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Have you ever thought about perfecting your workspace by choosing the best desk material? You probably have, because you’re reading this article right now!

There are some factors that could be taken into consideration like:

  • environment and eco-friendliness
  • glass or laminate materials to prevent allergies
  • durability and functionality
  • style and feel

There is also a wide range of office desks, ranging from static to an adjustable standing desk, corner desk to L-shaped and treadmill desks. These desks come in various shapes, sizes, styles, and designs.

However, the desk tops of these desks are made of various types of desk materials, making it difficult to decide which desk material will go well with your home offices. 

In order to help you choose the right best computer desk, here we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the various materials used to manufacture the home office desks and which one can turn out to be the best option for you. 

Desk Material: Why is it important?

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The desk top surface of your computer desk takes up the entire weight of everything kept on the table top and distributes the same evenly throughout the desk frame and finally to the floor. In order to ensure that your tabletop doesn’t break down mid-work, choose a sturdy option that lasts for several years. 

A sealed top makes cleaning easier and can prevent allergies. While a rough wooden top can look and feel nice it has other downsides.

Metal will be super durable and robust but can feel cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Assuming you have a standing desk the frame is probably made out of metal which leaves you with less options.

Looking through a glass desk top on the mechanics of a standing desk could fell a little weird. Also The color options will be limited, because painted steels mostly comes in black, grey or sometimes white.

But natural wood for example like bamboo looks amazing with the steel frame of a standing desk. So maybe you have a frame already but can’t decide on a table top?

So let’s dive deeper into the different materials.

Desk top material ideas – What materials are used to make a desk?

Solid Wood Desk:

solid wood

Traditionally, most computer office desks were crafted from wood that served as a rustic example of durability and strength.

However, today the desktop of a computer desk is crafted from high-quality natural wood that brings in the goodness of nature while creating a welcoming and homely feeling, which is definitely organic in every sense. 

The timeless quality brought in by natural wood desktops can never be replicated by any other material. But, why exactly should you choose a desktop with wooden make? 

Here is why:

  • The durability & strength factor of wood makes it a value for money option
  • Wooden desktops add a sense of dignity and charm to the work setup
  • Available in different forms of grains, textures, species, and cuts
  • Wooden computer desks go well with almost any decor

Well, these are the benefits of opting for a wooden desktop, but what are the other options you could find in the market? Here are some you might consider opting for:

Bamboo Desk:


Did you know that bamboo is among the most durable variants of natural wood that is highly resistant to everyday deterioration from regular use?[2] Even if you aren’t someone who takes care of their belongings, a bamboo desk would be ideal for daily use.

Here are some benefits of opting for a bamboo desk:

  • It doesn’t swell-up easily or rot away due to minimal water absorption
  • Bamboo is lightweight and can be carried around with ease of portability
  • Bamboo is economically-priced and cheaper than hardwood, making it ideal for regular use 
  • Durable & strong surface that is easy to maintain
  • Bamboo is about 40% harder than oak or solid wood
 FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Sit Stand Desk with Splice Board, Black Frame/Bamboo Top

Cocobolo Desk:

cocobolo wood

While a new addition to the world of computer desks, the cocobolo has become quite popular among health enthusiasts who hate the side effects of sitting all day long.

Cocobolo is actually a tropical hardwood that is found in abundance in the Central American region. This material is fairly popular, given its color and texture. 

Often termed as wood with rainbow colors, this particular tabletop material comes in shades starting with yellow to purple that pops with a spectacularly fine texture.

Not just that, this material comprises natural oil in high-quantity, which makes it almost waterproof as well as durable. 

However, the limited supply has made this item rather pricey due to efforts for conservation. Except for the cost factor, here are some upsides of choosing a cocobolo desk:

  • The uniqueness that comes from vintage material & sharp spice odor creates freshness
  • Easy to craft wood that works fine with most hand tools & power tools
  • Mixes with other woods with ease to create a unique design without looking odd 

Walnut Desk:


If you are in search of computer desks that come with a dark walnut hue, you should go with a wood-type that naturally owns this color.

Although you can definitely have your wooden desk painted to mimic this color, going natural brings its very own uniqueness that might not be achieved with paint. 

Naturally, walnut wood tends to be hard, dark, tight-grained, and dense in nature. This natural wood is a prized possession for woodworkers, given the fact that it can be polished easily to a smooth finish. 

From creamy white sapwood color to dark chocolate hue, you can get your desktops made out of this material to get a sleek item to add to your home office. When you buy a computer home office desk made of walnut wood, these are the features you get:

  • Long-Lasting and Durable Wood
  • High resistance to wear & tear
  • The attractive texture of the wood grain
  • Polishes and stains pretty well

In case you love the color and do not want to shell a lot out of your pocket, you could go with a walnut color desk to get a similar color for your company office or home offices. 

Cubiker Computer Desk 32

Modern Simple Style Laptop Table with Storage Bag, Walnut

Powder Coating MDF:


Medium-density fibreboard or MDF is surely a popular tabletop material that is used for a desk top. It is created from wood scraps that are finely-ground and bound together using glue or resin. 

Further, the MDF particle board is subjected to thorough and high pressure making it both durable and light. However, the cheaper options might be prone to falling apart. Here are some benefits of MDF particle board:

  • It features multiple laminate layers while being protected from harmful elements
  • The lightweight design is easy to be carried around 
  • It can easily be painted on for a unique look

High-Pressure Laminate:

HPL or High-Pressure Laminates are created by combining multiple layers of the cellulosic fibers extracted from the young wood variants. These fibers are then bonded with the use of phenolic resin. Later, high-pressure laminate is subjected to temperature and high pressure to achieve a compact sheet with outstanding characteristics bringing in durability. 

