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Standing desks are not just gaining popularity for office use but are becoming essential for kids as well. Children have a lot of energy, and forcing them to sit in one position for a long can be boring, difficult, and very unhealthy. It can impact their growth, behavior, and concentration level as well.

Choosing an adjustable desk allows your kids to switch between sitting and standing positions from time to time. It makes his workplace more fun, active, and responsive to his needs.

best standing desk for children featured image

Even schools can use these adjustable desks and chairs so kids can sit and stand at their convenience. Not only it helps them to stay active, but it allows them to utilize their energy through easy movements.

In this article, we will look at some of the best standing desks for children. We have selected desks for all age groups to help you choose the desks conveniently. Also, all of these desks come with adjustable height.

Flexispot Flexispot Item Dimensions LxWxH
23.6 x 39.37 x 21.7 inches
ApexDesk ApexDesk Item Dimensions LxWxH
44 x 28 x 30 inches
Adjustable Height Kids Study Desk with Chair Drafting Table Computer Station Built-in Bookshelf Hutch Multi Function(Desk with Chair) Flexispot Item Dimensions LxWxH
37.4 x 25.5 x 21.2 inches
VIVO VIVO Item Dimensions LxWxH
23.6 x 31.5 x 22 inches
MOUNT-IT! MOUNT-IT! Item Dimensions LxWxH
31.5″ x 26″ x 21.3 inches
ApexDesk soleil ApexDesk soleil Item Dimensions LxWxH
43 x 43 x 41 inches
SÄKEE SÄKEE Item Dimensions LxW
23.6 x 31.5 inches
Aingoo Aingoo Item Dimensions LxWxH
35.43 x 18.89 x 29.52 inches
Safco Safco Item Dimensions LxWxH
20 x 28 x 42 inches
Guidecraft Guidecraft Item Dimensions LxWxH
21 x 32 x 43 inches

Best Standing Desks for Children

Let’s review some of the best standing desks for children where they can play, craft, and work easily.

All items are height adjustable desks and can be used in both sitting and standing positions.

Flexispot : Elementary School Standing Desks

Here is a cool little standing desk for kids. Flexispot desks are known for their durability and adjustability, which is not an exception.

The height adjustment desk grows with your kid, and you can keep using it for many years to come.

The desk features a moisture-resistant wooden top that not only gives a sleek finish but stays in great shape despite all the spills that it has to endure.

Flexispot kids desk

Even a strong desk is not reliable if it does not stand on secure and stable feet. This one comes with adjustable, stable feet, and the leveling glides featured in its feet keep the desk secure on any flooring.

There is a button controller for adjustment. Your kid can use it in both sitting and standing positions, or you can simply keep adjusting it to suit your kids’ growth.

The frame of the desk is created with robust and powder-coated steel. The smooth surface resists scratches and stains and ensures the desk remains in great condition for a long.

Overall, it’s a great option for primary, elementary, and high school. You can add some stools or chairs for sitting as well. It’s a one-time investment and stays with you for a long time.


  • Adjustable desk
  • Durable steel frame
  • Smooth wooden tabletop
  • Water-resistant wood
  • Leveling glides keep the desk secure and stable
  • Durable structure
  • A hook to hang the backpack


  • No smooth edges, so not a great option for toddlers

ApexDesk ALSD2128-BL Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Chair

Apexdesk offers some useful options for office, school, and home. Alsd2128 is from their little Soliel DX Children series.

The series includes some stunning chairs and desks that are designed for children.

The desk is constructed to suit the needs of your growing kid. Not only can he use it in a standing position, but it can go up to 43″, which means the desk keeps up with your child’s growth.


It’s a solid steel-made desk that is built to last many years. The work desk is made more stable with a crossbar.

The tabletop provides plenty of workspace for all school supplies. It is made scratch resistant. There is a drawer in it for storage, and your child can keep all his things stores in a place. That certainly leaves the room very organized and tidy.

The desk comes with a tilted top option. It can be tilted from 0-60 degrees so that your kid can use it for drawing or drafting.

The best part of having this desk is that it comes with all the safety features. Its edges are bent to prevent any accident. The paint used on the desk is lead-free, and the tops are CARB phase II complaints.


