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If your boyfriend or husband is part of the WFH (work from home) force and you’re looking for ideas to help you create an ideal workspace that he cherishes, this guide is for you.

Creating a home office for a man can be mind-boggling when you don’t know where to start or are unsure about his likes or dislikes.

In this post, we have shared up to 22 masculine home office design ideas that will inspire you to create a comfortable and relaxed space for him to work from.

22 Home office design ideas for men:

1. Wall-mounted office desk

floating desk

If you’re short on space, consider installing a wall-mounted desk to any corner in your house, and your partner will have a spot he can comfortably work from.

A wall-mounted worktop that folds up when not in use is even better in that it helps you free up space in your room.

2. Pops of color

colorful home office for men

Adding a bright pop of color also is one of the highly popular home office ideas for men. It not only helps improve the room décor but also makes it more luxurious.

In this case, you choose a masculine paint (e.g., a dark shade) in the workspace and then highlight the space with gold décor or a vibrant rug to create pops of color.

3. Mid-century modern office

herman miller mirra 2 in room

Men who are into the midcentury vibe will adore this home office idea. A home design with this décor style will turn out into a beautiful home office space with a calming and meditative mood.

For this particular design, you may add a mid-century theme light fixture such as the Arne Jacobsen pendant light and a golden Moroccan kilim and Navajo rug. Don’t forget to decorate the space.

And if space allows, add the mid-century Herman Miller classic lounge chair to take the room to retro times.

4. Home office/master bath hybrid

Looking for more innovative home offices ideas for men? Consider making a hybrid of a home workspace with a master bath.

They say that your best ideas come alive when you’re in the shower. Most probably, he’ll need to document all these ideas before they disappear in the thin air.

An excellent example of such a hybrid work area is this Beverly Hills home office, set up by photographer Steven Meisel. The master bath is enclosed in green onyx and is part of this masculine office space.

5. Black walls are manly

best home office desk featured image

Black reigns as a top color for men and makes their home offices appear more luxurious. Get inspired by this design featuring bearing a dark, moody paint color for every wall while the other pieces are kept warm white.

6. Gallery wall

gallery wall

Want to personalize his home office? Consider adding a gallery wall. Nothing adds a touch of personality and tone to home offices like this design idea.

Pin his collection of art, photographs on it as a way of tailoring it to his taste by displaying. Or you can pin wall hangings and other personal treasures of your husband on this wall.

Extending the wall up to the ceiling helps create the illusion of a larger room.

7. Keep things formal

formal home office

How about creating a manly home office space with a formal but sophisticated look?

For this idea, you’d want to stick to a neutral tone and then make the office desk the centerpiece in his home office.

You can then add some desktop décor. This can be anything including books, paperweights, ornaments, etc. This helps personalize your husband’s room while still making it look professional.

8. Make sure he has a view

tiny desk

Nothing can replace the feeling you get when your office has an outside view of the lush greenery or the cityscape.

If the area where you’re setting up the office has a large window, he’s in luck because the view will be even better.

The kind of view you get, however, will help you design your office accordingly. If you’re staring into the cityscape, for instance, a minimalist or modern home office will be a perfect match.

An outdoor/nature view, on the other hand, will blend in well with rustic masculine office décor.

9. Tap into the magic of marble

marble room

Marble has this magic of giving your home a luxurious appeal. And the same goes for using marble for his workspace. Plus, marble is masculine.

Consider this setup with a black marble desk with white marble and gold shelving. Give the shelves a boxy design to help achieve a minimalist look if your husband likes being organized.

Lastly, accessorize the desk with a black desk lamp.

10. Home office with statement wall art deco

Some of the top masculine home office ideas we have recommended in this article include wall painting or setting up a wall for displaying his art, photos, etc.

However, if you don’t fancy this idea, a good alternative would be putting up a giant piece of art on the wall.

The art you pin on the wall can be anything eye-catching or personalized to his interests. You can also hand paint a mural if you’re good at it.

11. All in one workroom

small appartment bedroom office

Picture an all-in-one workspace with a bedroom, sitting area, and workspace. Such a room offers men all they need in one place and made it to our list of top masculine home office ideas.

You include a bed, a seating area, and the workspace furniture (ie, the desk and leather chair) to ensure he has everything he needs inside there.

This will instantly become the dream man cave for all men, and they’ll never want to leave!

12. Colorful and luxurious home office

You can also make your home workspace look and feel heavenly by taking the maximalist mindset path.

