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The Hbada ergonomic office chair is wildly popular. The sleek-looking chair has great ratings for ergonomics and falls in the budget price range while offering you a list of features found in the expensive models.

And the small design makes it the perfect fit for your small home office without taking up a lot of floor space.

We have researched more about this Hbada model and put together the following comprehensive Hbada office task desk chair review to help you understand it better and easily decide if this task chair will work for your workspace.

white hbada desk chair in room

Hbada ergonomic office chair key specs:

Before we get into more in-depth details of this office desk task chair, let’s have a quick rundown of its key specifications below.

Height 35.8 – 39.4 – Diameter 23.6 x inches
Seat Depth
19.7 inches
Seat Width
19.7 inches
Backrest height
18.5 inches
Size Options
one size
90-degree flippable
Max Capacity
90-120 degrees
Lumbar Support
S-shaped backrest, not adjustable
1 Year


The Hbada office task chair doesn’t come assembled, which means you’ll have to pull it together so that you can start using it. With that said, you’ll get curious as to how easy it is to assemble the chair for use.

The truth is this chair is super-easy to put together.

Everything you need to pull it together into a complete piece is included in the box. The step-by-step, clear instructions are easy to understand, though you might not even need to look at them.

The screws needed are included in the box (including extras, just in case you lose any screws) that you’ll need to put in their right place.

All the parts come clearly marked with removable tags to help you orient them properly. These tags are pretty helpful and make the whole process even easier and faster for you.

It is also worth noting that the manufacturer includes an Allen wrench to make your job hassle-free and fast.

Build quality

hbada task chair mesh material

The Hbada office chair is well made using sturdy and durable plastic parts. This plastic combines with good workmanship to make it one of the decently sturdy and stable chairs available.

It has a weight capacity of 250lbs which we can directly attribute to its good build quality.

The armrests of this Hbada chair are also made of the same hard plastic material which makes them more durable and long-lasting compared to padded chairs.

While lack of padding may deprive your arms of comfort when you support yourself with these armrests, the flipside is that they’ll outlast the padded options.

As for the back, the Hbada features a sturdy and durable mesh material that doesn’t deform easily, further enhancing the seat’s overall durability.

Mesh chairs might not be a favorite for everyone, but they help keep you cool when working in hot weather.


hbada desk chair measurements

The HBADA office task chair will most probably be the most compact model you’ve ever had!

The overall dimensions of this Hbada lie on the small side, making it a great choice for use in offices where space is limited. The small design also means it will comfortably accommodate adults and teenagers with small body types.

It also outperforms most office ergonomic chairs out there with its 3D flip-up arms—a nice and convenient feature that helps you easily tuck it under your desk and save space.

So, if you’re looking for a small office chair that easily fits in the tightest of spaces or for use in areas that aren’t fully dedicated for home office, this Hbada ergonomic office model will be a good choice.

If you have set your workspace in multi-use rooms like living room, bedroom, walk-in closet, corner spot, etc., this chair will also make a good choice for you.

Weight capacity

The manufacturer states that the Hbada office chair can support users up to 250lbs. For a chair to support users with such a bodyweight, it ought to be well made, durable, and extremely stable.

As we have seen above, Hbada is made with solid plastic materials and has a stable base, enabling it to hold body weights below 250lbs without feeling wobbly or breaking apart.

A word of advice, however, is that you should always make sure you’re below the recommended maximum weight limit, just to be on the safer side. In other words, you should look for other options if your body weighs 250lbs.

For this specific chair, we would suggest that you limit it to a maximum capacity of 180lbs.


hbada black

The looks of this office chair are one another level and it’s no doubt one of the reasons this chair stands from the rest of the pack and receives such overwhelming popularity all over.

It combines black and white colors to form a stylish office chair that looks good in your workspace. The screws have a different color from the rest of the chair, however, and might come out as an aesthetic flaw to some people.

But there’s a story behind its design. The manufacturer explains that the chair was inspired by the penguin’s shape. This explains why its arms are made to move independently—just like a waving penguin!

For great looks, most of the other models in its price range (or even the higher-end ergonomic office chairs) can’t compete with the Hbada office task chair!