  • Adjustable desk height
  • Plenty of space on the tabletop
  • A drawer for storage
  • Heavy-duty steel build frame
  • Ergonomically designed desk chair
  • It comes with all safety features
  • The workspace can be tilted up to 60 degrees


  • It does not feature gliding leveling
  • Bit expensive desk

ApexDesk ALSD2128-BL

FCD Adjustable Height Desk for Students

This one is a premium option for parents looking for a high-quality standing desk with an ergonomic chair for kids. These desks are available with matching chairs.

It’s an easily adjustable option with a chair. All you need to do is rotate the knob on the table legs to your preferred position.

Understanding the needs of your kid, you can also tilt the tabletop so they can draw easily. A hydraulic rod puts the workspace in a tilting position.

Adjustable Height Kids Study Desk with Chair Drafting Table Computer Station Built-in Bookshelf Hutch Multi Function(Desk with Chair)

The table has a multi-functional design. It features a bookshelf, a hutch, a drawer, and a book holder as well. Not only it provides good space for storage, but you can teach kids to keep everything tidy and well-organized.

There is a pull-out drawer to store some papers, notes, and stationery. A large surface on the top provides plenty of space.

Overall it’s an ergonomically designed table and chair that create a better working environment for your child. You can buy only a table or a complete set with the chair as well.


  • A complete set of table and chair for students
  • Adjustable height
  • chair with adjustable seating
  • It comes with a drawer, hutch, a bookshelf
  • Plenty of work surface
  • comes with an ergonomic chair
  • The desktop surface can be tilted


  • Very expensive
  • Edges are not bent that can harm kids

VIVO Height Adjustable Mobile Study Desk for Kids

Here is a simple standing desk for children of any age group. It’s a multi-functional table that can be used for any work like studying, crafting, playing, or anything your kid is up to.

It has an ergonomic design that can be raised to 22″ to 33.5″. It is easy to accommodate and fits across couches or beds conveniently.

It has four caster wheels, it is easy to move, and you can glide it smoothly to any corner of the room.


Caster wheels are lockable, so you don’t have to worry about the table moving away when your child is working on it.

A portion in front can be titled easily, allowing kids to draw or read conveniently.

The table features a special cup holder for accommodating the drinks. This way, you can keep the drinks nearby without worrying about spillage.


  • Simple and durable design
  • Tiltable front portion
  • Drink holder
  • Stable white legs
  • Lockable Caster wheels for moving
  • Comes with three years of warranty


  • Lacks drawer and shelves
  • Does not come with a chair

MOUNT-IT! Height Adjustable Work Desk for Kids

Here is an activity table for your kid. Its adjustability and flexibility make it a great option for growing kids.

It features pneumatic springs to lift the front surface. You can tilt the surface from 0 to 40 degrees and turn it into a drafting table.

It stands with a minimum height of 21.3″. you can conveniently raise it up to 30″. Height adjustability is easy with its locking rotary knobs. You can lock the desk to your desired length, and it stays stable and secure at its place.


The standing desk features a pull-out drawer for storage. It can accommodate stationery, papers, and a wide variety of things for your kid.

It is made of high-quality material of carbon steel and eco-friendly plastic board. The table can support up to 88 lbs conveniently.

It comes with leveling feet that enhance stability on uneven floors as well.

Assembly is easy and takes less time and effort. Overall it’s an ergonomic desk that can be used for study, reading, drawing, or other activities.

You can pair it with a chair as well for providing both sitting and standing options to students.


  • The front can be tilted to 40 degrees
  • Carbon steel made legs
  • Pull out drawer provides plenty of storage space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth and spacious tabletop


  • The table surface is made of plastic even if it is eco friendly, some parents may object to that

ApexDesk Chair Combo: Desks for Elementary School Classrooms

We already have an option from ApexDesk, and this is a pair of desk and chair bundles from their Little Soleil series. These desks are perfect for home and schools as well.

The desk is adjustable with a crank on its side. You can raise it to suit the needs of your growing kids.

It has an L-shaped larger top with a rectangular opening that you can tilt for your child if he wants to draw or read.

ApexDesk soleil kids desk with chair

The desk is paired with an ergonomically designed chair with matching colors. The pair comes in many soothing colors, so you can select one that suits the interior of your child’s room.

