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So you sit for long hours in your home office and want to stay active while working? In this case, you can’t think of a better way to achieve this than incorporating an under desk bike in your workspace.

Flexispot is one of the leading manufacturers of top-rated desk bikes. One particular Flexispot model that seems to give exercise bikes from other top brands tough competition is the Flexispot Deskcise Pro V9. The hundreds of positive reviews from previous customers are enough proof that it’s hard to beat.

But before you can spend your money on this, first read our in-depth review of this exercise bike below. You’ll discover more about its design, assembly, user comfort, noise level, whether it gives you value for money, and so on.

Flexispot Deskcise Pro Overview

The Flexispot Deskcise is an all-in-one desk bike. It stands out from the pack for its ability to play the role of an exercise bike and a sit/stand desk. In other words, it makes it possible to pedal (workout) while working on your laptop. The desk bike is designed to fit under the height-adjustable desks.

Mark you, this revolutionary Flexispot Deskcise Pro came out as the 2018 CES innovation awards [1] winner.

Marketed as the world’s first sit/cycle/stand desk bike, the Flexispot Deskcise Pro product caught judges’ attention. And it stood out from the other products in its category, becoming the winner of this distinguished award.

The key specs of this desk bike are as follows:

  • Dimensions: 37.6″ (L) x 22.8″ (W) x 42.5″-48.4″ (H)
  • Desktop size: 20″ x 22.8″
  • Height range: 29.6″- 37.2″
  • Ideal user height: 5’1″ to 6’2″
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs
  • Tension resistance: 8 levels
  • Color options: black, white
  • Warranty: 3 years  
flexispot desk bike featured image


Believe it when Flexispot tells you that this desk bike comes 99.99% fully assembled right out of the box.

It arrives in two main parts, the exercise bike and the desk attachment. To start using it, you simply grab the desk part and simply attach it to the rest of the unit. No complicated assembly! And you don’t need extra tools to get this part done!

Like in all the other Flexispot exercise bikes, this model comes with assembly instructions to help you with this setup. But we doubt whether you’ll need to look at them since the whole process is super-simple and straightforward.

Flexispot Exercise Bike Design

Flexispot Deskcise pro comes in a compact and sleek design. But most importantly, it features a unique design that helps serve three main purposes—a part exercise bike, a desk, and a part standing desk. In other words, it gives you a workspace and lets you pedal your way to a healthier life.

Let’s get a closer look at how it serves the three main purposes:

Standing desk bike

The desktop measures 20″ x 22.8″ and is big enough to accommodate your laptop, mouse, and smartphone. But before you get your hopes up, keep in mind that this isn’t a spacious desktop to hold multiple monitor setups or all your desktop items.

Something worth mentioning about this is an adjustable desk. You can move it forward, backward, up, or down to offer you the most comfortable work position when seating or standing. The desktop has a palm rest to enhance your comfort.

Some people complain that the tabletop feels wobbly. However, this isn’t is a deal-breaker since the instructions clearly advise you what to do. You just need to adjust (tighten) the screw, and the tabletop becomes as firm as you desire.

Deskcise v9 Flexispot

What if you have a height-adjustable standing desk already? If that’s the case, you can easily remove this Flexispot deskcise pro worktop and slide it under the existing desk. This enables you to get seated and exercise while using a standing desk.

The Flexispot Deskcise Pro doesn’t perform that well as a standing desk. The worktop is pretty lightweight and gets shaky when using it at a standing height.

Another design flaw of this desk is that the seat tends to bump into your legs or crotch (though it depends on your height). Even if you pull the worktop away from you, the seat will still get in the way.

Standing far from the desktop to avoid the problematic seat might force you to hunch your posture.

This causes you to overextend your arms, and you might get uncomfortable pretty fast. Thus, you’re less likely to enjoy an ergonomic standing position when using this under desk bike as a standing desk.

Sitting desk bike

Standing for long hours isn’t recommended as it leads to aching feet, legs, and hips. This Flexispot deskcise pro is designed with a seat to let you easily switch between seating and standing.

To be more precise, it features a bike seat (saddle-style) that’s wide and well-padded and feels quite comfortable. It will offer you hours of comfortable sitting experience.

Moreover, the saddle-style chair encourages good posture and prevents back pains.

man on flexispot desk bike

You can easily raise or lower the seat height from between 29.6 and 37.2 inches for an ideal fit. This means you can set it to your desired height for the best seat ergonomics. This helpful feature allows short and tall office workers to comfortably use this desk bike.

The whole adjustment process is a breeze!

The desk features a strategically situated pneumatic adjustment lever that lets you adjust it with a gentle press. The Deskcise uses a pneumatic height adjustment mechanism which is super-smooth and further promotes fast adjustments.

Exercise bike

If there’s one area where the bike passes with flying colors, it’s the cycling part. It offers you up to 8 levels of resistance, enabling you to easily move from casual workouts to serious exercise with a simple tune of a dial.

Yes, it features a giant control knob that lets you easily adjust the amount of resistance you want to feel when working out with this under desk bike.

