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If you’re looking for the best small office desk for your small office or tiny apartment, look no further. In this article, we provide you with 7 compact office desks that will fit easily into any small spaces.

small office desk with laptop

Even if you think that there isn’t enough room in your office space, either at work or home, these cleverly designed desks for small spaces will fit just anywhere.

That small unused corner in your office can easily accommodate a small, compact corner-shaped desk or even an L-shaped corner desk.

How about a narrow desk that will squeeze into the tightest spaces while still offering enough room for your computer and work supplies? You might also want to consider a wall-mounted desk that folds when not in use.

Even better, why not get a desk with plenty of storage space to compensate for the small space?

The best part? Small desks don’t cost as much as standard size desks so if you’re low space and money this is just what you need.

That said, let’s dive into the review.

Best OverallCorner Desk, 66" × 66" Home Office Computer TableCorner Desk, 66″ × 66″ Home Office Computer TableDimensions – 47.5″L × 23.5″W × 30.5″
FoldingMr IRONSTONE 31.5” Folding Computer DeskMr IRONSTONE 31.5” Folding Computer DeskDimensions – 31.5″L*15.8″D*30.3″H-Load Capacity-210lbs
JOISCOPE Home Office Computer DeskJOISCOPE Home Office Computer DeskDimensions – 39.37 x 23.62 x 29.63 inches
L-Shaped Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk Computer Corner DeskCubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk Computer Corner DeskDimensions – 51.1″ x 51.1″ x 29.5″
StandingMONOMI Electric Height Adjustable Standing DeskMONOMI Electric Height Adjustable Standing DeskDimensions – 48 x 24 x 47.3 inches, Load Capacity-188lbs
FoldingHaotian FWT07-W,White Folding Wooden Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf TableHaotian FWT07-W,White Folding Wooden Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf TableDimensions – 35.43 x 23.62 x 29.92 inches, Max Weight Capacity-20kgs
Charging PortsFrylr Small Folding Writing Desk with USB Ports & Power PlugsFrylr Small Folding Writing Desk with USB Ports & Power PlugsDimensions – 31.5”W X 15.7”D X 29”H

Best Small Office Desks Review (Our Top 7 Picks for 2021)

1. Best Small Space Desk Overall- Lipo Corner Desk, 66″ × 66″ Home Office Computer Table

Specs: Dimensions-47.5″L × 23.5″W × 30.5″ H inches, Max Weight Capacity-80lbs

When you have a small office and you’re trying to maximize space and storage, the Lipo Corner Desk is just what you need.

Its corner-shaped design easily squeezes into the tightest unused corners, making it perfect for a small space.

Although it’s quite small and compact, the work surface will easily accommodate a single monitor, desktop, or laptop. It’s also cleverly designed with multiple storage options for storing your office supplies.

Built for comfort, this corner desk features a spacious pull-out keyboard tray while the corner table lets you switch between the right and left part of the desk.

The desk is built with high-quality particleboard which ensures sturdiness, stability, and durability, not to mention resistance to rust and corrosion unlike some desks with metal frames.

It’s a price-friendly, multifunctional and stylish desk that also comes in a variety of colors like white, black, and cherry red.


  • Ideal size for small space
  • Modern and elegant
  • Ample storage space
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good ergonomics for comfort
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Price-friendly


  • A solid real wood construction would have made it more durable (though expensive)

Lipo Corner Desk, 66″ × 66″ Home Office Computer Table

2. Best Folding Desk – Mr IRONSTONE 31.5” Folding Computer Desk

Specs: Dimensions-31.5″L*15.8″D*30.3″H-Load Capacity-210lbs

A small desk is an excellent choice if you’re low on space as it will easily fit into the tightest spaces. However, having a desk that is also foldable is definitely a huge plus.

The Mr.IRONSTONE 31.4” Folding Computer Desk’s space-saving folding design lets you stash it into a corner when not in use. At 31.5 inches, this folding desk is quite small and compact, plus its lightweight construction makes it portable so you can place it anywhere you prefer. It’s even a great portable desk for picnics!

It doesn’t have any standard storage space but it does come with plenty of hooks for hanging things like backpacks, headphones, and others.

