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Your office desk is one of the places you spend most of your time day or night. Therefore, you have to be careful how you decorate it to be in the right mood and perform optimally.

Yet, very few people give attention to the type of decoration they use around their workspace.

By giving your office space a personal look, you will improve productivity and remain happy all through the day.

But you have to take time off of work to transform your cubicle into a desirable space.

In this article, we provide several actionable decor ideas to decorate your workspace. Let’s delve deep into the discussion.

office desk decor

18 Office Desk Decoration Ideas

1. Use A Low-Maintenance Desk Plant

By using a desk plant, you will improve the air quality, boost your mood, and increase productivity. [1]

It is a good way of decorating your home office desk without having to spend much money.

Since you will be sitting nearby, the plants you choose should be non-toxic to you and your pets.

Besides, the plants should have the ability to thrive in low natural light and utilizes less water. The idea here is to choose low-maintenance plants like Aloe, English Ivy, and Pothos.

office desk plant

For pet-friendly plants, you may want to consider African Violet, Spider Plant, or Tillandsia. You may also use faux plants like succulents or air plants, which don’t require much water.

2. Install A Stylish Wall Clock

Installing a wall clock is not only practical but also a highly desirable thing. That’s because the wall clock helps you keep track of time to improve your productivity levels.

wall clock

However, it doesn’t have dull and drab. If you consider the available options carefully, you will find a clock that complements and enhances your workspace.

After all, the market has wall clocks with rich traditional hues and others with more modern lines. In a home office, there is no harm in having a beachy-chic flare.

If you have been having trouble with deadlines, this is an idea you cannot afford to ignore.

3. Light Up Your Desk

One best desk decor ideas to add character and warmth to your space is to install a lamp.

Besides, adequate office lighting is a fun way of promoting productivity and reducing eyestrain.

Make sure the light you pick is stylish, chic, and an eye-turner.

You can buy a lamp that matches the color inside your office space or one that completely contrasts it. That’s if you want something dimmable.

Otherwise, you would be great with a simple dimmable lamp, which gives you nothing more than the light.

While at it, you may want to buy a smart light bulb to go together with your lamp.

office lighting

4. Use Motivational Messages as Decorations

You can improve your desk decor by littering your cubicle with all kinds of motivational messages. It doesn’t have to be anything heavy on information but simple messages you display by your desk.


If you look online, you will find printable inspirational messages.

Whether they are in the form of quotes, phrases, or pictures, you can stick them around your desk using masking take, push pins, washi tape, or picture frames. [2]

Once you have framed your photographs, you can hang them on the wall next to your desk to gain constant inspiration.

5. Paint the Room with Inspirational Colors

Your workspace requires a little color to have a positive impact on everything, including your productivity. While some people are at home with white walls, bright colors can create a sense of excitement. So, avoid a white, beige, or grey-colored cubicle.

However, you don’t have to go overboard with your color choices. You could choose to paint an unexpected object such as a rock.

You can then arrange it on a shelf next to differently colored books to create a sense of contrast.

6. Hang Framed Art in Your Cubicle

That cubicle is the place you spend most of your time, rendering it necessary to implement state-of-the-art decoration. You can select a picture frame and use it in several ways to display your favorite piece of art.

The same way you select the best photos to display on Instagram, make sure you pick great art. It should create a center of attention and inspire you to do your best at work. Whenever you need to take a break from your job, you can focus on viewing the photos or art.

7. Use More Storage Items

Your desk requires additional storage space for office supplies and other items.

Thus, you can choose different desk accessories like mason jars, storage baskets, and so on.

A three-tiered trolley comes in handy for storing snacks, books, documents, stationery, and geo planters.

If you want to improve your desk organization, then you should use a something like a desktop tray.

It is great for holding, pencils, pins, and other small things.

A good tray will also help you declutter your home office desk, allowing you to focus fully on the work.

storage basket

8. Hang Your Favorite Photos

Do you have some great photos hanging around your house? Why don’t you hang them close to your office desk? You can either pin the photographs on a wire “clothesline” while leaving your computer screen exposed.

You don’t have to use the same photographs for years. Once you are tired of the ones you have, you can replace them with some you have acquired lately. That will keep your workspace vibrant, reflecting your personality, and improving your joy.

9. Use A Cork Board to Display Several Items

With a corkboard, you can display some of the essential information for your home office. You can use it to create a simple bulletin board for sticking things like documents, pictures, and notes.

If you have things you need to access quickly without going through files, this is one of the best ways to display it.

cork board

The size of the board depends on how much space you have around your desk. It may also have everything to do with the amount of information you wish to display. However, you should hang the board somewhere you can conveniently control.

10. Put Snacks in Mason Jars

mason jar snacks

If you like snacking as you work, then you should have your favorite snacks within reach.

