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Are you looking for the best office chair covers to protect your office chair against wear and tear, stains, and dirt? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we recommend the 7 best office chair covers in the market right now.

But first:

Benefits of Buying Office Chair Covers

woman sitting on chair with cover

One of the main reasons why most people prefer to cover their office chairs is due to wear and tear when the chair has been used for an extended period.

The constant shifting and sliding cause the chair to show signs of aging sooner than expected.

When this happens, purchasing a new office chair is not usually an option, especially if it still functions properly.

A lot of people often prefer to purchase chair seat covers not only to hide the signs of wear and tear but also to prevent further damage.

While wear and tear is the most common reason why most people opt for a chair cover, there are plenty of other reasons for doing so.

They include;

  • Protection from destructive pets and small children – Your children and pets will always have access to your office and this means one thing- potential risk of damages to your office furniture and even equipment. Get a cover to prevent scratches, tears, and cuts from your children and furry friends
  • Enhance the Style of the Chair – Most office chairs are plain colored, with the most common color being black. You can spice things up a little bit by purchasing a cover with a more vibrant color or one with beautiful flower prints and other patterns [1]
  • Protection Against Dirt and Stains – Dirt and stains on chairs are inevitable. If not cleaned regularly, the chair can easily become gross and dull. Attaching long-lasting office chair covers that are removable and easy to clean is one of the best ways to always keep your workspace clean and fresh

That said, here are the 7 office chair covers for your home office or work chair.

CAVEEN chair cover CAVEEN Dimensions – 8.27 x 8.27 x 0.79 inches
SARAFLORA chair cover SARAFLORA Dimensions – 7.6 x 7.2 x 1.8 inches
smiry chair cover smiry Dimensions – 8.82 x 7.36 x 2.4 inches
wonderfulwu chair cover wonderfulwu Dimensions – 8.5 x 7.1 x 2 inches

Deisy Dee chair cover Deisy Dee Dimensions – 8.1 x 4.9 x 1.9 inches

Melanovo chair cover Melanovo Dimensions – 7.6 x 5 x 2.2 inches

KUDOSALE chair cover KUDOSALE Dimensions – multiple sizes

Best Office Chair Covers (Top 7 Recommendations for 2021)

1. CAVEEN Office Chair Seat Covers Computer Universal Boss Covers

Protect your chair against wear from regular use, scratches from pets, and dirt with one of the best-selling office chair covers on Amazon, the CAVEEN Computer Universal Office Chair Cover.

The seat cover comes in four colors- including Black, Blue, Dark Gray, and Wine Red. You can choose a color that best suits your style and taste.

CAVEEN Office Chair Cover

As a universal seat cover made of stretchy office chair cover material, it’s designed to fit different types of chairs. However, the manufacturer recommends measuring the size of your chair before ordering.

The provided reference size range measurements are as follows;

  • Back height-27.6”-31.5”
  • Back width-17.7”-22.8”
  • Seat length-17.7”-22.8”
  • Seat width-17.7”-23.7”

The cover is made of soft and stretchy spandex material that easily conforms to any chair style for a perfect fit. The zippers on both sides also ensure a good fit.

It’s water-resistant (not waterproof), pet-proof, highly breathable, easy to clean and maintain, machine washable, and extremely durable.

The price is quite attractive as well.


  • Universal cover- fits most chair styles
  • Protects against dirt, stains, scratches, and wear
  • Excellent quality
  • Soft to touch and comfortable
  • Excellent breathability
  • Machine wash is allowed
  • Pet-friendly
  • Anti-slip
  • Easy to install
  • Price-friendly


  • Won’t fit very large chairs
  •  Doesn’t come with armrest covers

2. SARAFLORA Office Chair Covers Stretch Slipcovers

With multiple colors to choose from, the SARAFLORA SlipCover is an excellent choice if you’re looking to decorate and protect your office chair.

Some of the available colors include Black, Burgundy, Brown, Dark Pink, Grey, Ivory, Lilac, Red, White, and others. It’s also available in three sizes namely Small, Medium, and Large.

SARAFLORA Office Chair Cover

Refer to the measurements provided in the product description to ensure a perfect fit.

The cover features a premium elastic material (polyester and spandex combination) that gives it excellent flexibility to fit most chairs. The stretchy fabric also makes installing easy. The cover is also wrinkle-resistant, breathable, soft to touch, skin-friendly, and machine washable.

Both sizes feature durable zippers which ensure easy installation while preventing shedding.

Overall, this is a budget-friendly office chair cover that will give your old chair a brand new look while protecting it against dirt, wear, and even tough stains.


  • Excellent stretchability for a perfect fit for different chair types
  • High-quality polyester and spandex material
  • Unique design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Wide range of colors to choose from
  • Affordable pricing


  • Poor aSpandex material is too thin for most people’s liking
  • The quality of stitching is not very goodssembly instructions

3. Smiry Stretch Jacquard Office Computer Office Chair Covers

If yours is the small-sized rotating chair with a separate back and seat, then you’ll need a different type of slipcover, like the Smiry Stretch Jacquard Office Computer Chair Cover.

Made from stretchy Polyester and Spandex combination, this cover will easily slip and ensure a secure fit (thanks to the elastic edge which also ensures good space management) for maximum protection against spills, stains, and accidents.

smiry Office Computer Chair Cover

It features a rhombic lattice style jacquard fabric design that gives your chair a brand new look.

With so many colors to choose from, this high-quality office chair cover will give your old chair a brand new style that will blend in well with your office décor.

According to the manufacturer, this chair slipcover will fit chairs with the following dimensions;

  • Backrest width- 14”
  • Backrest height- 17”
  • Seat cushion width-15”
  • Seat cushion length-20”
  • Seat cushion thickness-1.3”-2.5”

It’s highly recommended that you first get the correct measurements before purchasing the cover. The manufacturer recommends allowing 0.5”-1” error due to manual measurement.

