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Standing desks continue to be the ultimate choice for fighting excessive sitting and its dangers to office workers. Electric models are even more convenient as they let you move up and down with a button press.

These electric models communicate via the digital panel with easy-to-control buttons and a small LED display.

At some point, the unit may stop working and display “ASR.” If you’re new to height-adjustable desks, you may start thinking something is wrong with your desk.

Don’t panic, though!

So, what does ASR mean on a standing desk? ASR in standing desks is an error code that simply tells you that your desk needs to be reset. This error can arise due to many reasons.

Discover more details below on why the ASR code shows up on the control panel and what you can do about it.

What the ASR error code means on your standing desk

We have just mentioned that ASR in a standing desk means you need to manually restart the desk. Some desk models might display RST, which also prompts you to reset your sit-to-stand desk.

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The code usually occurs after your standing desk gets stuck and can’t travel up or down.

However, this code doesn’t mean that your workspace is done. By simply performing a reboot on it, it will start functioning normally again without any issues.

But you may ask yourself… “What exactly causes this error to show up on my desk digital panel?” This usually arises from issues with the table’s internal components

The most common reasons your standing workstation needs a manual restart are discussed below.

Loss of power

This happens due to accidental unplugging or due to outage. When your table regains power, it will likely go into reset mode and display the ASR code.

Loose cables

Various cables connect the sit-stand desk, including the motor and control box cables. If these get stuck or tugged on, they can get lost (i.e., they’re not securely connected).

power cable unplugged

This leads to inconsistent power flow, sending your table into reboot mode. Using wire management can help prevent this issue from happening often.

The control box under the desk frame is in rest mode

Your desk’s brain (i.e., control box) has a duty cycle when it stays active, taking the table up and down and then going to rest mode. When control boxes are in rest mode, your table won’t work, and it might get stuck.

standing desk single motor

Most of the desks resume normal functioning after the control box resumes from rest mode. But if your model does not, it might prompt you to reboot it.

Overloading the desk

If your desk is at its or over its weight capacity, it might also start malfunctioning. This will cause the control panel to display an error code (not necessarily the ASR).

overloaded desk

Removing the excess weight may take your workstation back to initial functioning. But if it doesn’t, it may enter the reboot mode.

Uneven legs/legs failure

Uneven legs may occur if the desk isn’t assembled correctly or due to uneven adjustments, especially in dual-motor models.

If this happens, you’ll need to disconnect all the wires from the control box and reconnect them. Next, you’ll need to reboot your desk to continue working normally.

How to get rid of ASR code from your sit-stand desk display

Resetting your standing desk is pretty simple. The process takes less than 5 minutes and will take your desk back to normal.

Start with a quick reset:

Here’s how to do a simple reboot on your electric standing desk:

NOTE: These are generalized instructions for resetting a standing workspace. Before performing a hard reboot on your table, make sure you go through the manufacturer’s instructions to get more details on how to go about it.

Step 1. Before everything else, clear anything underneath your desk that may obstruct the travel path. This is because you’ll be taking your workstation down to its lowest point.

Also, check that all the cords connecting the desk control box are secure and firmly in place. Ensure the power cable is secured to an electric outlet and the switch is ON.

Step 2. Press and hold the Down key on your standing desk control panel until the desk reaches its lowest height, then release the button.

If your desk doesn’t respond after you press and hold the Down arrow button, release the button and try pushing it again.

Step 3. Now hold the Down button again for about 10 seconds and release it. Your unit should go down slightly, rise a bit, and then come to a halt. This is a sign that it has been successfully rebooted.

Try this more detailed reset:

If the above restart procedure doesn’t take things back to normal on your desk, don’t give up. Try the following thorough reset process to resolve the error code.

Step 1. Unplug your desk from the electric outlet

Step 2. Discharge any charge left in the control box by simply holding the Down key for about 10 seconds.

Step 3. Unplug the power and keypad cables from the control box and plug them in. Make sure they’re firmly connected.

Step 4. You’ll need to disconnect the leg cable and the cable extension on your control box’s ports. This step involves a few steps and differs from one type of control box to another. Consult your user manual on how to go about this part.

Step 5. Confirm that you have reattached the control box to the table frame (this will prevent the anti-collision feature from being falsely triggered). Confirm that all the cable connections are firmly connected to the control box.

Step 6. Plug your desk back into the electrical outlet and ensure the line cord is secure on the outlet.

Step 7. Now follow the reset procedure steps we discussed earlier to do a quick reset on your desk. Everything should be fine now. Test your desk to see if it has regained its initial functioning.

TIP: If your table doesn’t function normally after this detailed rest, contact the manufacturer support with details about the error code and what steps you have tried to solve the problem. They should be able to offer you more troubleshooting tips and services that eliminate this underlying issue.

Final words

When your electric sit-stand desk LED display shows “ASR,” you shouldn’t panic. This is just a simple communication code from your standing workstation telling you that you need to reboot it so that it can continue normally.

The reset procedure for the desk is pretty simple and involves just a few steps, as explained above. The error code will disappear from your desk if you execute these instructions, and everything should work fine.

The quick reset instructions should work, but if it fails, try a thorough reboot. If you try these two methods and the ASR code doesn’t go away (though highly unlikely), contact the manufacturer for more troubleshooting tips, or how to program your standing desk.

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