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For many people, the thought of mixing up your work and sleep spaces may seem odd, but it can become a necessity in certain situations. experts recommend not to have a screen or even a cell phone in your bedroom as even social media can keep you awake all night.

One of the few changes the recent world has seen after Covid-19 is that one can work efficiently from home. But you need to have a dedicated workspace to help you follow a strict work schedule.

Even when you work on a laptop, computers, or office files, having a desk keeps your things organized and provides you a space to sit and work properly. The placement of desks matters a lot for providing you a peaceful working environment.

Setting Up Home Office In Your Bedroom

When you are planning to buy a new desk,  the first question for many people is where to put it. The most obvious choice for many of us is to set it up in the bedroom. Here are a few common questions that may come to our mind.

small appartment bedroom office

Should I Have My Desk In The Living Room?

Setting up your desk in other parts of the house like the kitchen, lounge room or living room can be difficult. A living room can be an obvious choice of setting up your workplace but you can’t restrict other family members from disturbing you, and if you have kids around, there can be constant distractions.

The desk in other parts of the house is only a good idea if you have a separate study or a guest room where you can set your desk and chair and get set to work without any disturbance.

For someone living in small apartment or congested place, the only obvious choice can be to set up the office in a bedroom.

Is It Bad To Have A Desk In Your Bedroom?

Ideally, it is for rest and to relax your mind. Working from the bedroom means you are mixing work with rest. The work should be limited to your study, office, or living room.

But what if you can’t find peace in the living room, have no study or a separate office, and the only reasonable option left for you is to move a desk into your bedroom.

Is It Bad To Have A Computer Or Tv Where You Sleep?

teddybaer in front of laptop

Studies have shown that having a computer or TV in the bedroom can have a psychological effect on your mind.[1]

It can be a constant reminder of work, gaming, or social media that should not be the last thought on your mind as you go to sleep.

Electronics like tv, phone, or computer emit blue rays that can make you feel agitated and also impact your sleep patterns.

Where Should I Have My Desk In The Bedroom?

You can utilize a corner of the living room as your workspace, but it can’t be a great choice with other family members. In the post covid era, when everyone is at home, a living area can be too crowded and distractive. You cannot have it empty for you all day.

While It is against the Feng Shui principles [2] to separate the place of work from your space of rest and relaxation, the benefits of having a desk in your bedroom are many.

First, it is probably the only space you can claim to yourself at home. You can set it up to suit your needs and tweak it as much as you like to make the work surface visually appealing and productive.

You can always have the door closed when you need some time to brainstorm or when you have face time with your colleagues or clients across the globe.

Also, consider your sleep patterns and place the desk where you don’t have to face them while going to sleep.

Bedroom Desk Ideas – How To Set Up

Sure you can work right from your bed on a laptop but to make your surroundings conducive you need a proper setup.

Once you decide to have a little separate space in your bedroom as your workplace, it is time to decide where you can put the desk and chair so that it remains separate.

In the end, your bedroom should be to relax and you need to put your work area as much separate as you can. Let’s see where you can place the desk: Before you order a desk, it is important to finalize where you will put it in your bedroom.

Beside The Bed

if you the one who does not have much space in your bedroom, you can put the desk beside your bed. An advantage of having a desk right beside your bed is that you can easily hop onto your bed or start working on any inspiration at any time.

Is It Bad To Have A Desk In Your Bedroom

You can also use it as a side table and put a photo frame on it to make it look more casual. Still a desk too close to your bed is not the most likable idea.

The downside is that it can be a constant reminder of work if you are in bed. In the same way, having your bed ready by your side can be too tempting for you.

In The Corner Of The Bedroom

To set up your desk in the corner is one of the best options for several reasons. Even if you have a bookshelf in your back, you can use the corner with an L-shaped desk, one like Soges and make the maximum use of your space.

Any shelves or sidebar can be used for your storage supplies, files, frames, or other decorative items.