Overall, this is a durable cover that will offer excellent protection for your new office chair and enhance the appearance of your old, worn-out chair. It’s easy to wash (machine wash is only recommended with cold water) doesn’t wrinkle, doesn’t collect dust, and comes at an affordable price. It’s also a multipurpose cover that is suitable for dining chairs too.


  • Quality construction and good design
  • Wide range of color to choose from
  • Perfect protection against spills, stains, and wear and tear
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Anti-slip
  • Universal cover will fit all chairs with a similar design
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean- machine wash is allowed
  • Price-friendly


  • Few complaints about it not staying in place
smiry Office Computer Chair Cover

Smiry Stretch Jacquard

4. wonderfulwu Stretch Chair Covers Spandex and Polyester

Like the Smiry Stretch Chair Covers, the wonderfulwu Stretch Covers are specifically designed for office chairs with a separate backrest and seat.

The wonderfulwu chair cover is a universal slipcover for office chairs that is made of high-quality stretch cotton fabric that ensures a secure fit on your chair.

wonderfulwu Stretch Chair Cover

The durable cover is completely dustproof, meaning its special texture prevents dust from accumulating on the chair. The smooth stretchy fabric is also easy to clean and maintain. It is machine washable too. It’s easy to install and remove for cleaning or replacement.

Before ordering the slipcover, make sure you take the measurements of your chair to avoid ordering the wrong size. Reference these chair measurements before ordering:

  • Chair length-13.7 inches to 17.7 inches
  • Chair width-13.7 inches to 17.7 inches
  • Seat back height-13.7 inches to 16 inches
  • Seat back width-14 inches to 16 inches

It comes in so many color options. It shouldn’t be hard to find one that will easily match the rest of the office setup. It’s also quite cheap.


  • Variety of color and patterns to choose from
  • High-quality stretch material for durability and superior protection
  • Dustproof
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Universal
  • Budget-friendly
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


  • Small for some chairs according to reviews
wonderfulwu Stretch Chair Cover


5. Deisy Dee Computer Office Chair Covers

The Deisy Dee Computer Office Chair Cover is an excellent choice if you’re looking to transform your old chair or protect the new chair against spills, stains, dirt, and dust. It’s an excellent office option for a family with pets and kids.

With so many colors and decorative patterns to choose from, these simple yet stylish chair covers offer an easy way to upgrade your chair while sprucing up your workspace.

Deisy Dee Computer Office Chair Cover

It’s soft to touch yet durable and does not slip, making it a comfortable choice for a home office desk chair.

The Deisy Dee cover is super easy to install. Just open the zipper, slip it on the chair, pull it forward to cover the cushion, and then adjust it properly for a secure fit.

The manufacturer recommends using it on a chair with the following dimensions:

  • Back height-23.6”-27.1”
  • Back width-17.7”-21.6”
  • Seat cushion length-16.5”-20.5”
  • Seat cushion width-17.7”-21.6”

Overall, this is a high-quality cover that will easily transform the look of your office chair and even match the decoration style of your home.


  • Variety of patterns and color choices
  • High-quality construction
  • Easy to install
  • Fits securely- doesn’t slip unless when placed on the wrong size chair
  • Great protection for your chair


  • Thin material

6. Melanovo Computer Office Chair Covers

Made of 100% Polyester material, the Melanovo Computer Office Chair Cover is yet another premium chair cover that will offer the best protection against dirt, stains, and even resist spills.

It also comes in so many color and pattern variations that you’ll be spoilt for a choice.

Melanovo Computer Office Chair Cover

Whether you’re looking for a plain chair cover or one with flower prints, all you have to do is find the perfect match for you.

It’s easy to put on and stays in place without any issues.

As usual, be sure to take the measurements of your chair before ordering the Melanovo office chair cover to avoid fitting issues.

It’s suitable for the following chair sizes:

  • Chair back height-27.6”-31.5”
  • Chair back width-19.7”23.6”
  • Seat length-17.7”-21.7”
  • Seat width-19.7”-23.6”

Overall, this is a great cover that will fit most office chair styles. It’s stretchy, fitting, and easy to clean. It’s also a cost-friendly option.

7. KUDOSALE Stretchy Computer/Office Chair Cover with Zipper

This KUDOSALE is one of the best office chair covers designed to fit different types of office chairs.

However, it’s important to take the measurements of your chair before making the purchase to avoid ordering the wrong size.

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It is made of a stretchy fabric consisting of spandex and polyester that will easily fit into different chair designs and sizes. The material is strong enough to protect your office chair against wear and tear from prolonged use, dirt, and stains.

It also offers a creative way to redecorate your office chair and even transform your old chair by giving it a new look. You don’t need to spend a lot of money getting a new chair if the leather is peeling off or the material is fraying. The cover is a great way to save money.

It comes in three sizes- Large, Medium, and Small. To pick the correct size cover, measure your furniture before purchasing. The reference sizes for all the 3 sizes have been provided in the instructions.


  • Strong and durable fabric
  • Offers protection against wear and tear and dirt
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Perfect fit
  • Suitable for different types of office chairs
  • Budget-friendly


  • Large size may be small for large-sized chairs

Looking for more accessories for your office chair? Check out our article about the Best Office Chair Accessories.

Best Office Chair Covers- Bottom Line

These are the 7 best office chair covers that will enhance the look of your chair while protecting it against wear and tear, dirt, dust, and spills. The office chair covers are made of strong stretchy materials for a secure fit and durability.

They also come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Simply choose the covers that best match your style and that of your home office.

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