capacity

TechOrbits: Best Standing Desk Converters With Keyboard Tray

Here is another standing desk converter from TechOrbits. It’s an affordable solution for people who want to make use of their existing setup as well.

The standing desk converter has a minimalistic design and is convertible to both sitting and standing positions.

TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter

It features a heavy-duty aluminum frame. The frame of this standing desk converter can handle up to 33 lbs of gear with ease.

This tall standing desk converter is designed to fit all monitors universally. It is wide enough to handle two monitors at a time as well. You can use it for multitasking as well.

It features gas springs and a handle to raise or lower the converter and keyboard tray. You can use the standing desk converter in both positions, and the transition is easy due to its aluminum frame that is lightweight but strong at the same time.

It is intelligently designed and provides a storage slot for inserting your tablets, phones, or laptops. You can place them in front in a vertical position without sliding off. A two-tier design helps you to accommodate the keyboard easily.

The standing desk converter is available in three distinct colors so you can choose one that suits other office furniture.


  • Minimalist design
  • Affordable price range
  • 33 lbs of weight-bearing capacity
  • Universal fit for any monitor
  • Minimum effort required to raise the desk
  • Non-slip pads give a secure base
  • An adjustable keyboard tray
  • Available in three colors


  • Not a great option for multiple monitors

TechOrbits Rolling: Mobile Standing Desks

This one is for people who use laptops. It’s a mobile workstation and a perfect option for those who don’t want to get tied to their heavy desk.

You can move this along to any part of home or office, wherever you go.

TechOrbits Rolling Desk for Laptop

A good thing about this mobile standing desk can be used as a presentation podium as well. It can also be used in both sitting and standing positions.

As it’s an adjustable standing desk, you can raise it from 31.9- 49.2 inches tall. It provides an ergonomic position at any height.

The standing desk overall can handle a good amount of weight. In total, it has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 133 lbs. individually, each shelf can hold up to 33lbs.

Talking about shelves, the standing desk comes with three shelves that you can use for your media supplies or other things.

It features high-quality plastic particle board trays and a steel frame. The solid construction is great for laptop users, but still, we don’t think it’s a great fit if you have a PC setup for work.

Overall, it’s a space-saving tall standing desk. You can tuck it in any corner when not in use.


  • Mobile and portable
  • Can be used as a projector stand
  • 33lbs of the weight-bearing capacity of each shelf
  • The keyboard tray provides a better typing position
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Two locking brakes to prevent the desk from moving


  • Good for laptop users
TechOrbits Rolling Desk for Laptop

TechOrbits Rolling Workstation Cart

Stand Steady: Office Desk with Clamp-On Shelf for Monitor

Here is a wide and practical standing desk for very long people.

It is an adjustable height desk, and you can rise it up to 55″ conveniently.

Stand Steady Tranzendesk

It’s ergonomically designed to help you stand with the right posture. The erect standing position with the right placement of monitors in front of your eyes and the optimal elbow height while typing help you improve your productivity.

It’s a spacious desk designed for those who need to work on more than one monitor at a time. You can adjust up to three monitors on its wide surface. It features a special clamp-on shelve for raising the monitors to your eye level.

The shelf is also adjustable, and you can extend it outwards or inwards over your desk and store any other thing on it as well.

The two shelves also allow you to place multiple gears on the desk at a time.

As it works with an electric motor, the adjustment from a sitting to a standing position is seamless.

The desk has a minimalist yet very strong frame. Its leveling feet keep the desk stable even under heavy load. The sturdy telescopic legs are made of solid steel and handle the weights of all your equipment well.

It has 70 lbs of total weight-bearing capacity. the upper shelf can conveniently handle up to 35 lbs.

Overall, it’s a sturdy option in our list with plenty of space.


  • Best standing desk for multiple monitors
  • The extra tall desk can rise to 55.”
  • Minimalist frame
  • Separate shelf for monitor or storage
  • Leveling feet give a secure base
  • Ergonomically designed


  • Probably too big if you work on only one monitor
Stand Steady Tranzendesk

Stand Steady Tranzendesk

FEZIBO: L-Shaped Office Electric Standing Desk

We already have included a Fezibo’s electric standing desk in our list, but this thing comes in an L-shaped motor desk.

L-shaped designs are great for saving space. it’s also good to be used for two persons at a time.

FEZIBO Dual Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

They can be tucked in a corner and perfect for small offices or rooms.

This product is an electric standing desk and features a motor for making the height adjustment smooth and hassle-free. It requires a press of a button to change the height of the desk. You can raise it up to 44″ and keep using it in both sitting and standing positions.

It is raised with two separate motors. Dual motors give it high stability and easy adjustment.

