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Sitting on a standard traditional desk chair for up to 8 hours at home or in the office can take a toll on your body, not to mention affect your productivity. If you’re looking to replace your old chair with an ergonomic model, you might want to have a look at the Workpro 1000 Series.

The WorkPro 1000 Series task chair is a high-quality office chair that is designed to fit the average office worker’s needs. We are talking about top-notch ergonomics so you can sit for many hours without experiencing pain in the back, neck, and legs, great stability, sturdy construction, and reasonable pricing.

If you’ve been eyeing the Workpro 1000 Series Task Chair Mid-Back Chair Mesh for a while but aren’t sure whether it’s worth purchasing, read on. At the end of this review, you’ll be in a better position to decide whether it’s worth your time or not. Let’s dive right in!

WORKPRO Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair WORKPRO Mid-Back Mesh Task Chair Item Dimensions 26 x 23.75 x 38.5 inches

WorkPro 1000 Task Chair Review – Features

WorkPro 1000 Task Chair  front view

1. Ergonomics

WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair is hands down one of the best ergonomic office chairs in the market right now.

The chair’s backrest features built-in lumbar support that is not only firm and sturdy, but also keeps your back upright while its curved shape mimics the natural curve of your spine for better spinal alignment. However, the back support of the chair cannot be adjusted as seen on most chairs.

However, this isn’t really a big problem since the manufacturer has solved this with a unique feature known as the Seat Depth Slider. [1] The chair comes with a cable control mechanism with a seat slider that lets you adjust the seat back and forth until you find your sweet spot.

Seat Slider

The seat slider feature is unique and you won’t find it in many chairs. So this is definitely a huge plus as this is a feature that most office workers often wish to have on their chairs. If you’re particularly short or tall, you’re absolutely going to love this innovative feature on Workpro 1000 Series Task Chair.

The chair also comes with a tilt mechanism that allows you to tilt back a little, set the perfect tilt tension, and lock into place. It does not recline though but with the tilt functionality, the chair allows you to ease the stress and fatigue on your back after an 8-10 brutal work session.

The WorkPro is also height adjustable. It comes with a built-in pneumatic seat height adjustment system that allows for smooth height adjustability. It allows you to adjust the seat to a level where you can sit comfortably on the chair with your feet flat on the floor. The lowest seat height is 19” while the highest is 22.5”.


The armrests are height and pivot adjustable too. You can raise, lower, or rotate them until you find a comfortable spot that is adjacent to your office desk and one that suits your body size.

However, the fact that these armrests do not lock in place can be frustrating for most people. I’ve seen some users complaining about their armrests feeling a little bit lose instead of firm whenever you try to place your elbows.

Still, on the ergonomics, the WorkPro 1000 Series Mid-Back Chair keeps you cool and comfortable even during those hot working days thanks to its highly breathable mesh back. The mesh material is flexible, breathable, firm, and supportive for all-day comfort.

Seat Cushion

The seat cushion is also constructed with a breathable mesh fabric that keeps your backside cool and comfortable as it can get really hot down there. The seat cushion also contains memory foam material that feels soft and comfortable.

Generally, the seat is comfortable according to a lot of users who purchased this chair.

However, due to the hard mesh on the seat, it’s probably not a good idea to sit on it while wearing shorts. It can be seriously uncomfortable.

Overall, the WorkPro’s ergonomics are quite good.

Compared to most chairs, this model has plenty of adjustments and this ensures that individuals of different sizes can find their most comfortable spot for a stress-free working experience.

WorkPro 1000 Task Chair  side view

Although it lacks essential adjustments like backrest and lumbar support adjustments, it’s a really comfortable chair that will match the needs of the average person.

2. Construction and Durability

A lot of customers have not only praised WorkPro’s sturdy and durable construction, but they also love the fact that it’s made with recycled materials. If you’re environmentally conscious, this is the chair for you.

According to the manufacturer, the chair is made with a whopping 95 % total recycled materials, which include 95% post-consumer content. You’re basically saving the environment by helping reduce waste while saving on resources.

As far as durability is concerned, the chair is incredibly durable without compromising on comfort or support.

It’s quite sturdy and robust with hard and impact-resistant black nylon construction on the frame and a heavy-duty chrome 5-point starbase that provides superior stability.

The chair features heavy-duty construction that supports users weighing up to 250lbs. Of course, the weight capacity is high, but if you’re on the heavier side (300lbs and above), this is not the right chair for you.

The sturdy PVC caster wheels roll smoothly and quietly on your carpet. However, to avoid scratching or denting your floor, it’s advisable to place an office chair mat under the chair.

