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Since the quarantine has changed our lives, so have our work priorities also changed. The roll-top desks that seem outdated are becoming almost a fashion with their visual appeal and lots of storage spaces. Undoubtedly, these are ideal for a home office setup where you want your home to look home and aesthetically appealing.

What is a Rolltop Desk?

The roll-top desk is the nineteenth-century design of desks that suited their time with lots of paperwork. These desks are designed with lots of drawers, shelves, nooks, and compartments to give room to a lot of mail correspondence, clerical files, and other paperwork.

Like a cylinder-desk, these too soon fall out of popularity due to the advent of steel desks. Now different brands like Ikea made desks that are not only functional but easy to carry and affordable. Still, these designs were used as antique pieces to give a traditional look to studies, living rooms, and even bedrooms.

Most of these roll-top desks are pricey due to the intricate details like teak parquetry and storage spaces they have. The quality of wood used in these roll-top desks is also very high and thus adds to the desk’s price.

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How Is A Rolltop Desk Ideal For A Covid-era Home Office?

After covid 19, the workspaces have changed drastically. Now the home offices are becoming essential and what we all have observed is that having a comfortable and stylish workspace has become a necessity.

Aesthetically appealing office space is essential to work properly and efficiently. There are too many options to be used for your workplace, and a roll-top desk is one of them.

Let’s begin our operation rolltop and see why a roll-top desk is more suitable for you:

How a Rolltop Design Suits a Home Office

Aesthetic Appeal

One of our many concerns is that we don’t want to create a very typical office-like look at home. A normal desk may make you feel like you are in an office. Certainly, you can pick an Ikea desk but a roll-top desk has another class and grace. Like a cylinder-desk, [1] they are still popular in the antiques world and have their own charm.

The rolltop desk has aesthetic appeal and does not make your home look like a regular office. It looks like an antique piece and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your interior.


The rolltop desks not only look decorative but are very functional at the same time. These designs can be a great option if your work involves a lot of writing and paperwork. It creates a very functional workspace for you and may help you keep your stuff organized.

Storage Space

These are most useful due to the storage space they offer. A great advantage of these rolltop desks is that you have a place for everything. It has many small and big drawers, nooks, and shelves to accommodate everything from papers to tools and accessories to the important stuff.

Rolltop desks have a top set on two columns of drawers and have several compartments to accommodate your office supplies, binder clips, utility bills, crafting supplies, cards, or other stuff.

Disadvantages of a Rolltop Desk

Now a rolltop desk has several not-so-great factors as well that you should consider before having one.

Bulky in size

These traditional writing desks are bulky in size. Although the rolltop desks are customized to suit individual needs, these are bulky in size and take more space. These are not ideal if you have little space at home.


Not only are these bulky, but made from very high-quality wood and are very difficult to move. Its transportation is not very easy, it is not easy to move if you want to shift it to another corner.

Not for computer

Rolltop designs are great for paperwork, writing, and even working on laptops. But they are not for computers, and if your work involves using a computer or other gears, these are not a very good option for your workplace.


To set up in the office the massive desk costs much. Most of these are very expensive. These are made with high-quality wood. Their intricate design also made them expensive. So these are a bit expensive than your other office furniture.

Best Roll Top Desks for Home Office

Here we have two recommended roll-top designs in the market that you can buy.

Country Masterpiece: Solid Oak Wood Rolltop Desk

If you need a place for everything, this is for you. It’s a solid oak wood-made rolltop desk that is designed after a mid-century look. It looks like an antique traditional rolltop that provide the same convenience yet available at a reasonable price.

It comes with 18 different sizes of drawers to organize everything from your files to other essentials. Two deep drawers have a heavy-duty metal extension that makes them glide smoothly.

The base includes six drawers, three on each side. You can lock the drawers to keep your belongings safe.

All drawers have metal glides and pull out smoothly. The different sizes of drawers help you organize everything from ledgers to binder clips.

It has a Solid wood tambour with full canvas underneath and a key lock system as well. Two pull-out tables from it can be used for writing or as a mouse pad for your laptop. It keeps your posture correct.

Its construction is very solid. The oak wood used in its making is also processed and remains good for a long time. The wood does not swell with time or absorb moisture. Overall, it’s a great option to give a traditional style to your décor. The drawers, sliding table, and durable construction make it a great option for looking for a rolltop desk.


  • Made like the traditional rolltop design
  • Feature lots of storage space
  • height suitable for the right posture
  • Heavy-duty oak wood material used in its making
  • Writing surface that can be used for mouse pad
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • Expensive option
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Country Masterpiece

Martin Furniture:  Double Pad Desk for Home office

This is not exactly a roll-top desk, but it looks like one and a good variety in the modern age. The desk is less bulky with the same signature drawer base and a spacious surface to write or work.

For your home office, the massive desk is made of solid pine and ash veneers. It fits in any place and gives can be used as a traditional and elegant look.

With two-letter legal file drawers, it provides plenty of storage space for everything from paperwork to your samples, tools, cards, or other essentials.

Drawers have ball-bearing glides that make them open smoothly. The spacious tabletop can be used as a writing desk or can use your laptops or computers.


  • High-quality build
  • Feature large size drawers
  • Spacious tabletop
  • Locking drawers
  • Ball-bearing glides for drawers


  • Expensive
  • Heavy desk
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Martin Furniture:

Final Words

Rolltop options may seem out of fashion, but current times have seen a resurgence in their popularity. They look elegant and provide you a lot of space to accommodate all things in drawers and shelves without making your place look messy.

It’s a great option in this critical era when everyone is in quarantine including kids, and your things’ safety rings are essential. The locked drawers keep your things safe, organized, and easily accessible.

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