Here are some benefits of HPL desktops for home offices or commercial use:

  • Resistant to scratching and impact issues
  • A natural coating of wood making it ideal for a unique look
  • Resistant to water infiltration with minimal moisture and water absorption
  • Hygienic material that doesn’t serve as a breeding ground for bacteria
  • Stain and heat resistant with anti-static design
 Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk

Tribesigns Computer Desk Laminated MDF

3D Laminate Computer Desks:

Laminates are surely popular due to their unique manufacturing process, but this popularity applies tenfold to the 3D laminate desk. These three-dimensional laminate desktops usually serve as a film, wrapped around the MDF planks instead of top layering.

Given the fact that these laminates are ideal for edge banding the corners, they adhere perfectly to the customized wood shape through the grommet holes. The angled edges make up for the user comfort factor while decreasing the repetitive motion-based injury. 

Apart from ergonomic superiority, here are some benefits brought in by 3D laminate:

  • Visually attractive & doesn’t mandate the use of plastic strips 
  • Smooth texture that doesn’t lead to abrasion when being used
  • Affordable as compared to traditional laminates
  • Easy-to-clean and hygienic design
  • It won’t scratch your hardwood floor space. 

Reclaimed Wood Desks Tops:

reclaimed wood

With consistent recycling, reclaimed wood desktops are a perfect option for someone who loves to give back to the environment.

These home office desks are created from old planks of wood but might be very exhaustive in terms of recycling. 

Reclaimed wooden tabletops are surely unique and beautiful in terms of design.

These wood desktops vary in terms of comfort, price, longevity, position change, and damage resistance. 

Here are some benefits that come with reclaimed wood office desks:

  • Versatile material for work desks
  • The eco-friendly design helps curb the deforestation issue
  • It is 40% harder than the virgin wood
  • The weathered and aged material creates a unique look
L Shaped Desk Reclaimed Wood with Metal Base

L Shaped Desk Reclaimed Wood with Metal Base

Rustic Computer Desk:

Most people assume that computer desks with rustic design accompanied by drawers and a pull-able keyboard tray is an unnecessary investment. However, rustic computer desks would surely ease your work environment.

How so?

Well, we all get hungry or thirsty while working. Right? If this is you, cluttering your surface space with something to eat or drink would lead to unnecessary spilling hazards or a big mess. 

With drawers, you can keep things organized, and in case you even have any spilling accident, the mess would be minimal, with most of your belongings stored safely inside the drawers. 

Make sure you follow the following tips when buying a rustic computer desk:

  • Look for ample desk height to help you stand with ease
  • Make sure it has an adequate amount of leg room that isn’t taken up by the depth of drawers
  • It must allow you multiple levels of adjustments
  • Choose a desk surface made of durable material

The surface of rustic desks is either made of wood or metal, depending on the brand you choose.

 Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk Computer Corner Desk

Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Desk Computer Corner Desk, PC Laptop Writing Study Desk for Home Office Wood & Metal, Dark Rustic

Acrylic and Glass Desks:

If you love to keep things fabulous in terms of style, comfort, and feel, then an acrylic desk tabletop or a glass desk surface can turn out to be the best option. The transparency factor in acrylic and glass materials gives the illusion of your work desks taking up very little or almost no space at all. 

man sitting at glass desks

It makes space look bigger and cleaner. While glass office desks are sure a classy and chic option, they might not be as durable as other materials. Instead, an acrylic work desk would help mimic an almost similar look minus the durability issue. 

It means an acrylic desk would be better if you are in search of a long term investment. Further, acrylic material is easy to customize, making it a wiser choice between the two. However, if elegance is what you crave, glass tabletops are the optimum choice for you. 

Here are some benefits of acrylic desks:

  • Resistant to temperature variations
  • They feature excellent optical transparency and clarity
  • Acrylic is impact resistant as compared to ordinary glass
  • Acrylic is light in weight with precision for machining
  • Acrylic material is resistant to chemical abrasion

Glass office desks benefits:

  • It is also resistant to temperature variations
  • Waterproof and dustproof material 
  • Aesthetically appealing & UV stable material
  • Easy to mold, resistant to rust & weathering
  • Recyclable material with aesthetic appeal & range of color availability
Flash Furniture L-Shaped Desk

Flash Furniture L-Shaped Desk 83.5″ Glass Computer Corner Desk

Metal Desks:

While wood, acrylic, glass, or any other material come with their own set of benefits, metal desks bring in their own glamor quotient to the room. Metal tabletops were once too bleak. 

However, with changes in design and continuous experimentation, these desks now stand indistinguishable from wooden furniture in terms of aesthetics. 

Benefits of metal desks:

  • Metal desks are easy to clean with no need for pest management
  • It can easily blend with or mimic the wooden furniture
  • Maximum durability with an easy clean make
  • Affordable pricing with a less frequent replacement cycle
Modway Gridiron Stainless Steel Office Desk in Silver

Modway Gridiron Stainless Steel Office Desk in Silver or Gold

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What kind of plywood do you use for a desk?

The best plywood to use for a desk is hardwood ply. Not only the hardwood ply offers a nice finish to your desk, but it won’t dent easily. However, the choice may vary from user to user. Many people also prefer birch ply for their desktops.

What is the best wood for a desk?

Hardwood is the best wood for a desk due to its natural color and strong build. So you can consider buying cherry wood, maple wood, black walnut wood, oak wood, and ash wood for your desk. The desks made of these hardwoods will go well with any workspace.

Conclusion – Best Desk Materials

Well, now that you know the different types of materials available for your computer desks, we hope you would choose wisely and invest in an option that helps you in your health & fitness journey. 

Depending on your budget or comfort, the desktop material you choose can vary. Remember, computer desks are your ally to better posture and pain-free work hours. So, make the best out of it and live a life free of that pricking body pain!

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