V9 Flexispot exercise bike

These multiple resistance level options allow users of different ages, including children and the elderly, to use this exercise bike.

For instance, the lowest setting, which is resistance-free, is ideal for children and the aged who need light activity. The higher resistance levels are suitable for young and middle-aged adults who need a more robust workout to break a sweat.

Don’t forget that this exercise equipment pedals smoothly and quietly.

This is expected from Flexispot as they seem to have mastered the art of pedaling in their exercise bikes. As such, you can pedal while watching TV or without distracting your coworkers with cycling noise.

The pedals are positioned at a height that’s easy to reach for both the short and tall users. The included silicone pedal covers give you a comfortable cycling experience in case you decide to exercise barefooted.

Controls and features

The Flexispot bike comes with multiple controls to interact with it better and optimize it for the ultimate comfort and cycling experience.

To start with, it has a huge, easy to grasp adjustment knob for tuning the magnetic tension resistance level. This enables you to effortlessly move one resistance level to the next as per your body workout preferences.

It also features a button to help you easily toggle between the 7 readings displayed on the small display.

The screen lets you track time, calories burned, distance, revolutions per minute (RPM), speed, and more. This info is crucial to helping you keep track of your fitness goals.

Note that the display system is powered by 2 AA batteries. These are easy to find you don’t need to pay a hefty price for them.

Just in front of the controls, you’ll find a cup holder. This is really a nice feature that holds your cup of coffee or water bottle and keeps it within reach during exercise.

The cupholder even features a rubber mat that helps “grip” the water bottle or coffee cup and keep it in place. This prevents possible spilling.


The desk is built strong and has that durable look and feel. It is also quite stable, which further sets it apart from the competing models.

You’ll notice that this exercise bike has a frame structure that assumes two triangles for unmatched stability. This puts it a notch above the X-frame design found in the competing models. And it significantly boosts its stability over other desk bikes out there.

Deskcise V9 with top

The legs are quite strong and don’t feel flimsy at all. The bike has a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. This places it in the category of strong and sturdy desk biles capable of supporting heavy users.

One more thing you’ll appreciate about this Deskcise is the well-rounded design on all the corners. The minds behind this desk must have considered the presence of kids around your home.

This rounded design eliminates the possibility of getting injured as they get playful around it.

Don’t forget that this desk bike is covered by 1-year limited warranty, just like the other Flexispot exercise bikes. If you’ve got any doubts regarding the quality of this Flexispot Deskcise Pro exercise bike, this warranty will give you peace of mind when purchasing it.


The Flexispot Deskcise Pro comes fitted with 4 durable casters with a 360-degree swivel. These make it incredibly easy to move the bike around your office.

But the wheels are also designed to enhance the overall desk bike stability. You’ll easily notice how they extend out from the sides of the bike. This gives the bike good balance and ensures you they don’t get in your way when pedaling.

Besides, the wheels have gravity sensor locks that help keep them from rolling on the floor when cycling. This improves the unit’s stability and user safety.

However, the wheels might not roll smoothly on carpets as they do on the floors.

You’ll appreciate that these wheels easily fold in to help reduce the footprint of the exercise bike. This lets you turn the dekscise into a more compact unit for easy storage or to save space.

Noise level

The Flexispot desk bike is super-quiet, and you can hardly hear any noise or squeaking coming out of it while pedaling away those calories.

It boasts a 5.5-inch flywheel that operates whisper-quietly, even at high resistance settings. This makes it an ideal exercise bike if you want to work out without disturbing your coworkers.

Flexispot under desk bike Pros and Cons:


  • smooth and whisper-quiet pedaling
  • super-easy to assemble
  • eight resistance levels
  • auto-locking caster wheels
  • lightweight and portable design
  • specifically certified by TUV SUD


  • doesn’t fit under standard desks
  • the cup holder is shallow
flexispot desk bike featured image

All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9

Value for money

As seen in this review, this all-in-one Flexispot Deskcise Pro desk bike offers you the convenience of sitting, standing, and cycling—all in a single package!

As such, you don’t need to spend more money to invest in multiple products or accessories. Simply put, this is a cost-effective fitness solution for you if you want to stay active while you sit for long hours in your office chair.

If you decide to get separate equipment for a standing desk and under the desk bike for your office, you’ll end up spending the same amount of cash or even more than what you get to spend with this model.

Overall, the price for Flexispot Deskcise Pro V9 is reasonable considering what you get vs. the price you pay. It’s a great exercise back that gives you the best bang for your buck.

Our verdict – Flexispot Desk Bike Review

That’s it for our review of the Flexispot Desk bike. This highly innovative unit combines the convenience of sitting, standing, and cycling while working on one product.

Highlights that put this desk on the map include super-easy to assembly, whisper-quiet operation, and user comfort. The seat and work surface are easily adjustable to help you set them to the most comfortable height.

Remember that this desk is a combination of working and exercising, so it’s well worth the price you pay for it. This investment will give you value for money and turn your office into an active workstation.

Get this Flexispot Deskcise Pro if you spend long hours seating in your home office chair. It will make a great fitness solution to help you fight excessive sitting and keep your body in shape.

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