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We all know by now that the sedentary lifestyle is the cause of all kinds of modern health problems when you sit for long hours every single day.

One modern approach to that is a standing desk combined with ergonomic office furniture. But as we also know, professional ergonomic office furniture can be a significant investment. Yet you would be surprised how cheap you can get a sit-stand desk nowadays.

But let’s find out how much standing desks are today.

How Much Is A Height Adjustable Standing Desk?

The answer to that question really depends on multiple factors. A couple of years ago you could be certain that an electric sit-stand desk cost at least several hundreds of dollars if not even one thousand and above.


But since they grew as a trend [1] sit-stand desks became more common and a lot of companies started producing them. Thus the prices went down by a lot, especially considering the different kinds of deks.

So let’s see what kind of options you get.

Different Types Of A Sit-Stand Desk

Electric standing desks (single and dual motor)

This is the full experience height-adjustable sit-stand desk, that changes its height by just pressing a single button.

It’s the most convenient option because the transition between sitting and standing is so easy.

Also, some of these desks have a memory function, where you can store your personal preferences, so you don’t have to readjust every time you change positions.

electric standing desk remote

Another differentiation you can take on those desks is single or dual-motor models (which are more powerful), or two and three-level models (which can be adjusted higher for tall people).

Manual Crank

These desks are the next best options. They still deliver the full desk experience yet the height adjustment is a little bit more laborious.

For that, you can use a manual crank.

But it takes a little bit more time and effort to adjust the desk height, thus you may don’t use it that often to change your positions or leave it just in one position permanently.

manual crank for standing desk

Otherwise, they are more affordable than electric desks.

Converter/Laptop Stands

If you already have a desk, don’t want to buy a whole new desk, or if you mostly use a laptop, the most common option is a converter or laptop stand.

These can also have one surface level, or two, to elevate your laptop more on eye level and use another keyboard on the lower level.

They convert manually, but other than the manual desk you usually have to pull up the whole desk yourself, or they have a hydraulic system that makes that easier.

VIVO Standing 32 inch Desk Converter

Some very minimalistic designs can also look like adjustable boards with shelves. Converters also seem to be the cheapest choice of all of the standing desk options.

Also, they’re the smallest ones that you can just simply put on your standard desk.

Mobile Carts

Another option is a mobile cart, which you’ll usually find in hospitals or workshops where your work requires having mobile workstations by nature.

Those are not very common in private households, but also quite a cheap option.

Which Other Factors Determine The Price Of A Great Desk?


All kinds of desks come in different quality levels. The fabrication and sturdiness can be huge price deciding factors.

The noise level of the motors will also show if you picked a good quality model. But overall, most manufacturers produce a very decent quality nowadays.


Most of the sit-to-stand desks are made out of steel. Thus they are quite heavy but also very stable, which is important when you elevate your desktop.

Only if your desk is standing stable it’s safe.

The tabletops come in all kinds of materials, from plywood, MDF, or solid wood. Some models will be more expensive based on the material of the tabletop. If you take exotic wood for example the price can go up very quickly.


The size of the table often plays a role. The bigger the work surface, the higher the price.


There are two different base models you can get. A T-base and a C-base.

If you look from the side of the table you can have center support right in the middle, then you have a T-base.

Also, you can have the support beam on the back, so the work surfaces seem to “float” a little bit more towards the seating side, then you have a C-base.

A C-base is usually more convenient because if you have long legs and you sit at your table your knees can hit the beam when it’s in the middle of the tabletop.

t-base desk frame
c-base desk frame

But C-base tables are also more expensive.


Buying a height-adjustable desk from an established brand can also cost you more money than you would have to spend choosing a less known brand.

Some of the brands even have the same manufacturer for their products and only change the branding on them.

So don’t be surprised if you find two products that look exactly the same, but are sold from two different vendors for a different price.

The difference you pay can be for the company branding.

What Does An Electric Standing Desk Cost?

Believe it or not, you can get an electric sit-stand desk for around $200 and pay up to multiple thousands, depending on the brand, desktop material, and size of the tabletop.

For $200 you can get a T-base sit-stand desk with a simple remote with two buttons, up and down.

For a little bit more you can already get a full table with memory function and anti-collision technology to protect your office and the surroundings.

What Does A Manual Standing Desk Cost?

A manually operated one starts at $150 but can also cost up to $1000 when choosing a C-base model with glass finish etc.

So when functionality is your main concern then you can get those fairly cheap.

What Does A Standing Desk Converter Cost?

The cheapest converter starts at around $80 and goes up to around $350. So at the top price range, you can also get a very decent electric sit-stand desk.

Cheap Alternatives

If you want to experience a standing workstation you don’t have to buy an expensive model right at the beginning.

You can also elevate your workspace with simple standing desk alternatives like boxes or shelves or putting your laptop on the window ledge.

A laptop isn’t heavy and you can put it up wherever you like to. Just pay attention to the right ergonomic setup to work with.

When you’re using a stationary PC you can get a monitor mount to adjust your monitor quickly and put your mouse and keyboard on a box. Just be creative.

Our Recommendation For Different Budgets

Under $100

If you’re strictly on a budget we recommend getting creative. By using a laptop you can use all of your surroundings or boxes etc, to put it in a higher position, so you can stand while working.

When you’re using a stationary PC get a monitor mount and a lightbox you can up your keyboard and mouse on.

Alternatively, you can try our bamboo desk riser.

Under $200

Get a mini desk converter or laptop stand. A cheap manual height adjustable standing desk should be also within your options.

If you don’t care about quality, you can also find a small electric one for the same price.

For that purpose, we have curated a list of the best standing desk under $200.

Under $350

You can get a very good quality electric sit stand desk with memory function and anti-collision control for that price.

Check out our Model from Costway which also has built-in wire management as extra add-on.

Over $350

If budget is not a problem we highly recommend Fully Jarvis as a company that provides high-quality products with beautiful designs.

Check out our full review of the Jarvis Bamboo Desks.


What is the cheapest standing desk?

The cheapest model you can get is a riser that starts at $80.

Are standing desks worth it?

Yes, they are worth it, because they give you the option to switch your positions and thus prevent numerous health risks caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

Now you know everything you need to know when you consider buying height adjustable standing desks.

Because of the popularity of this office furniture, they became way cheaper than just a couple of years ago and everybody can afford one of the various options to leave their sitting position and risks of sedentary lifestyles while working [2].

Now it only depends on your budget to choose your sit-stand home office equipment.

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