It has a minimum height of 21,” and you can raise it to 31 inches. Likewise, the chair is adjustable, too, so both remain useful for a long time.

It is specially designed for kids, so it comes with all the safety features. All edges are bent to prevent any damage. The wood material is CARB Phase II compliant as well.

There is a raised shelf where you can store some books, decorative pieces, or simply your kid’s favorite toy.

Overall, it’s a very reasonably priced pair of desk and chair. It stays useful for many years due to its adjustable height and great performance.


  • Easily adjustable
  • Height adjustable 31″
  • Bended edges provide security
  • A shelf for mounting books or toys
  • Available in many colors
  • Both chair and desk are designed with the same color


  • none

SÄKEE Kids Desks with Chairs Set

Sakee provides great furniture for the home office and schools. This one is an adjustable desk chair set for students. The set comes in two beautiful pink and blue colors.

It features a newly designed rotary adjustment system that provides a simple and safe adjustment option.

A handle can be used for adjusting both chair and table, and you can tighten the rod to make sure it remains in your desired position.

SÄKEE kids desk

It’s a versatile table that works not as a study table for kids, but it can be turned into an iPad stand, a book holder, or a painting rack, depending on your needs.

It stands on a reliable steel frame. The high-quality steel frame around a wooden tabletop gives it both aesthetic appeal and strength.

The tabletop is interestingly designed to provide a wide work surface for your kids, all essentials. The tabletop provides a shelf for books and toys, and a small section is reserved for arranging books.

Besides these segments, there is plenty of space on the table for your kids to do all activities.

The chair that comes along is also ergonomically designed to support your child’s back and shoulders. You can adjust the chair’s seat height as well.

Whether your child is standing or using a chair, it remains useful in both ways.


  • Smooth adjustments
  • High quality steel frame
  • Good for classroom
  • Smooth and scratch-resistant tabletop
  • A separate shelf for books and toys
  • ergonomically designed chair
  • Available in both pink and blue colors


  • Edges are not bended
  • No other choice than blue and pink

Aingoo Small Computer Desks

This one is for people looking for a simple and affordable standing desk for their child should consider this option from Aingoo. It’s a simple design that can be adjusted at any corner.

Aingoo desks feature a K-shaped base that gives them stability and strength.

The iron struts give it support. Its height cannot be adjusted, so you have to choose one carefully to suit your child’s height.

Aingoo small desk

With its modern and appropriate design, it offers versatile use. You can use it to study, color, craft, or do any other work.

Overall, it’s a cheap option available at a very low price. Despite its limited functionality, it works well and serves the basic purpose.


  • Affordable price
  • Simple construction
  • Stable K-shaped frame
  • Height adjustable for students
  • Small and easy to accommodate


  • Height is not adjustable
  • Not very durable

Safco AlphaBetter Stand-Up Desks for Classroom

Here is a very practical design for home and classroom. it can be used in elementary school as well for providing a healthy environment to students.

It’s for people who are looking for a sturdy long-lasting opinion. Designed with heavy-duty material, this little stand-up desk is designed to last years.

It is made of 16-gauge commercial-grade tubular steel that can withstand the heavy load and remains stable when your kid is at work.

Safco childrens desk

The metal-made frame is powered coated and remains rust-free that adds to its durability.

There is a pendulum fidgeting bar that works as a footrest. As it can move, it allows kids to redirect their excess energy and engage themselves in continuous motion that keeps them healthy.

Its height can be incremented to suit both sitting and standing positions.

The desktop is laminated with a 3D thermoplastic. Not only is it smooth on touch but easy to wipe clean and scratch-resistant as well.

There are grooves on three sides of the desktop that prevent pencils or pens from rolling off the desk.


  • Heavy-duty metal build
  • Stable and durable
  • Adjustable height for standing position
  • Laminated smooth desktop
  • Pendulum fidget foot bar


  • Bit heavy and not easy to move
Safco childrens desk

Safco AlphaBetter

Guidecraft Standing Modular Desks for Adults and Kids

Here is another standing desk for kids. It’s a sturdy wooden desk that is designed with simplicity and precision.

It has a laminated top that is smooth on touch for your kids’ sensitive skin safety.

Its four chrome legs are made to last longer and give it the strength to handle a good amount of weight.

