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If you’re a serious gamer and want to upgrade to a sturdier, roomy desk that will hold all your equipment, the Flexispot ergonomic gaming desk is a potential candidate for you.

The article below will take you through the full review of this Flexispot gaming desk to enlighten you on how the desk performs in key areas, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and whether it’s worth spending your money on.

By the time you’re done reading this review, you’ll have decided on whether this is your dream gaming desk.

best overallergonomic_gaming_desk_with_mouse_pad_-_63w-1222-1_1 63″ W Top: 63″(W) x 28.7″(D) 
Height: 27.6″ /29.5″ /31.5″
Max capacity: 176 lbs
3 fixed positions
2 sizeselectric_height_adjustable_gaming_desk_with_mouse_pad_ec1_en1-1116-1 EC1/EN1 Top: 48″(W) x 30″(D) OR
  55″(W) x 28″(D)
Height: 28″ – 47.6″
Max capacity: 154lbs
Electric / stageless
electricelectric_height_adjustable_gaming_desk_-_48_w-0317-1 48″ W Top: 48″(W) x 24″(D)
Height: 29.7″ – 49.4″
Max capacity: 110lbs
Electric / stageless
best budgetgd101-800 GD1B – 48″ W Top: 47.6″(W) x 29.5″(D)
Height: 29.5″
Shelf Board Size 47.6″x7.8″
Max capacity: 165lbs

Flexispot ergonomic gaming desk overview

The Flexispot ergonomic gaming desk with 63 inches is an extra-large model proudly designed by Flexispot, a leading brand in the production of quality home office furniture.

Designed with gamers in mind, this Flexispot model is a darling for many gamers.

Key features that put it on the map include an extra-large surface, customizable height, a full desk mousepad, and a bunch of convenient accessories.

Now let’s dig deeper into this 63″ desk and see how it expresses itself in the key areas…


flexispot gaming desk review featured image

The assembly part is a breeze for this Flexispot ergonomic gaming desk. The instructions are pretty easy to follow. This is probably one of the easiest to put together desks for gaming you’ve ever had.

It is, however, worth noting that the legs can get a bit heavy and the assembly can feel a bit tedious if only one person is putting it together. Get an extra pair of hands for a hassle-free, quick setup.

Disassembling this Flexispot ergonomic gaming desk is also quite easy. You should have an easy time taking it apart if the need arises.

Gaming desk setup

ergonomic gaming desk setup

You’ll, no doubt, be fascinated with your final product after putting it together.

The desk has a good height and you can easily adjust it to a comfortable for both short and tall gamers. Users as tall as 6 feet still find this desk comfortable when they sit in front of it, so you can picture how huge it is.

One thing setting this Flexispot ergonomic gaming desk from other models is the large, unobstructed underneath desk space.

This provides you with enough room for holding your computer tower, peripherals, and other accessories without cramping your legs like other desks for you to do.

Ultimately, you’ll feel comfortable on this desk and you can focus on what really matters—playing games!

Build quality

One of the reasons this gaming desk is extremely popular revolves around its sturdy construction.

Its frame is made of thick metal for maximum strength and durability. The desk feels super-steady and super-strong. This frame is made to last forever! You can rest assured that this desk will safely hold all your expensive video gaming gear.

The desk frame feels extremely stable provided you follow the assembly instructions to the letter. It has no wobble, even when packed to a maximum weight capacity, making it one of the most stable desks around.

The top is made of particleboard [1] that has a nice quality and will last a while. And it is covered by a nice-looking faux carbon fiber layer and a mouse pad on top.

Talking of the mouse pad…

Fully covered mouse pad

flexispot mouse pad

The entire desk top surface area is covered by a sturdy full desk mouse pad. The 3mm thick pad is made from silicone with a cloth microfiber surface and solid stitches on the edge to ensure it lasts for a long time.

This black and red mousepad will help protect the desk surface as well as cushion your arms when using the keyboard or mouse to enjoy playing your favorite games.

Since this pad is pretty smooth, it will make your mouse easy to use move around during gameplay.

We also like that this pad is waterproof and quickly wicks any accidental spills you make on your table into a puddle for you to wipe it up easily.

If you don’t like this pad, however, you can easily remove it to expose the carbon fiber layer which still looks nice.


gaming desk on carpet

The Flexispot ergonomic gaming desk has a modern-looking construction and is fairly stylish.