The best part of setting up the desk in a corner is that you can use it as a small section separated from the bedroom area. It may make your bedroom a little congested, but overall, it divides your bedroom into two sections.

Against The Wall

Setting up your desk against the wall can be a good option; however, make sure you are not facing the wall. It can make you feel restricted and claustrophobic.  You can set up the desk to face away from the wall. Having the wall behind allows you to decorate the wall behind. You can make it visually appealing for your virtual audience.

Against A Window

Setting up your desk and chair before a window will give an influx of natural light. You can enjoy the weather and get a nice view as well.  It makes your workplace lively especially if you are a writer or do a lot of paperwork. However, this way you can easily get distracted by the outdoor activities.

Hidden In A Closet

A walk-in closet can be used to fit your desk without disturbing the décor of your bedroom. This way you can keep the part separated from your bedroom. The only disadvantage of having a desk in the closet is the loss of storage space for other things but you can use it to showcase your products or samples.

Those who don’t have a separate walk-in closet can utilize the closet in the room as a desk. You can close the closet door when you are done with the work, and your working desk does not have to be visually present in the bedroom all the time.

Tips To Set Up Desks In Bedrooms

A workstation in bedroom can be a constant reminder of work but it can also help you become more organized and productive. You can do your homework with a better routine and concentration. Here are a few tips for setting up a desk and chair in your bedroom.

Principles Of Feng Shui

When you hear things about Feng Shui principles and how according to him you should avoid having a desk in the bedroom can make you doubt your decision.

natural light workspace

You should not expose yourself or your partner to any screen be it Tv, cell phone, or a computer while you are resting.

But still, you can put them on the opposite side or not directly in front of where you sleep. That makes choosing the right place for a the desk even more important.

Plenty Of Light

Make sure you choose a place with enough light. you can use a table lamp or any other source of light as well.

Having a desk beside a window will give you lots of natural light. different types of LED lights are also available in the market.

Room Divider

Whether you are placing a desk against a wall, before a window, or in a closet, make sure you plan it as a small separate section.

Make the space personalized with something that looks good and is important for you as well. Having an organized and beautiful surrounding relaxes your mind, and you can concentrate better on work.

Keep Your Work Space Clutter-Free

Think about a decent backdrop. You can decorate the wall behind with stickers and make it visually appealing.  Having a clutter-free desk is essential to leave a good impression on your virtual audience.

Invest In The Right Furniture

If you have a congested place, you can invest money in multi-purpose furniture. You can buy a minimalist small desk like this Elle Decor Rory Mid-Century Side Table. It is a very small table and perfect for writing or paper work.  A drawer in it gives easy access to your little supplies. You can use the furniture of the bedroom office.

Not much space in your bedroom? Check out our article about small home office desks!

Use A Murphy Bed

Bedrooms with a Murphy bed can be turned into an office space or bedroom from time to time. When you are not sleeping or relaxing, you can put the bed on the wall and make it look like a separate work section.

murphy bed

Blend New Furniture With The Existing Décor

Instead of buying furniture or accessories that contrast with your existing décor, invest money in furniture that blends with your bedroom decor and color scheme. You can choose a stylish design that does not has a very rigid office feel to it.

Invest In A Desk With Plenty Of Storage

If your work involves too much paperwork, office supplies, books, samples, or small tools, you should invest in a desk with plenty of storage space. Look for a desk with plenty of shelves or storage drawers to accommodate all essentials to make your desk and surroundings clutter free.

Final Words – Bedroom Office Ideas

Having a desk in the bedroom is not a great idea. Ideally, it is important to have clear divisions between your work and sleep spaces.

However, if you don’t have too many other options, setting it up in your bedroom can be the only choice. You can still work it out strategically and keep your workspace separate from your bed.

Install a minimalist design desk in the corner, decorate the wall behind as a cool backdrop and keep your workspace well organized with storage baskets and shelves.

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