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Work from home is never easy. Having a peaceful workspace is essential for concentrating on work and productivity. The constant disturbance from other family members, especially kids, can compromise your quality of work.

Despite all these constrictions that working from home can cause, you cannot undermine the luxury and ease of mind it creates for you. Staying home has become a necessity of time, especially in a post-covid world where you can limit your socialization.

The financial benefits of making a home office are also very tempting as the prices of real estate are soaring high. It exempts you of all the expenses you have to bear by setting up a proper office.

bedroom with desk

In this article, we will help you turning your bedroom into an office. You can use a guest bedroom or your own bedroom for this purpose. We will see how you can make your room more functional, aesthetically appealing, and comfortable for long working hours.

Why And How You Should Set Up Your Office At Home


When you are looking for a practical and functional home office, the first challenge you have to face is to find the extra space to set your base camp.

You need a separate space to accommodate all your office furniture and gears but need plenty of room for your paperwork, and files depending on what you do. A guest room or a spare room can be used for office conversion. Even if you are living in a studio apartment, you can utilize a corner and set up a small office.

Setting up into a living room, kitchen, and study are good options, but it cannot be practically possible if you are living in a small home and don’t have any spare room.

The majority of people in New York City live in small apartments or studio apartments where you need a bit of creativity to settle your home office.

turning bedroom into home office

A bedroom is an obvious choice to be turned into your temporary or a permanent home office. Often it’s the only place at your home that is completely yours. With few practical changes, you can make it work double duty.

And no doubt, you can always close the door of your bedroom for times when you are working on a new project, drafting emails, or simply having an online meeting.

Turning your room into a practical and functional home office need strategic planning. You can make it work better by organizing all things and thinking of everything before the head.

Ideas For Turning Your Bedroom Into A Home Office

Setting up your home office space in the bedroom is easy if you are working on everything from scratch. You can make it work with many online interior ideas of turning your bedroom into a home office. Everything is well designed and in its place.

But things can be a little tricky if you already have an interior design for your bedroom. What you need are a few changes that do not disturb your bedroom’s overall interior. If you already have an interior setup, you have to tweak it a little to make extra space for a desk or chair.

small appartment bedroom office

Here are a few tips for you can set up a home office in your bedroom.

1. Start From Scratch

For someone who wants to design the home office right from the scratch can take rough measurements of the bedroom at first. Make some rough estimates on where you want to set up your home office and where everything else goes.

Consider all the electrical outlets, windows, door swings, and furnace vents for a virtual office layout. A tip here is to use the online interior designing software to make a layout of your home office design. You can get multiple useful design ideas for a home office with limited resources.

Grab a great, multifunction webcam such as this one – the plug and play feature makes set up easy, and it can be used for Teams or Zoom calls, live streaming, and gaming!

2. Choose The Productive Colors

The color scheme of your home office matters a lot to make it visually appealing and enhance your productivity. If you already have a color scheme for your bedroom, you should choose the colors that blend with your existing color scheme but also makes.

Make your home office area stand with the careful choice of colors. If you are buying any furniture like an ergonomic chair or a computer desk, writing table, or a dresser, choose the desk color that goes with your interior.

Home Office Needs

Whether you are using the existing furniture at home or buying some new, there are several things that a home office needs for example a storage unit, a place for your equipment, and an office nook for online calls and face time.

3. File Cabinets

For office supplies, you need a dedicated storage area from where you access all the supplies easily. You can use your bedroom cabinet to hold some office supplies.

Use the wall shelving or a sidebar as a storage unit to hold your lightweight equipment. Or you can put wire shelving in the closet to accommodate all home office supplies out of the way. You can use the vertical storage for files and save someplace in the room for accommodating an office desk.

If you have extra space for a separate dresser at home you can invest in a simple yet very functional dresser with storage drawers to accommodate all your office supplies, samples, paperwork, and tools as well if you are into crafting. Something like this small Sorbus Dresser would free a lot of space on your desk and keep your things nearby. You can choose the color to fit in your existing home decor.

4. Using a walk-in Closet Of Your Bedroom

bedroom closet desk

What can be better utilized for a home office than a walk-in closet, especially if you are into any creative work or run an Etsy shop.

You can utilize the existing design of the closet to put on display your samples or products.

There is enough room for your products, and if you can work at a  desk and chair, it might be a glamourous office with plenty of storage for your inventory.

A walk-in closet can keep your workspace separate from your bedroom and yet you can have the privacy and peace to concentrate on your work.

5. Use An Existing Table

If you don’t have much paraphernalia and need only a tidy place to sit with your laptop and work peacefully, add a chair to the existing table at home. You can use a dresser with drawers as a temporary desk and add a comfortable chair to complete an office setup.

6. Desks With Storage Space

One of the few things that a home offices need are storage space. A great way to ensure all your office supplies remain near and organized is to invest in a home office desk with plenty of storage space.

Especially if you are into art and craft or any other creative work, there are plenty of useful options in the market. You can buy a sleek and stylish desk with plenty of room to accommodate your office desk. Consider this OneSpace Essential Computer Desk to add to your space. These desks are available in different stunning color choices, but it provides ample shelves and drawers for you to organize your stuff. It keeps your home office and bedroom clutter free. This sleek GreenForest desk with monitor stand and storage shelves is another great choice! It’s available in four colors and is very economical.