  • sleek and elegant looks
  • height adjustment function
  • affordable price point
  • assembly is easy
  • smooth and quiet rolling casters
  • space-saving design
  • ergonomic backrest design
  • flip-up arm rests
  • breathable mesh fabric back


  • armrests are uncomfortable; not padded
  • cushion might deform with continued use
  • not suitable the big guys
Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair


hbada adjustability

Adjustable features are good to have in a task chair. That said, the adjustable features for this chair are good, but not the best compared to other related products that appear in the higher end of the price spectrum.

To start with, this seat has an adjustable height from 17.7 to 21.2 inches. This is only 3 inches of wriggle room for the seat height, which isn’t anything significant.

But it is still a good seat height range to enable you to adjust it to comfortably accommodate you.

The lowest seat height setting (17.7-inch setting) goes pretty low and will ensure short users around 5′ can sit on this chair with their feet flat against the floor and not hanging in the air like in other chairs.

Simply put, this seat height adjustment range will suit users from 5 to 6 feet tall.

You’ll also be able to tilt its backrest up to 120 degrees. However, locking the recline angle into place isn’t possible in this chair. Sorry.

Still, on the reclining function, this Hbada presents you with a tilt tension control knob to let you easily customize the force needed to rock the seat backrest—helping you periodically release spinal cord pressure that comes with an upright sitting position.

The average adjustability performance you get here is great considering the budget price point of this Hbada office chair.


The flip-up arms are a hallmark for this desk task chair. They can flip up or down (remember the penguin inspiration behind this chair?).

Now, whether you set these armrests up or down, they’ll still prove helpful. For instance, if you have a low desk and prefer sitting which your chair partially under the desk, then all you have to do is flip the armrest up and out of the way.

If you have a small workspace or use this chair in a multi-functional room, all you have to do is flip down these armrests to enable the chair to get under the desk and you’ll free up quite a significant amount of space.

People who play musical instruments will also find the ability to get the armrests out of the way pretty convenient to them.

Besides, bigger guys would like to have the arms out of the way when they sprawl out of the seat, further making the flipabiltiy of these armrests helpful.

See, flippable armrests are just great!

One area where these armrests fail is that when you set them to their correct position, they reach a maximum height of around 27 inches.

Clearly, this is quite low for a standard desk measuring 29 inches high. And as such, they will not be that helpful in supporting your arms when you’re working on your computer or writing.

However, this low height will work well for short people or teenagers.

Hbada office chair Lumbar Support

hbada ergonomics

The lumbar support offered by this chair isn’t the best compared to the high-end chairs like those offered by Herman Miller. But again, it isn’t that bad for the price.

A quick look, you’ll notice that the lumbar support is S-curved [1] to enable it to flow with the natural curve of your lower back and offer you good support.

However, the curve isn’t anything close to the true S-shape ergonomic office chair design that truly follows your spine to offer you long hours of comfortable seating with a proper posture. The good thing is it will still offer you a fair amount of support and let you comfortably work in your work area for hours.

The seat doesn’t offer you adjustable lumbar support. This throws it far behind chairs like the Herman Miller Aeron task model that has adjustable lumbar support for more targeted lumbar support.

The fact that the backrest is mesh fabric means that this decent office chair will offer you flexible lumbar support.

For users with a bad back, you might want to look for more ergonomic office chairs that will take good care of your back as you sit for hours in your workspace.


If you like reclining when working, Hbada will make a good choice for you. The seat is made with a reclining back that tilts through 120 degrees to let you lean back to relax or take a quick power nap in the reclined position.

But keep in mind that the back doesn’t tilt independently as is the case in high-end chairs. Instead, it tilts together with the seat. It is also not a high-back desk chair.

You’ll be particularly impressed by this breathable mesh fabric material used for the chair’s backrest. The mesh office chairs are known for providing you with strong and flexible lower back support and keeping you cool at the same time. It feels springy and comfortable and will serve your comfort needs.

The breathable mesh [2] back will facilitate excellent ventilation (or if you like, free air circulation) and prevent your back from getting soaked in sweat when working in the hot summer months.