It is characterized by nice black finished metal legs. It also features an attractive dark finished top with red and black colors that you can match with a red/black chair or a red/black themed gaming station.

Keep in mind that the Flexispot logo, as well as a large red heartbeat symbol, come printed in the middle of this desk. If you don’t like it, you can just take the mousepad of or substitute it with another Flexispot model you like.

Cable management system

A convenient cable management net enables you to conveniently store all your cords and ensure you have no hanging or tangled cables underneath your desk at all times.

Clearly, this enables you to easily achieve a neat gaming setup!

You’ll also like that this desk also features two holes and grommets on either side to further help with cord management.

The grommets have moveable shutters to enable you to open or close the holes when not in use. What’s more, these grommets aid in holding down the full-size mouse pad that covers the entire desktop.


The desk is height adjustable in up to three different settings (28, 30, and 32 inches), so you can set it according to your body height for a comfortable gaming setup for you to play games.

With these versatile settings, the desk can even switch between sitting and standing positions.

As you already know, sitting for long can hurt your health, so the ability to use this model from Flexispot as a standing desk is a major plus for you.

flexispot gmaing desk measurements

Making the adjustments is super-easy as you just need to undo the screws to loosen the legs, adjust them, and then tighten the screws back to lock in the new height.

However, keep in mind that you might be forced to turn over your desk to readjust the height, forcing you to remove all the gear off the table.

Alternatively, you can pick one of the electrically adjustable models from our comparison table.

Not sure if you should pick a fully electric model? Check out our article about standing desks for gaming.


gaming desk with mouse pad

The amount of desktop space offered by this desk is 63 inches by is 29.5 inches and is on the generous side.

With such a vast amount of work area, this model will offer you plenty of space for up to two or three monitors (depending on their size), with room to spare for your PS5 or Xbox Series S, keyboard, PC, and even extras like speakers.

It can also hold monitor arms or even a dual-arm for a dual monitor setup without any issues.

Don’t forget that a cup holder and a headset holder that attach to the bottom of the desk are included in the box. These offer you extra room for your gear and leave you with room to spare on the desktop.

The cupholder, in particular, is a nice touch that helps you keep liquids off the surface.

The maximum weight limit for this Flexispot ergonomic gaming desk for this desktop is 176lbs, proving it’s capable of safely holding up to two laptops or 3 monitors.

Overall, if your old desk is short on space to hold all your video gaming gear and accessories, this gaming furniture should be your top choice.

What we liked:

  • extremely durable frame
  • easy and quick to assemble
  • convenient cup holder
  • headphone hook
  • built-in mouse pad
  • custom height settings
  • lots of desktop space
  • accommodates multiple monitors
  • cable management system

What we didn’t like:

  • price is a bit high
  • the mouse pad isn’t easy to write on
  • cup and headphone holder feel flimsy
  • it is large and takes up a lot of space
flexispot Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad

Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad – 63″ W

Value for money

The price tag put on this Flexispot ergonomic gaming desk is reasonable considering what you get. It’s the rule of thumb in play here: you get what you pay for.

There are no shortcuts in materials and overall craftsmanship for this game room furniture.

It has got the bells and whistles like the mouse pad, headset holder, cup holder.

The amount of desktop space is super wide to hold all your gear. Adjustability is top-notch to fit different user needs.

And the quality is great, so this piece of furniture will live long enough to give you value for your money compared to cheaper models that you need to replace more often.

As the previous users’ reviews agree, this is a good desk and a great buy at its price point.



electric adjustable gaming desk

48″ W electric

flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk - 48" W

GD1B – 48″ W fixed

flexispot Gaming Desk GD1B - 48" W

Our verdict

That’s all for our Flexispot ergonomic gaming desk review. This desk is a pleasure to own. It is generous on the amount of workspace. It is adjustable. It has a quality frame and desktop construction. And it has got the bells and whistles which offer you a level of luxury.

We highly recommend this great desk to anyone looking for a sturdy and spacious top that they can use for a long time without bothering with replacements. The price is worth it for the nice list of features plus a quality, long-lasting construction.

Also, looking for a standing desk converter? Read our Flexispot standing desk converter review, or our comparison with VariDesk.

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