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Standing desks are popular for offering a healthy work environment for employees. But beyond that, did you know they can also offer a good ROI (return on investment) for your business?

By making your working environment healthy, they reduce the number of sick leaves and increase your employees’ overall productivity, and keep them more engaged. All this translates to the greater good of your company.

Our guide below will discuss more details on how investing in standing desks for your company can help you save money in your company.

How can a standing desk save your business money?

can standing desk save your business money

Below are some top ways in which standing desks can be beneficial to your employees and help you save money in your business.

Reduced sick leaves with sit-stand desks

As an employer, you know how significant the amount of money your enterprise can lose in a year if your employees take sick days.

But a standing desk can help prevent this and save you a lot of money.

Employers usually invest in wellness perks for their employees to improve their overall wellness and happiness. An adjustable height standing desk is one of these perks.

The stand-up workstation helps your employees reduce prolonged sitting. It keeps your staff more physically active, helping reduce the health care costs for the employers.

Consequently, they’re less likely to suffer from chronic illnesses related to excessing sitting. It seems sitting is indeed the new smoking which can result in risks such as

  • increased cholesterol levels
  • weight gain
  • high blood pressure
  • type II diabetes
  • heart disease
  • various types of cancers
  • and premature death.

When used properly, this office furniture will also keep the employees free from neck, shoulder, and back pain and discomfort.

It will help keep off fatigue, overall exhaustion, and endless headaches which affect employee productivity.

All these health issues are leading causes of office absenteeism from work. This also leads to spending more money on workers’ compensation claims as well as group medical insurance rates.

By reducing the number of hours your employees sit in an eight-hour workday, a standing desk improves employee health and they’re not likely to take sick leaves.

This will also lower healthcare costs for bosses and employees alike.

Standing for just 10 minutes every hour will improve the blood circulation of your employees and their muscles will get the much-needed opportunity to stretch and exercise.

Overall, your employees will stay healthy. And you might even be surprised at the significantly reduced requests for leaves!

Standing desks increase workers’ productivity

Another key benefit of investing in a standing desk is increased user productivity. And who doesn’t want their employees giving as much input as it’s humanly possible?

ergonomic setting desk

Numerous studies point out the standing desk’s ability to improve the user’s productivity at work.

One such study conducted by Texas A&M University showed that office workers who used sit-stand workstations were 46% more productive than those using traditional desks.

This is undoubtedly a significant increase in productivity and translates to dramatic growth in your company’s earnings.

Standing desks can achieve this by granting your staff the ability to customize them for maximum comfort throughout office hours.

When your staffers comfortably stay in a flow state for extended periods, they’re able to get more accomplished within the same period.

Increased productivity means increased profitability for any business.

Kicks in the “engagement effect” feeling in employees

Another way a sit-or-stand can work in your enterprise’s favor is by creating a feeling of engagement among your workers.

See, an ergonomic standing desk gives your workers the ability to choose to work while sitting or standing, depending on their comfort and personal preferences.

When you offer your employees different ways to tackle their jobs, they stay more engaged and awake.

This is sure to increase your business profit margins over time.

It boosts the workers’ morale

Yes, giving in to your workers’ requests to get them standing desks can boost their morale.

Also, simply taking the initiative to provide them with these height adjustable desks can help keep your team on task and motivate them to be as productive as possible.

relieve stress

Needless to mention, this will have a positive impact on your enterprise.

There’s no denying that standing desks are the trendy office furniture in the US currently.

Introducing them to your workplace will create an image of high-quality working conditions for your employee. This will keep your workers on task as much as possible and motivate your workers to have higher work input.

Keep in mind that these standing workstations offer users both ergonomic and health benefits—helping them feel more comfortable at their desk jobs, and enabling them to complete more tasks throughout the workday.

Also, these unique desks give an employee the ability to move from sitting to standing positions—another sure way to show appreciation to your workers and make them feel motivated.

With a better workflow among your staffers, you can rest assured of financial success in your company.

A sit-stand desk may encourage workers to come to the office

Working remotely has become a reality for many office workers, especially after the covid-19 pandemic.

Consequently, many managers have allowed their workers to split between working office and remotely.

standing desk

However, working from home can make it hard for the managers to monitor employee productivity, and the staff may take longer to complete tasks.

But when your team is working together at the workplace, it becomes easier for them to collaborate on various projects, monitor work progress, and encourage productivity among the staffers.

What if you cultivate a comfortable and professional work environment for your employee by introducing standing desks?

This trick could compel your staff to spend more time working in the office than at home.

When you have more staff reporting to your office, your company is likely to register more profits. The team environment is also likely to generate more business ideas.

How to have your standing desk paid for at work?

A good quality standing desk costs a lot and you may not have the budget for one.

That said, if you’ve decided that you want to lead a healthy office life but are not sure how to ask for a sit-stand desk from your boss, this is your part.

The tips below will guide you on how to get this ergonomic furniture at work for free.

Tip #1. Start with your manager

If you want a standing desk at your job at no extra cost to you, you may want to start from the top.

manager cheering

Let your manager know your needs. And just in case they need any convincing, be sure to arm yourself with a list of employees’ health and productivity benefits these desks offer.

You may also want to convince the manager of the benefits these desks can have on their business (as discussed in our previous section).

You also need to have in mind the specific model(s) you’d want, and the cost and quality they come with.

Tip #2. Check with the HR department.

If you think direct support may not work for you, try other departments such as HR or the wellness team.

You may discover that your company set aside funds for wellness programs and perks, and a standing desk qualifies for this category.

In this case, you should be ready to persuade your HR on what benefits a standing can bring to your workplace.

Tip #3. Get a doctor’s note

Most office staffers don’t know this but the law requires companies with over 15 employees to provide reasonable accommodations to their staff with disabilities.

That said, if the doctor determines that standing at work can help ease the pain or discomfort you’re going through, then they should be able to write you a note.

You can then use this note to convince your manager or HR that you need that standing workstation.

Tip #4. Use your HSA or FSA funds

If everything else fails, you may consider using your HSA (health savings account)or FSA (flexible spending account) funds to get a standing desk.

This path can help speed up things with your company, but keep in mind that you’ll need a doctor’s prescription for you to use these funds.

Once you get the doctor’s prescription, also known as a letter of medical necessity, then many HAS/FSA administrators will surely reimburse you.

Note that apart from medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and registered nurses can also prescribe your standing desk.

Final Word

Standing desks are a worthy investment for your employees and can help save money in your business.

By introducing these desks at work, you’ll enable your staffers to stay physically active while working. The overall employee health and well-being will improve.

You also won’t get too many sick leaves that can derail your company’s progress.

Moreover, standing desks boost your employee productivity levels, offers them varying ways to do their jobs, and boosts their morale.

All these benefits of standing desks make your staff more efficient. And this only leads to significant growth in your business and overall earnings.

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