Overall, the Workpro 1000 Series task chair is among the few chairs in the market that are built to last. It’s very durable and the best thing is that you get it at a reasonable price.

3. Aesthetics

The WorkPro 1000 Series Mid-Back Chair Mesh Task Chair is black in color. It does not come in any other color, which is a disadvantage for those who want to spice up their office environment with more vibrant colors.

workpro quantum series 100 front view

On the bright side, the black chair will blend in perfectly with any home office or workplace décor. [2]

As far as the design is concerned, it’s no different from the huge majority of chairs in the market.

The backrest is separate from the seat and is covered in a breathable and transparent mesh fabric.

The entire frame is made of hardened black nylon material, including the 5-point base.

Overall, there isn’t much to talk about the aesthetics of this model as it’s one of the least appealing work chairs in the market. Thankfully, the manufacturer has clearly put more effort into the ergonomics, which is a good thing.

4. Assembly

The WorkPro is super easy to assemble. If there is one thing that the chair has received lots of praise for is its ease of assembly.

It comes in 5 pieces but most parts come pre-assembled. It takes 10-15 minutes to assemble it, plus the manufacturer has included a handy hex wrench and the required tools.

5. Pricing

I’ve seen some users say that the WorkPro 1000 Series Office Chair is a better and cheaper alternative to the Herman Miller Aeron chair which costs almost 3 times as much as this model. The price point is pretty great.

This is a huge deal considering the Herman Miller Aeron is an expensive chair. The WorkPro may not be as comfortable and durable as the Aeron, but it does hold up pretty well and is an excellent choice for those 8-10 hours work stretches.

How Does the WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair Compare to the WorkPro 9000, 4000, and 12000 Series?

WorkPro 1000 vs 9000

Work Pro 1000 vs 9000

You probably already know that the 1000 series isn’t the only model in the WorkPro office chair line. There is the WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh Chair that bears a huge similarity to the 1000 series.

However, they differ in a few ways like the backrest design, weight capacity (9000 series supports up to 275lbs), size, seat padding, and overall style. There is also a difference in pricing where the 9000 series is significantly more expensive compared to the 1000 series.

WorkPro 1000 vs 4000

Work Pro 1000 vs 4000

There are also a few notable differences between the 1000 and the 4000 series. The most notable difference is the overall style and a much thicker seat padding with a prominent waterfall seat edge on the 4000 series.

The 4000 series is also larger in size with a higher back compared to the 1000 series, thus making it a more suitable option for big and tall individuals. The weight capacity of the 4000 series is also higher at 275lbs. There is also a difference in price.

WorkPro 1000 vs 12000

Work Pro 1000 vs 12000

The design of the WorkPro 12000 Task Chair boasts of a managerial style, which sets it apart from the 1000 series. Its overall dimensions are also bigger (38-5/16″ to 44-7/8″H x 26-3/8″W x 26-15/16″ D) compared to the 1000 model.

Like both the 4000 and 9000 series, the 12000 WorkPro office chair also has a prominent waterfall seat edge and a higher weight capacity of up t0 275lbs.

WorkPro 1000 Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomic design provides maximum comfort while sitting for long hours
  • Breathable back mesh material keeps you cool and comfortable during hot working days
  • Good adjustability-Multiple adjustable features to set your preferred comfort level
  • Curved backrest for reduced risk of lower back pain, fatigue, and better sitting posture
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Waterfall seat edge for reduced leg muscle pain and increased circulation
  • Excellent stability thanks to the sturdy chrome base
  • Smooth and quiet rolling caster wheels
  • Assembly is easy
  • Reasonable price-point
  • Positive reviews from happy customers


  • Few complaints about the armrests not having a locking feature-they are loose and won’t stay in place
  • Not suitable for heavy individuals- can only support users weighing only up to 250lbs
  • Does not have an adjustable lumbar support
  • Little padding on the seat, plus the mesh makes it hard and uncomfortable especially if wearing shorts
WorkPro 1000 Task Chair  front view

WorkPro 1000 Task Chair

WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair Review – Bottom Line

The WorkPro Task Chair is an excellent chair if you’re looking to upgrade to a more ergonomic and durable office chair for your workspace.

It offers the much-needed comfort and support when you sit all day long. It has time and again been considered a cheaper alternative to the mighty Herman Miller Aeron chair, so you’re definitely getting a good deal for the money.

The chair is perfect for long working hours and it will hold up pretty well over the years thanks to its sturdy construction. The only issue is that it’s not suitable for big people but all other factors considered, it’s an excellent purchase.

Still not convinced? Check out more high quality office chairs.

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