If you reside in areas with hot climates, this breathable mesh back is a big one for you.

Since this mesh chair back is made from smooth material, it won’t irritate your exposed skin, say when wearing a tank top. Some mesh chairs are notorious for irritating you, so it’s a plus for the Hbada!

Seat design

hbada seat cushion

Have you lost hope of finding a comfy seat at a budget price? if yes, this office chair will rekindle your hope. It comes armed with a seat cushion that feels firm and extremely comfortable for you.

And after sitting on this chair for a few days, it will dispel your worries about the cushion losing its firmness and forming a crater. The seat padding will maintain its bounciness and won’t easily deform like in other low-end office chairs.

However, the longevity of the seat cushion is questionable. Going through the previous users’ reviews, we noticed a handful of users complaining about the seat losing its firmness after months of use.

We also discovered a small design flaw in this seat which is the lack of a pronounced waterfall edge.

This isn’t a good sign because when you sit on the chair for long working hours, it will most likely start building pressure in your hips and you might end up feeling uncomfortable and losing focus.

Some users, however, explained they combated this pressure issue by bringing the height down a bit.

Seat depth and width

Compared to the high-end chairs, this Hbada office task chair comes with a non-adjustable seat depth. It is fixed at 19 inches. Nonetheless, this is no deal-breaker as the seat will still fit most people without any issues.

The seat width is also around 19 inches and will comfortably accommodate you and let you move freely in your chair and not feel restricted.

Swivel base

The office chair was designed for high mobility. This is evidenced by its ability to swivel through 360 degrees.

This lets you move in all directions in your workspace without necessarily pulling your chair from your desk. Everything you need in your workroom will be within arm’s reach with this function.

Portability (movability)

The seat is also equipped with up to 5 solid caster wheels which aid in moving the chair around your room.

The casters roll silently and smoothly, unlike those in some chairs that make a lot of noise and distract your workmates or other people in your home.

And at only 25lbs, the chair is also surprisingly light! This further makes it easy to move around your work area or from one room to another in your house.

Value for money

It is easy to spot an overpriced office chair by just weighing what it offers you vs the price tag. The case of Hbada office chair is a budget-priced chair that offers you some of the fantastic features present in higher-priced office chairs.

The chair ticks the boxes for comfort, adjustability, basic lumbar support, and has a decent build quality. These aspects are hard to find in budget chairs. The fit and finish of the chair is great for the price.

If you’re looking for an office desk chair that offers you good value for money, the Hbada task chair should top your list of options. All the previous users agree that this office chair is one of the well-priced products and offers good value for money.

Pros and Cons of the Hbada Office Task Desk Chair


  • sleek and elegant looks
  • height adjustment function
  • affordable price point
  • assembly is easy
  • smooth and quiet rolling casters
  • space-saving design
  • ergonomic backrest design
  • flip-up arm rests
  • breathable mesh fabric back


  • armrests are uncomfortable; not padded
  • cushion might deform with continued use
  • not suitable the big guys
Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Who is the Hbada office desk chair for?

Having looked at all the aspects of the Hbada task chair, it is quite clear that it will make a perfect match for a petite adult or teenager looking for a comfortable office chair on a budget.

If you usually spend long hours working in the home office, this desk chair might not be for you. There are better ergonomic office chairs than this model. This chair falls in the category of office chairs that are suitable for working for fewer hours, say 2-4 hours.

Its compact design makes it a good choice for users with small workspace space or those who plan to use it in a multi-use room.

The sleek looks make it a good choice for those with a taste for stylish things. And who doesn’t?

Overall, if you’re looking for a decent desk task chair that has got sleek looks and won’t break the bank, then the Hbada task chair is for you.

Final words

That’s it about our Hbada office chair in-depth review. We have covered everything you need to know about this Hbada office task chair and we’re now hopeful that you’ll have an easy time deciding whether it will make one of the perfect chairs for your workroom.

The sleek looks and the attractive pricetag will pull you closer to this chair.

And the features and benefits you get are far beyond the money you pay for it. This makes Hbada ergonomic office chair a budget ergonomic chair that’s well worth the price and a great addition to your small home workspace.

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