7. Putting Your Desk Beside Your Closet Or Cabinet

Another interesting idea to use the existing furniture in a room and saving space is to use the cabinet as file storage or office supplies and place a minimalist desk in front of it. Check out our list of the best small desks for your home office.

You have to take out the doors of the cabinet to make it fully functional. You can detach the doors and place them in any other part of the home for later use or simply tuck them under your bed if you are short of space.

wardrobe shelve home office for 2 people

You will have to transfer your clothes or other cabinet things to some other place temporarily but this way you can use the closet space for storing your essentials.

8. Utilizing The Corners Of The Room

Utilizing the corners can be a great idea to turn a small space into a home office. Consider emptying just a corner of the bedroom and install an L-shape desk that is space-saving and very functional. You can use both sides of the desk depending on how much office space you have in your bedroom.

You can find some awesome corner desks in our collection of the best home office desks overall. That would help you set up a home office at a corner saving a lot of space.

9. Decorate The Wall Behind

A great advantage of utilizing the corners of the bedroom is that you can play with the wall behind to provide a decent backdrop for your screen time.

Getting a decent background is essential if you do many zoom meetings or have to connect with colleagues or clients online. You can use some stickers, picture frames, or wall hangings to add a more personalized touch to your wall.

10. Invest In An Ergonomic Chair

You can use any spare chair in the kitchen with a desk, but if you have to work a lot we recommend strongly investing in an ergonomic office chair.

First, these chairs are designed to be adjusted according to your needs. You can adjust its height to match the desks to stay in a comfortable position if you intend to write, type, or scroll on a computer or laptop.

Another advantage of having an ergonomic chair is that it allows you to stay active and comfortable all day. It provides support to your back and spine so that you can sit with correct posture. You can stay productive and healthy.

You can choose the color or style to match the interior of your room.

Make it visually appealing by contrasting or complementing your décor and chose a contemporary, modern, or mid-century style depending on your overall interior design.

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You can look at these Serta Ashland chairs to add some comfort and style to your workspace. These chairs don’t look different than your traditional office chair and give a more personalize and homely touch to your home office. These SMUG chairs offer style at an affordable price – and you can choose from three colors!

11. Invest In An Adjustable Standing Desk

If you are buying a new desk for your home office, you can invest in a desk with adjustable height. Staying active for long hours in one sitting position can be difficult. You can occasionally stand with a desk with adjustable height. Don’t know which one to take? We put together a comprehensible list of standing tables and converters so you can pick one adjust the height according to your preferred working style.

Keep it Minimalist

A minimalist interior of your workstation does more than saving space. It gives a neat effect; there is plenty of room to move along, which relaxes a busy mind like nothing else. Taking a minimalist approach to your home office not only saves you from buying too many accessories for your workspace, but it is easier to maintain and organize as well.

12. Plenty Of Natural Light

natural light workspace

You can use an existing widow to install your desk and chair to have plenty of natural sunlight.

However, if there is no window or any other natural light source, make sure you have enough light to perform your job well.

You can use your night lamp on your office desk as well or buy some separate desk lamps to make your workspace well-lit and lively.

Or make use of these simple Cadrim Puck Lights to make your space well-lighted. these can be used as task lighting that you can dim or on/off depending on your need.

These are easy-to-install lights that add a nice little update to your space. AA batteries power these lights, and you can wirelessly control them as well.

13. Invest In an Attractive Backdrop

It is important to have an attractive backdrop for an online workstation. The last thing you want to show on a conference call is your clutter behind you. So plan the calls or any screen time ahead. Make sure you have a visually appealing background for your viewers.

It can be a decent wall with stickers or a drapery, but it should be presentable. if you are using a corner, you can make the wall behind look better with few stickers, sheets, or any decorative items.

14. Personalize Your Home Office Space

Once you have set up a desk and chair in any corner, make sure to personalize your little space.

Adding a floral vase to your home office space would pop some colors that make your surroundings fresh. You can add some fresh flowers from your garden from time to time, or even the artificial ones look perfect. They make your place more lively and make it look more elegant and beautiful.

colorful office

Besides flowers, you can add small details to the walls to make them look more personal. You can use the framed pictures of your loved ones, some paintings on the wall behind,  or other decorative items to make it look lovely.

Don’t stuff things but use only things that mean you and add more glamour and life to your space. These accessories make your home office look like your personal space.

15. Use Of Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to give a new life to your room. They reflect light and make your space look bigger. So if you have a congested place in your bedroom, you can use some mirrors on the wall. It not only visually expands your space but makes it look more vibrant and funky.

bedroom workspace

16. Invest In A Chair Mat

If you have a rolling chair, invest in an office chair mat. You will be rolling from your file cabinet to your desk on these chairs and saving your expensive rug or floor underneath investment in a good quality chair mat.

Final Words

In several homes, finding a decent place for setting up a home office can be difficult. If you don’t have a spare room like a guest room or don’t want to use a kitchen table as a temporary home office. Setting up your bedroom as a home office is the only option left where you can have peace.

You can easily adjust your new office desk and a chair if you have a spacious bedroom. However, it can be a little tricky if you have a congested place. In both ways, you can use your creativity to make the most of your space.

Whether you use your existing furniture and buy accessories, productivity and comfort should be your first concerns. The place should welcome you to work and allow you to stay focused and productive for long hours.

A minimalist design keeps your surroundings clean and. If you have shelves instead of drawers, you can use small baskets to sort out different things.  Add small details to give it a personal touch and make it visually appealing for your virtual audience.

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