It’s an adjustable standing desk that means you can keep increasing the height to suit your child’s growth.

Guidecraft small kids desk

It has a large flat surface that provides plenty of space for study-related or creative projects.

Since the top is smooth and laminated, it is very easy to clean. No matter how much color is spilled on it, all it takes is a damp cloth to wipe it off the surface.

Overall, it’s a good option for those looking for an adjustable desk for creative projects. It does not feature any drawer or shelf, making it a bit unsuitable for those looking for storage space.


  • Simple small option
  • Laminated top is easy to clean
  • Stands of stable iron legs
  • Adjustable height for the growing kids
  • Easy to assemble
  • adjustable desk for students


  • Lack of storage space

How can standing desks be a good investment for kids?

Here are a few reasons why standing desks are a better option for kids not only at home but in classrooms as well.

Active Lifestyle

Sitting too much on the chair in the classroom may cause back pain and other orthopedic and health issues. An adjustable desk not only keeps kids healthy [1].

active children

Better Concentration

Besides health benefits, studies have revealed that children are more engaged and show better concentration in work when in a standing position [2].

Improves Behavior

Children have too much energy that needs to be rightly utilized. Standing allows easy movements that healthily burn the energy and keeps them active all day.

Even small steps while standing keeps your child in good health, active, and engaged.

children learning with female teacher at desk

Improves Posture and Musculoskeletal Health

Sitting for long hours on a chair with the wrong posture can cause several health issues, including back and lower back pain. Children report less musculoskeletal discomfort in the neck, shoulders, lower back, and elbows while standing. 

It also does not threaten their body tissues adaptation that may cause short hip flexors, rounded upper back, or poor shoulder position. It maintains the integrity of all motor skills required for healthier growth.

Less Caloric Consumption

Only standing helps your child burn more calories. He can burn 15%-20% more calories, and obese students can burn up to 35% more from standing.

Improves blood flow and breathing

Standing improves the blood flow to the body. It opens airways and improves breathing that allows more oxygen to flow around the body [3].

No side effects of standing in the classroom have been detected so far while we can count numerous limitations of sitting on a chair with poor posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size of the desk should I choose for kids?

Finding the right size of desk for your kid is important. While standing, his legs, torso, neck, and head should be in line to create the best learning environment.

The height of the desk should be at level with straight wrists and elbow bends to 90 degrees. if you are choosing a desk with a chair, make sure you can adjust the seat height of the chair as well.

What size of standing desk suits a 5-6 years old?

The size of the desk should depend on your child’s height.

He may or may not conform to the standard size. That is why we stress the need to choose an adjustable height desk so that you can raise it or lower it down depending on your child’s height.

For toddlers up to 4 years old, the size of a desk between 20″ – 22″ is suitable.

For 5-6, you can look for a standing desk between 22″-25″.

kid sitting on backseat adjusting seatbelt

What safety features should parent look at while selecting a standing desk for my child?

Being a parent your first concern is your child’s safety. Here are some safety features that you can look for in standing desks or any other furniture for children.

Non-slip feet
Lightweight desks may seem easy to move and afford, but they are not good for children, especially in a classroom. They fail to provide stability and safety for a child.

Also, tables that are easy to move are not good for placing drinks on the desk. Also, it can fall over, so make sure the desk you choose has a good weight-bearing quality and stays stable on the ground.

No sharp Edges
Standing desks should not have sharp edges. These edges can easily cause damage to children. So make sure the desk has bent edges. Even if you have a home office make sure it has round edges as well.

Whether standing desks has a plastic or wooden tabletop, it should have a laminated tabletop that is soft on touch and nontoxic.

If it is wooden, it should be CARB2 compliant that means the product’s formaldehyde levels are well within the safety limits.

Already an adult? Check out our list of the best standing desks and converters for adults 🙂

Final Words

Standing desks are a one-time investment. Make sure you don’t end up buying a cheap standing desk. It will not last long and may get easily scratched and chipped.

Since it is an adjustable height desk, you can keep using it even when your child grows up fast.

Having storage space and shelves or a simple activity table depends on your personal preferences. If you need some stools or a desk chair as well then look for the complete set in our list as well.

All options in our list of the best standing desks for children are carefully chosen for different age groups. Make sure you select one that suits the age and height of your child.

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