It features anti-collision sensors that prevent any damage to your goods or desk itself.

The lift system of this standing desk is made of sturdy steel. The solid steel is used for its frame and gives it a high weight-bearing capacity. It can handle up to 175 lbs easily.

The desktop is made of high-quality treated wood. A wooden stand is installed over the desk that you can use for placing your monitor or simply as a storage shelf.

Considering the need for a good cable management system for a practical work surface, it features a cable management tray. The rack has lots of space for tucking all your cables and power strips in one place.

It comes with two very practical hooks for hanging your bags or headset. Movement is easy with its caster wheels. Their 360 degrees rotation helps you move the desk in any direction easily.

Overall, it’s a very secure and stable L-shaped standing desk for a tall person. Its high weight-bearing capacity, easy movability, and long-lasting durability make it one of the best options in the market.


  • Its L-shaped design saves space
  • 176 lbs of weight capacity
  • A wooden stand for the laptop
  • Electric lift system
  • Lockable caster wheels
  • Cable management tray keeps your work surface tidy


  • Not a one-piece tabletop
  • Less attractive design
FEZIBO Dual Motor L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

FEZIBO Dual Motor L-Shaped

AVIX : Electric Home Office Desk

This product is a midrange electric desk on our list designed for a tall person.

It fits in the modern workspace and comes with a minimalist design.

AVIX Whole Piece Electric Standing Desk

Avix offers a simple and easy-to-use control panel for height adjustments. Its one-touch buttons allow a smooth transition for people who like to change their work positions from time to time. It gives height options between 28 to 47 inches.

Avix standing desk provides ample workspace for your all essentials as it can stand up to 154 pounds, so you can place anything you like on it.

Overall, it’s easy to assemble and comes with five years of warranty as well.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Minimalist design looks attractive
  • 178 lbs of weight-bearing capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple functionality
  • Affordable price


  • Rise up to only 48″
  • Noisy adjustment
AVIX Whole Piece Electric Standing Desk

AVIX Whole Piece Electric

MAIDeSITe: Electric Standing Computer Desk

This option in our list is from Maidesite is available in many colors.

It’s an ergonomically designed standing desk that ensures your health and allows you to work smartly.

MAIDeSITe Electric Standing Desk

The adjustment from sitting to standing position is done with smooth and fluid movement. It takes few seconds to change the height for a tall person. A durable motor does the job noiselessly.

The control panel is intelligently designed and has three keyboard memory options.  You can save your preferred height settings to make future adjustments easy.

It features an anti-collision design and wedge-shaped anti-collision bottom feet as well.

The tabletop is made of MDF particleboard. It is available in different textured designs and colors.

With adjustable leveling glides, it stands securely on any surface. You don’t have to worry about balancing it even when the ground underneath is uneven.


  • Spacious desktop
  • 3 preset memory programs
  • 77 lbs of weight capacity
  • Low noise transitions
  • Anti-collision sensors
  • Feet levelling glides add to its stability


  • No cable management system
  • Difficult assembling

Flexispot Standing Desk With Drawer and USB

If you need a separate storage space for little things along with a tabletop, this product is for you.

Flexispot offers a modern and practically designed standing desk that smart workplaces need.

comhar standing desk with drawer

Convenient storage space is provided to accommodate your office supplies in one place. It keeps the tabletop clutter-free.

Height adjustments are quick and easy. As it’s an electric standing desk, a motor is installed for easy transitions.

It provides four programmable memory presets that adjust the height to your required positions.

As it’s a smart design, it caters to all your needs. A child lock is installed so that only you can operate the buttons.

Its anti-collision function ensures safety and prevents the desktop from being damaged or crushing other objects under it.

The convenient design includes three USB ports and charging your smartphone, tablet, or other devices. With its robust steel construction, it is made to last long.

Even if you have an uneven floor, the desk stands secure and stable. It has adjustable feet and leveling glides to stabilize your desk on any floor.

Overall, it’s a high-quality standing desk with height options up to 47.6″. It has 110 lbs weight-bearing capacity and is perfect for both offices and homes.


  • 3 USB charging ports
  • Child lock button
  • 4 height memory buttons
  • Quick and smooth adjustments
  • Features a spacious storage drawer
  • Anti-collision function


  • Edges of the desk are sharp
  • Type C port is not functional
comhar standing desk with drawer

Flexispot Standing Desk With Drawer and USB

Final Words

Choosing a standing desk for tall people is not difficult if you go through our list. We have made a comprehensive list including all types of standing desks, mobile standing desks, and some best standing desk converters for you.

What they all have in common is their height.

They can rise to more height than other ordinary desks for a tall person. Make sure you choose the best option that fits your budget.

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