This space-friendly computer table is constructed with premium materials. The tabletop is made of solid MDF board which is finished with a lacquer sealed paint for durability.  The metal hair pin legs and X-shape frame offers superior support and stability.

Its full dimensions are 31.5″L*15.8″D*30.3″H- just enough workspace for a single computer and a few work essentials.

It comes in 3 size options and doesn’t require any assembly.


  • Space saving design
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Durable construction
  • High load capacity
  • Great stability and support
  • Smooth, skin-friendly finish
  • Good number of positive customer reviews
  • Perfect multi-purpose desk
  • Budget-friendly


  • None

Mr IRONSTONE 31.5” Folding Computer Desk

3. JOISCOPE Home Office Computer Desk

Specs: Dimensions- 39.37 x 23.62 x 29.63 inches

The JOISCOPE 40 Inches Computer Desk is another compact desk for a small area yet large enough to accommodate dual monitors, laptop, printer, and other basic work supplies.

This particular unit has a 40 inches surface length, but you can order the 47 inches, 55 inches, or 60 inches desk if you prefer a roomy desk. The table surface has ample space for your monitor, laptop, keyboard, mouse, and a few other items.

Even though it’s small, it does offer some storage space consisting of two-layer shelves large enough to accommodate your work documents box, printer, and other items. The middle shelf is removable for when you need storage for larger items.

The desk looks and feels sturdy and will hold up pretty well for many years. Its sturdy stainless steel and chipboard construction also gives it excellent stability and strength.

Overall, this is a simple storage desk for a minimalist office and the good news is, for this quality, you don’t even need to spend much money. It’s cheap and affordable.


  • Great for small space
  • Sturdy construction
  • Attractive finish
  • Convenient storage space
  • Multi-purpose desk- works as a writing desk, studying desk, and work desk
  • Great price for great quality
  • Hassle-free assembly
  • Countless positive reviews from satisfied customers


  • Poor assembly instructions

Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk Computer Corner Desk

4. Best L Shaped Desk – Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk Computer Corner Desk

Specs: Dimensions- 51.1″ x 51.1″ x 29.5″

An l-shaped desk like the Cubiker Modern desk may not sound like the space-saving kind of desk you need.

However, with its almost full corner design, this unit will easily fit into that small unused corner in your workspace.

Its dimensions are 51.1″ x 51.1″ x 29.5″ so this is a desk that provides ample workspace for your computer monitors while saving a lot of space. Its 29.5 inches depth leaves ample room for your legs.

With a sturdy metal frame and a desktop constructed with premium-grade MDF board, this desk will support a heavy load without any issues.

As a multi-purpose desk, the Cubiker desk is perfect for gaming, writing, work, studying, studio desk, and more.

The design is quite stylish plus you have multiple color options to choose from.


  • Space-saving design
  • Solid metal and MDF board construction
  • Great support and stability
  • Super stylish
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Spacious workspace for any monitor/laptop setup
  • Easy to assemble
  • Surprisingly price-friendly


  • Desktop board is a little bit thin

Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk Computer Corner Desk

5. Best Standing Desk – MONOMI Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Specs: Dimensions-48 x 24 x 47.3 inches, Load Capacity-188lbs

If you’re looking for the best standing desk that doesn’t take up much space, the MONOMI Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is an excellent choice.

Measuring  48 x 24 x 47.3 inches, this standing desk will fit in tight corners and spaces while providing ample surface space for your monitor/s, laptop, and a variety of basic supplies.

Besides its space-saving design, the MONOMI standing desk also lets you easily switch from a sitting to standing position for health and productivity reasons. It features an electric lift system consisting of a powerful dual motor that smoothly lifts the desk to your desired height level.

Its sturdy structure is able to support loads up to 188lbs, so your monitor or laptop is completely safe.

The desk also features a pull-out under-desk keyboard tray that does a great job freeing up desktop space while providing you with a comfortable working environment.

Overall, this is a desk that is perfect for small offices and although its price is quite steep, at least you’re getting the best value for your money.