And there are no better ways than using a container to put your snacks in than a mason jar.

These glass containers are transparent, revealing their contents in varying colors.

The snacks may include your favorite cereals, dried fruit, nuts, or candy.

On the days when you miss breakfast, you can grab something and get going. Before the main meals, you may also need to eat snacks to improve your blood sugar level.

11. Add a Screensaver to Your Laptop of Monitor

Your laptop or desktop computer isn’t just a work tool but also a decoration in its own right. When you aren’t using it, you can place the laptop strategically and turn on the screensaver to add life to your desk décor.

While at it, you may want to choose a screensaver that compliments the rest of your cubicle.

You can either create a custom screensaver or download one online. [3] While some sites provide screensavers free of charge, others sell them. It is up to you to decide if you want to buy one or get it without paying anything. A good screensaver will complement or even enhance the environment in your workspace.

12. Buy or Create a Chic Mousepad

Another exciting desk décor idea is a chic mousepad that complements or enhances the decorations around your workspace.

When choosing a mousepad, you should ensure color coordination to enhance your overall sense of style.

Alternatively, you can create a DIY mousepad using a fabric that matches your style in simple steps.

After cutting out the material, you can use an adhesive to attach it to your old mousepad.

Just like that and you have an item that enhances your work desk.

chic mousepad

13. Use Wallpaper to Add Dimension to the Office Space

Modern wallpaper styles are much better than what you might have used before. Wallpaper manufacturers produce them in a variety of sizes and patterns. You may choose the more urban-chic style or the faux brick wallpaper.

Other people may also prefer the more worldly bohemian flair. It’s easy to know what’s available on the market by checking on the internet.

You can attach wallpaper by stapling it onto the walls or using masking tape. If you do not want to use wallpaper, then you can choose upholstery or drapery fabric. With suitable prints, these DIY items will give your home cubicle a unique look.

14. Acquire a Pencil Holder

pencil holder

Do you often require to use various types of pens and pencils?

If so, then you need a dedicated pencil holder.

A wooden device with several slots will hold all your pens, pencils, and knick-knacks.

You can either make a DIY pencil holder or buy one from the market.

Alternatively, you could buy a simple box and use it to decorate your home office.

A good box can hold all your pens and pencils and conceal any knick-knacks in your home office.

It also helps organize your workspace and improve your desk décor.

15. Light Some Candles

One of the most creative desk decor ideas is to light some scented candles. Having a pleasant scent in your work space is one of the best ways to boost your mood. It helps you to focus more on your work, therefore, improving creativity.

So, get a stylish candleholder and buy various scented candle flavors, cinnamon, jasmine, lemon, peppermint, and rosemary.

But you do not have to use a light candle holder. You can customize by opting for a glass holder and enhancing your joy and well-being.

16. Use Floating Shelves to Enhance Your Desk Décor Accents

There is no need for you to have only the desktop storage options like trays.

You can also install floating shelves next to the desk to store some of your items.

The floating shelves make it easy for you to organize things like pens, paper clips, and books. Some can even hold photographs, pieces of art, and flower vases.

flaoting shelves

Since this is a DIY job, you may require some woodworking skills. However, that doesn’t have to be the case as you can buy some ready-made floating shelves. You can then install them on the walls and start using them for your work.

17. Use Fresh Flowers to Revamp Your Workspace

Fresh flowers have a unique way of livening your workspace. They not only bring in a new look but also help improve your mood to a great extent. In the afternoon, when you become tired and start dosing off, you can pick a flower and enjoy the fresh scent.

Make sure you put the flowers in an equally attractive vase to bring life to your home office.

Every Monday morning, bring with you a new set of fresh flowers to revamp your space. Subtly, you will renew your home office, and create joy in your working environment.

18. A More Minimalist Look Works Great

A fun thing that can declutter your office desk is to be as minimalist as possible. You may choose a simple desk in natural wood color and pair it with several black-and-white accessories. It is possible to enhance your workspace further using different textured items.

How to Decorate my Office Desk featured image

In that case, your wall should have a neutral color such as white, grey, or beige.

You may also display one or two art pieces and plants in a vase. With that kind of simplicity, you will create a workspace that reflects your personality.

You can also experiment with rose gold supplies to create amazing contrasts.

Conclusion – How to Decorate my Office Desk

How practical were the office décor ideas helpful? Did you find areas you can improve on the ideas by customizing to your unique situation?

When trying to decorate a home office desk, it is not enough to make your workspace attractive. What matters is that you improve your mood, creativity, and fun in general.

So, don’t be afraid to toy around with ideas that truly put you in the framework to achieve more during your workday. Good luck with your office décor endeavors!

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