Bring in the biggest desk you can get and pair it with a plush ergonomic office chair. Accessorize the room with items that complement the office plushness.

Instead of relying on the existing overhead lights, go for functional but stylish lamps to create a luxe atmosphere in the room.

A plush carpet or fuzzy rug for the floor will increase your comfort.

Above all, consider adding music to the room. Music elevates your workspace and acts as a nice distraction when needed.

13. Home studio workspace

Want to get creative? Put up for him a home workspace that’s practical and inspiring.

You can draw inspiration from this studiomelissalouise home office space featuring one large drafting table plus well-organized storage for all his office supplies.

This beautiful space will keep your office clean and tidy. You may also consider adding boxes/baskets to hold all the small office items he uses daily.

14. Industrial home office

industrial style office

If you’re redesigning an existing home office to give it a masculinity theme, consider the industrial style.

Usually associated with factory design, warehouse lofts, and workplace tasks, a rustic industrial-themed home office will mentally fit well with a work-from-home spot.

For the above setup, a wooden and metal trestle desk with some storage is used. A large shelving uni is also added to the office.

Not to forget the cacti in the pot and the stylish office furniture.

15. Home office in the living area

living room office

This is a viable home office idea if the living room is the only space available in your home to set up a work area.

One area where you can set up the office without making it look like it is out of place is behind the sofa.

Just put the desk behind the sofa, add a swivel or nice leather chair, and put a table lamp on the desktop and his office is ready for use.

17. Fireplace home office

fireplace office

If other living room home office ideas don’t work for you, consider using the unutilized nook next to your fireplace to create the work area.

This spot will comfortably accommodate a mini office with space-saving furniture which includes a mini desk and an office chair. Add a hanging live plant to include natural accents or even some art to this small office.

Also, include a nice leather chair for relaxing moments.

That’s it! You now have a simple office arrangement that blends perfectly well with the rest of your living room.

18. Black and white

home office

The black and white color palette is classic, timeless, and never runs out of style.

If you want to get inspired, check out the above home office with glossy black trim paired with white walls and ceiling.

The metallic lighting and desk with a leather chair make this office for men look heavenly!

19. Bohemian office

bohemian office idea for men

A boho office is a nice office design idea if you want to come up with something unique. It helps you create a bright and charming workspace without being an eyesore.

If your partner is among the men who are professionals and is often swamped with catalogs, journals, business cards, etc., you might want to go for this home design idea for their office.

The best part about a bohemian home office is that it gives you the freedom to play with different tones without necessarily adding pops of color.

You can incorporate natural accents into your boho home office by adding a lot of greenery (home plants and herbs alike).

You may also add a wall gallery and pin vibrant art on it to help energize his workspace. Trust me, this will make most men feel motivated.

20. Incorporate multiple workstations

man in front of standing desk

You’ve already heard that sitting is the new smoking. And if your husband spends a lot of time in the office, then he sure downs a few packs every day.

That said, one of the top masculine home office design ideas you can adopt is creating multiple workstations to help him switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.

One station will be a sitting desk and the other a standing desk. This way, he can switch between the two and avoid health problems that come with prolonged sitting like back pain and heart disease.

For inspiration, check out this home office setup with a convertible standing desk that accommodates either sitting or standing. The sleek, modern-looking chair in this setup is the highly coveted Herman Miller Mirra 2.

21. Let him conduct business in the basement

If he prefers a cozy or moody workspace and doesn’t mind missing the natural light, basement home office ideas are worth considering.

Consider a neutral tone for the basement office to add warmth and texture to this masculine office.

Use the recessed basement lighting to keep his workspace from feeling like a cave.

22. Attic home office

attic home office

If your partner prefers maximum solitude, far away from all forms of distractions, then the attic is one of the home office design ideas to consider.

This area will offer a quiet and peaceful workspace that translates to full focus and concentration.

You may want to keep the attic office bright and clear like the blue home office in our picture above. As you can see in this home office setup, the crisp white background brightens up the entire space, while the large window offers a good view.

Final words

These are some of the top home office design ideas to consider for men. All the ideas we have shared in this post offer a touch of masculinity and will suit the needs of different men, from the choosy type to the simplistic guy who just wants a dedicated spot for conducting his business from home.

We hope that this list of masculine home office ideas will give you the office inspiration you need to create a one-of-a-kind workspace for your partner to enjoy a comfortable, distraction-free working environment.

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