  • One of the best electric standing desks in the market
  • Sturdy construction for stability and durability
  • High load capacity
  • Ample workspace
  • Smooth, fast, and noiseless lift system
  • Pull out keyboard for ample work area
  • 30-day risk-free guarantee
  • Provides ample legroom
  • Reasonably priced


  • Too heavy (which is not bad because that means it’s sturdy)

MONOMI Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

6. Best Folding Desk – Haotian FWT07 – W,White Folding Wooden Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table Desk

Specs: Dimensions- 35.43 x 23.62 x 29.92 inches, Max Weight Capacity-20kgs

You don’t need a full-sized desk for your small home office. A wall-mounted desk that can even be folded when not in use is actually an excellent option!

The Haotian FWT07-W Folding Wooden Table Desk is one such desk. A few minutes of installation will have you using this floating desk in no time. The Provided instructions are clear and concise and with the right tools, you can set up in minutes.

This folding floating desk offers a spacious work space for your computer and plenty of storage options consisting of open shelves for your work essentials, books, and other stuff.

It’s a multipurpose floating desk that will also work great as a writing or studying desk.

This sleek wall desk also comes with holes for hassle-free cable management.

Its construction is sturdy and durable and when properly installed, this floating desk can support a maximum load capacity of 20kgs without any problems.

It’s a stylish desk if you’re looking for something functional that will blend in well with your home office or bedroom décor.


  • Space-saving wall-mounted design
  • Multiple application- perfect desk for bedroom, office and study
  • Sturdy construction for support and stability
  • Convenient storage space
  • Effective cords and wires management
  • Spacious work area
  • High weight capacity
  • Budget-friendly


  • Installation may be a little bit complicated (but you can hire a professional do install it for you if you don’t have the skills and confidence to do it)

Haotian FWT07 – W,White Folding Wooden Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table Desk

7. Best Desk with Charging Ports – Frylr Small Folding Writing Desk with USB Ports & Power Plugs

Specs: Dimensions-31.5”W X 15.7”D X 29”H

This 31.5”W X 15.7”D X 29”H writing desk is not only small and compact for a small space, but it’s also foldable so you can get it out of the way when you don’t need it.

Its space-saving foldable and lightweight design also makes it suitable for picnics- thus making it an all-round desk.

The Frylr Small Folding Desk may look simple but the truth is, it’s packed with a few convenient features that you’ll absolutely love. Right under the desk are two power plugs and two 2.1 USB ports for charging your monitor, laptop, phone, tablet, and other devices. You don’t need any additional power outlets to power your devices, which is great.

The desk also comes with adjustable leg pads that can be easily adjusted to keep this small and sturdy desk steady even on uneven grounds.

The desk frame is made of powder-coated steel while the tabletop is made of high-quality MDF board for stability, support, and durability.

It’s the perfect desk for a small space as it will occupy less space and with its super sturdy construction, it will hold up very well over the years.


  • Small and compact
  • Suitable for small space
  • Smart design-includes charging ports
  • Multi-purpose desk- perfect writing desk, secretary desk, home desk, studying desk, and more
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Excellent stability even on uneven floors
  • Does not require any assembly- comes ready to use out of the box
  • Price-friendly


  • None

Frylr Small Folding Writing Desk with USB Ports & Power Plugs

Best Computer Desk for Small Spaces Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Do You Fit a Desk in a Small Space?

You can fit a desk into a small space by choosing the right desk. It could be a corner-shaped desk that will easily fit into any unused corner or a regular-shaped desk that is small enough for an office with limited space.

Another good example is a desk that is not only small and compact, but also foldable.
Just be sure to measure the available space before purchasing your preferred desk.

2. Do Corner Desks Save Space?

Yes, a corner desk can save a great deal of space. Its corner-shaped style matches perfectly with the corner space, thus freeing up a lot of floor space. Plus the biggest advantage of a corner desk is filling up the unused corner space while enhancing the décor of the office or room.

If you’re low on space and have an empty space in the corner, you might want to consider getting a space-saving, sturdy corner desk. Even better, get one with plenty of storage space.

More desks: homeofficeapproved.com/best-home-office-desks/

Best Office Desk for Small Spaces-Bottom Line

You don’t really need a big desk to feel productive.[1] So if you don’t have much space left, a compact desk can really make a huge difference.

The good news is that finding the best desk for a small space isn’t hard. We’ve reviewed 7 small office desks that will fit even in the tiniest spaces.

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